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It wasn't out of pride they put the goal on T-shirts

Published: Thursday, April 2 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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the difference is the girls have a chance to be national champions, where BYU football will never be perfect because they can't win bowl games against garbage teams like Arizona...

and they cant win non-conference games against decent schools, and they wont beat Utah anymore...

The difference is the possibilities of actually acheiving their goals...

Is this news?

If no one cares about the women running around, is this a sport? Gymnastics is only watched for two weeks every four years. Other than those two weeks, Gymnastics ranks with figure skating at the bottom of the barrel. BTW, the utes gymnasts are over the hill and past their prime, the so called elite gymnasts are all under 16 or 12 if you are Chinese. Thank you title IX for protecting this worthless so called sport. Family members are the only ones that care!

Go Utes!!!

They have a real shot of winning the National Championship this year.

They have come as close as you can for 3 straight years - with that in mind, I have no problem with the T-shirts. It's a big difference to print a tee shirt going into the post season while currently being ranked #2 in the nation and printing one out before the season starts when you have proved absolutely nothing. The Utes have proved all season long that they are legitimate contenders for the championship.

I understand the negativity though - it must be hard to be a coog these days....The Utes are on a roll!!!

Go UTES!!!

Just a thought

Go Utes!

Big difference in expectation when you have been second in the NCAA championships the past three years compared to one undefeated season 25 years ago and one one-loss season 12 years ago. These Lady Utes have proven they are very close to perfect as a team (they still win individual champnships), they can do whatever they want to T-shirts. PLus they look pretty good in them.

Mike W

To "is this news"... perhaps you haven't seen the attendance numbers they pull at U of U gymnastic events? I'm pretty sure 8 or 10 gymnasts don't have 14,000 family members being the only people who care...

The Red Rocks are, pretty much annually, the most under-rated, under-appreciated team in Utah every year. While the Real Salt Lake are being rammed down our throats, these girls are number 1 or 2 almost every year for about 20-30 years!


I think BYU's underwater basket weaving team will definitely win the National Championship this year. They have finished second for three straight years, so this year will be their time. I hear they are making some t-shirts as well that proclaim themselves as the National Champions. I am such a big fan.

Re: Is this news? | 1:35 p.m.

Obviously you have never been to a gymnastics meet.


To "Is this News" - you do realize the women's gymnastics team TROUNCES the attendance at men's basketball, and has for almost 20 years, right??????? I seriously hope you are fat, can't run, squat, bench, push press or otherwise tie your shoes without turning red so that you have something in common with "men's sports" like baseball and golf that require absolutely no physical fitness whatsoever. Let's meet at the gym and determine what it takes to be an "athlete"......I will only embarass you a little

re: nothing wrong w/ slogan

how hypocritical of you, much like most of the u fans. BYU had won 2 straight conference championships and had gone 11-2 for 2 straight years. According to your logic why was it so bad for BYU to state that they wanted to go undefeated? According to the u fans, maybe BYU should've said we really want to go 12-1 this year.

What a bunch of hypocritical. snobby, elitists. It's ok for the rocks, but not for an opponents football team. Grow up a bit guys and quit being so critical/ hateful of BYU.

To: Is This News?

Yes, it is news and it is very positive news for a change! Gymnastics takes a lot of strength, flexibility, endurance, and also grace. It also takes courage and determination. These gymnasts are not past their prime. They are beautiful, wonderful athletes. I have been going to all of the Ute gymnastics meets for over 20 years and I have never been related to any of them! The Utes get at least 10,000 people or more at their meets. I don't think it is "only family members who care." It is nice to go watch a sport that really does take a lot of skill and talent and these gymnasts have worked hard and are fantastic! Go Utes!

Utah realist

Actually, when I first saw the picture for this article, I thought that the UofU gymnastics team was given these T-shirts as gifts from the 2009 People's Champion University of Utah Football team.


I would just like to point out that this is t-shirt was made for the team and was not mass produced for fans to buy like BYU's quest t-shirt. This is something they wear as a team to be united. Stop dissing on them! I love this team and after coming in second to Georgia year after year i'm excited that they are so motivated this year to try to win it all!

Go Utes!

Go Utes! You deserve to win. You are so beautiful and talented. I wish you the very, very, best and I hope you win big! I love the Ute gymnasts!


Yeah...right. Utah trying not to be prideful? but they make shirts anyways? posters would have been one thing. but shirts? WHAT IF THEY LOSE?????

ute fan

They aren't considering "what if they lose?". otherwise they wouldn't wear the shirts. They are planning on winning, get it?

Honestly folks...

I'll bet that all of the immature comments on this thread from BYU fans are from the same person. What a dark world he must live in.

Go Lady Utes!!!! Win it all!!!

To: Is This News:

For someone who has such disdain, and so little respect for this sport or its athletes, it's a wonder you took the time to read this article and write your post. Hmmmmm....something doesn't add up here.


These girls are amazing! I was involved in every sport possible growing up, but knew little about Gymnastics except for cheering for the Mary Lou's during the Olympics.

I became the trainer for a Gymnastics team right after High School and took the opportunity to climb on the Bars. Wow what an eye opener!!! Most men (most people) would break their neck if they attempted to do what these girls do. The athletic ability they possess is incredible. Not to mention the courage to do all of those skills on a Bar or Beam.

I married a Gymnast and we love to watch the Red Rocks. We have our tickets for the National Championships.

To: Is this News?- You have no idea of what you speak. Your comments make you sound like an negative, angry, envy ridden person. Get season tickets next year and put some excitement into your life. It is not too late, you can overcome your ignorance.

Red Rocks Will Rock Nationals!

I get the feeling that some BYU fans are unhappy and taking their frustrations out here. The perfection they were trying to reach of winning all of their games was certainly attainable but their slogan became null and void as soon as they lost once. They could have still had a very good season but it seemed as if many of the players had nothing to strive for and so their season went down hill. I am not a BYU fan but I still want them to win against everyone except Utah and it was sad to see them have great opportunities and throw them away, literally. Utah's gymnasts have lost a meet against the #1 team in the nation but they have come back even stronger and better. They may not win it all but they will leave nothing behind, have no regrets, no what ifs. They are an amazing group of athletes led by one of the best coaches in any sport and I support them and hope they do their very best!!!!


"New Year, Our Year," HA ! Third best to NCAA Champs Georgia. What a silly idea to wear those t-shirts.

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