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Published: Saturday, March 28 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Wow!!!!! Seems like the money maker for the stock buy is putting in all these comments. And.....if all this copper is really there, don't you think the big boys would have been after this already??


Wow!!!!!!! Why is this stock only at .016 ?????


I doubled my money today!!!!!!! I am going to reinvest more!!!!!!


Even though this is exciting news, by the time they actually produce, payoff the debt and support ongoing operations, it could be years before any investors make any money unless of course the stock gets hyped like it is through this medium and even through hype. In today's marketplace, having the multiples that the market supported in past years will most likely never happen again for some time. Best of luck for the forthcoming production in hopes that copper prices have leveled and will start inching up in the right direction, this will provide the company with the stability that it needs for continued growth.


if this is a sure thing, why is the stock trading on the pink sheets?

Reality check

Ummm, are we looking at the same stock, here? Because the trend I'm looking at shows a company that has lost 99.2% of its value in the last few years. Getting from here to zero is REEEEEEEEALLY easy to do, which is a ONE-HUNDRED-PERCENT LOSS if you get in today! I can't believe the DesNews has allowed the current "pump-and-dump" hyperbole to go this far. PLEASE USE CAUTION, INVESTORS! The trolls on this board are looking for a quick turnaround on your short-sighted enthusiasm and ignorance.

Happy to see the suckers

Thank you Reality Check! There is a sucker born every second and then they move to Utah. Are you kidding me? They told us that they are not sure how much copper there is, but it is three times as concentrated as the Bingham mine. This is a pump and dump at its finest. Good work Des. Keep on investing Utah and that bankruptcy figure will stay right were it is. And lastly kudos to the Utah Division of Securities, another stellar job of protecting Utah investors


Long live cprk!!!!


I wonder what happened to the concept of geological sampling and reserve estimation. Not sure how much copper there is ? Three times as concentrated as the Bingham mine ? WOW !!!! The stock is cheap anyway so best of luck with this slot machine type investment.

Happy to see the bashers

You know you have a good stock when the bashers show up. Take a look at the appraisal on Western Utah Copper and then tell me it's a p&d. Dream on. CPRK has moved up 100% in the last 30 days and with production should see another price rise. With the price of metals increasing, this has winner written all over it.


I can see there is a lot of investor excitement over this new $60m mill. But where were the Dotsons' three years ago when Park City's barely used Ontario Mill was for sale by United Park City Mines for $1m? All mills are similar. UPCM could not sell it and had to virtually give away their new mill to make room for more condos! A whole industry was lost and a lot of equipment and investment was wasted.


Can anyone tell me why the stock went down on monday with 24million shares were traded. I makes no sence to me. Help me understand

Be Informed

In response to Working Moms response. You wrote: "Thank goodness they hired REAL electricians who actually know how to work. AND THEY'RE FROM MILFORD!! Yeah!
Excellent call. I am IMPRESSED with their work and your call to hire them!"

When I attended the Grand Opening, I met with the gentleman from GSL Electric. He is from SALT LAKE CITY. He said he had been there for the past two months finishing up what the "REAL" electricians from Milford couldnt get done on time (I dont need to tell You that thier company wasnt impressed with the Milford electricians).

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