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He believes measure has First Amendment issues

Published: Thursday, March 26 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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"Huntsman's veto of HB353, his "green agenda" and his support of the Common Ground Initiative "certainly give the impression that he is out of touch with mainstream Utah," said Morley, a noted House conservative. "He's a moderate, not a conservative. And his recent actions don't seem to square with the majority in the Legislature, either".

Hey Carl, here's an exercise for ya - do some research on the Common Ground Initiative as well as the Gov's recent about face on gay activism and then ask yourself if Gov Huntsman is standing for Utah values or trying to appease the liberal left to position himself for national office. The answer will be obvious.

Huntsman out of touch

Huntsman's veto of HB353, his "green agenda" and his support of the Common Ground Initiative "certainly give the impression that he is out of touch with mainstream Utah," said Morley, a noted House conservative. "He's a moderate, not a conservative. And his recent actions don't seem to square with the majority in the Legislature, either.

I totally agree with the above statement from M. Morley. All of the people replying to this article need to understand that about 90% of the legislature voted FOR THIS BILL. For those of you agreeing with our out of touch Governor, perhaps it's you that need to contact your state elected representatives who ALL voted for the bill before being so quick to side with a Governor who clearly has made an about face politically beginning on November 5th 2008 (gee what coincidence!!)


As I said before, Jack's gonna get banned from Utah and then get convicted within a year.


It's fortunate that the Gov. sees the risks inherent in the Bill, it is a 'foot in the door' policy that, whilst not innocuous on the surface, was the first step along a worrying road.

Yes, parents need all the help they can get, that's why game systems come with parental controls, that's why computers come with passwords. That's why parents should be responsible where they put this kind of technology and understand that gaming is not just for little kids.

That's the real key to dealing with the problem, realising that Video Games are not 'kids toys' any more, they are a massive market, with a customer base that spreads from 4 to 80, and just like you have children's TV and Adult TV, the same applies to Video Games. Personally, I think it's this particular fact that really needs to be pushed to parents, no legislative tool will ever add up to the power a parent can gain from simply understanding the medium and how to control what is displayed on it.


Wow, you dont compete against gamers in trash talk!


To Stupidity in Action:
I wouldn't let my kids play the games that I play as well. There are ratings on the video games for a reason. Right now, stores that sell video games do not sell Mature rated games to kids under 17. However, if this bill had passed, that policy would have been discontinued, and any kid would be allowed to by any game, making the stores not responsible (which they shouldn't be).
Just because you don't want your kids playing them doesn't mean that I, as an adult, should be allowed to play them.


Good! Free Speech Trumps, Religious and Moral concerns. Parent if your Child is under 18 do not allow the offending material in your home. Simple as that. That means you have to pay attention to what your Son or Daughter Plays. The Rating on the Box etc. Perhaps play the game with them.

What fears someone elses Monger, may not Fear yours.


I smell a future President. If Huntsman made a bid for the presidency I'd vote for him in a heartbeat.

As a conservative Republican, Mormon, Utah native, and video gamer, I completely agree with his reasoning behind the veto.

We don't need MORE laws and MORE government. We need more *involved parents* who actually TEACH their kids. Stop expecting the government and the legislature to make all the evil in the world stop.

Laws don't change people, and they never will.

For you Mormons out there who oppose this veto, consider that Alma stepped down from the chief judgment seat because he recognized that he could accomplish more good doing missionary work, and teaching people the gospel of peace, than he EVER could through legislative means.

Teach the people correct principles and let them govern themselves.

Oh Brother...

Utah Conservative: Code for, well, People who think, act and especially, worship, just like me!


Why "re:Carl", it does seem like I know more than the 95% of the legistlature doesnt it? And the reason is that I don't base my reaction or my opinion against this bill on a 10 minutes speech by the bill sponsor.

You know, if you are interested, they are audio tapes of the house and of the senate voting on the bill. You will be able to hear from what was said and if you dig a little deep, you will find that this bill (created from the input of a disbarred liar on grounds of fraud and lying to a tribunal) was presented with arguments that most often than not had nothing to do with the wording of the bill.

Even nationally-prominent conservative Grover Norquist applauded the Veto.

I don't know much about the Common Ground Initiative but I can tell you, I won't base my opinion on this bill on something totally unrelated.

To "Stupidity In Action", yes many games are violent but this bill would not limit that, unintended consequence in fact, kid might had easier access to them. That's not what the bill did.


Glad that the bill got vetoed. I don't agree with Jack Thompson and everytime I see him on the tv he makes himself look like a clown.

@stupidity in action

I wouldn't advertize my shortcomings the way you have, but, hey, up to you. . .

Did you even read this article? Guv didn't veto a bill to limit violence in video games, that's not even what the bill is about.


Jack Thompson, If I ever see you say something like that again, I will sue you. So I think you owe me an apology buster.

text of bill

So, for all those who are upset because you don't know the text of the bill, you can look it up on the Utah state website (utah dot gov). Basically, the bill says that if you advertise that you don't sell things to people within a certain age group, and then do so (or an employee does) 3 or more times, you are guilty of deceptive trade practices.

As other posters have pointed out, the easy way around this - don't advertise that you won't sell violent video games to children.

This bill is nothing more or less than a truth in advertising bill.


For those of you thinking this endangers your children:

It does not.

If HB353 had been signed into law, a retailer could easily stop advertising they follow the ESRB ratings, and sell the worst games to your kids LEGALLY, no questions asked.

Currently, retailers don't want to sell those games to kids because it violates public trust and good will, and the retailers, surprisingly, are not demons bent on corrupting your youth. They are your neighbors, they are parents, and they are no more evil than a bookseller or magazine vendor.

HB353 would punish these normal citizens if they were human and erred. It would make trying to uphold trust and goodwill punishable by law, and remove any incentive to provide the consumers, upstanding Utah parents, with information about what objectionable content the games contain.

Worse, it would waste YOUR tax dollars by forcing investigations of retailers who are accused (and given the drafter/backer of the bill, very likely) FALSELY accused of selling games to minors.

HB353 is terrible for Utah. It does nothing but invite extortion of retailers and the removal of industry standards for consumer protection. Huntsman's veto is wise fiscally, morally, and constitutionally.

Attack Gypsy

@Jack Thompson

Jack, calm down Jack. You know getting worked up over things isn't good for you at your age. One would think you would have learned that when you lost your disbarment trial.

HB353 was unconstitutional. Even a layman like me could see it. And you're supposed to be a "constitutional expert"? Utah would have been immediately sued and forced to pay millions in legal fees. Just like Louisiana. Wait, didn't Jack have a hand in that bill too?


If making sane and logical choices opposed to a sea of stupidity is an example of "pandering," I hope he continues to pander for his entire term.

Bro Joseph

Morely and Utah Conservatives are only looking after their own interests. They quote "certainly give the impression that he is out of touch with mainstream Utah,"(Huntsman) The Conservatives try to close the gap on FREEDOM of SPEECH to put unneccesary controls on the populace and waste taxmoney on trivial pursuits. Another extension of the "Patriot Act"
Huntsman is acting on the interests of the people not the "self righteous"

Frankie Mclean

Shut up video game haters!

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