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He believes measure has First Amendment issues

Published: Thursday, March 26 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Huntsman a disgrace

Gee, so here is the Gov now into his second and final term, knowing he doesn't have to face the voters of Utah again, and suddenly he transforms before our eyes into a liberal. Gay activism, more than willing to accept and spend the government bail out money for the states, and now he seems to be siding with "anti-moral's" regulation - but heck who cares about our kids anyway?? Let'em have the porno games and play to their hearts content!! Huntsman is turning into Rocky Anderson - and it's not even Halloween yet!!

Stand For Something - GOV

Some advise for our "new" liberal Gov - pull out President Hinkley's book "Stand For Something" and give it a good re-reading then look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what YOU stand for these days! It sure isn't what a conservative Mormon governor ought to be doing! Better still, have a chat with Mitt Romney about how NOT to cave into liberal national political correctness!!! So what's next Gov - changing your stance on abortion???


Hey Jack,
I just finished playing Grand Theft Auto 4 (great game). Normally I am a happy person, loving husband and father, and nice to all. But all of the sudden I feel like I am possessed and I want to go on a shooting spree. Wow, maybe you were right, games do kill people.
Ha. Grow up Mr. Thompson. Games don't kill people, people kill people. And thank you governor for your very smart veto of this bill. Parents should be informed of what their children are playing.


Old 2 - face Huntsman. Like me tell ya this people, had Huntsman ran this liberal during his first term in office he NEVER wouldn't have made it to a second term!!

It is heartening

I am pleased that so many commenters understand that this was a bad law. It didn't protect anybody, it just punished retailers trying to do the right thing. I don't love the gov, but this shows me some wisdom I wasn't sure was there.


Thank you, Governor Huntsman, for providing a check of sanity on our legislature. Funny to hear legislators like Morley accuse the governor of being out of touch with mainstream Utah when clearly, given his approval rating, he is very much in touch with Utah voters. Interesting to note also that Morley lost his own precinct in this last election.

You know whats funny about utah

Video games kill people, rap and metal music causes them to as well. But guns, nah, who ever heard of a gun killing someone. I tell you it makes NO SENSE!!!


This comment should be considered by commenters "Huntsman will be pro abortion", "Huntsman a disgrace" and "2-face", have you even read the bill or Huntsman reasons to veto it?
This bill would have enforced governement restrictions on a voluntary system and might have caused retailers to drop the ratings (remember it's voluntary) letting kids of any age buy any violent movie or game they wanted.
The videogame system already prevents kids from getting their hands on M rated games 94%. This bill could have make this become 0%.
I thought being a conservative meant less governement control and thought that being a good governor meant protecting the children and helping the parents.
"but heck who cares about our kids anyway??" You certainly don't.


Sounds like the bills were poorly written & poorly concieved.

Kevin Lee

Jack Thompson said -- "I will be forced to call the NSA or the FBI to have ESA/MPAA and Dennis investigated"

Jack, I'm pretty sure the FBI is no longer taking your calls after all the times you cried wolf when you didn't get your way. Once the NSA checks your file and sees you've been visited by Federal Marshals for positing vague threats against judges and courthouses and sending hardcore gay porn to judges, they won't take you very seriously either. (Yes, citizens of Utah, those things are true.)

Let me let you in on a secret, Jack. There is NO organized conspiracy against you. It's the fact that you've been such a jerk to so many people that nobody except the crazies in the Eagle Forum can stand your stench, so it makes it easier for people to justify taking action against you. YOU have made yourself a target and prayed for enemies. YOU brought all of this down on yourself. Live with it.


@ the crybabies whining over Gov. Huntsman's veto, thus Huntsman doing the right thing for Utah:

First, they have get a 2/3rds vote of both houses just to reconvene since the legislative session ended on March 12th.

Second, Gov. Huntsman has only vetoed two bills so far out of over 300.

I dare say that the legislature would look pretty stupid to override one or two vetoes of bills that have nothing to do with Utah's budget and could potentially damage the economy further.

Besides that, it is funny that so-called "conservatives" are complaining over Gov. Huntsman's veto of liberal nanny-state legislation.

Kevin Lee

I wonder if the Eagle Forum, Rep. Morley and others who support Thompson's cause know he's on this forum telling people to "go back to you suicide game and get real good at it."

As I mentioned above, this is the REAL Jack Thompson. He's your problem now, Utah.

Frank Azaria

Everyone who's complaining about the veto obviously hasn't sat down and seriously read past the title of the article or the bill.

Well except for Jack, he knows what he's doing, what that is though is a mystery to me.


I cant believe some of the reactions against the veto. Its hilarious. This bill really is a great example of a wolf hidden under sheeps clothing. Its amazing to see all the people whining that the "sheep" got put down.

it works out

The right thing for the wrong reason by someone you don't respect still is the right thing. Thanks, guv.


@ Jack

The very thought of a grown man typing out that response is pathetic. You poor old failure. No wonder you were disbarred.

Stupidity In Action

Many video games are EXCESSIVELY violent, crude and/or graphically sexual in nature and Huntsman vetos a bill to limit that?

My wife and I don't let our kids play any game in which you shoot or hurt other people. Period.

They can shoot all the robots they want but they can't "aim" at other people. BTW, the oldest 2 are straight "A" students now for over 2 years in a row and the 3rd one's grades are slightly lower but the teachers rave over him and he's admired by other kids his age in class.

Glad Huntsman is not my governor.

re:You know whats funny about ut

I'll tell ya what makes no sense - your lack of understanding of our constitution. Ever read the second amendment? Yes that's that darn amendment that gives all of the common folks THE RIGHT to bare arms. Ever wonder why our founders added that amendment? Here's an exercise for ya - go to google and do some research on what Nazi Germany and Communist Russia both had in common - you guessed it - NO RIGHT to bare arms! Only the Nazi SS and the equiv Russian bad guys had the guns. No guns for common citizens. You see, one of the foundation pieces of socialism is ONLY the military and the police have the guns because the whole idea behind government control is to suppress and control the masses and you can't do that if the masses are armed!! Thank HEAVEN our INSPIRED founders saw fit to add the second amendment as one of the pillars of our free society. Of course with any right comes responsibility.


you seem to know more than the 95% of the legislature that voted FOR THE BILL. Perhaps you should call and educate our state elected representatives because they OBVIOUSLY don't understand what in the world the bill's ramifications would be. Better do it before they re-submit the bill and OVERRIDE the governor's liberal veto because that is their plan. While your at it why don't you speak to a few of the legislators as to WHY they feel SO STRONGLY about the bill before being so quick to defend our ever increasing LIBERAL governor!


I didn't feel that this article addressed the issues involved -- quoting the actual bill might have helped us understand what was being presented, and what was at stake in either accepting or vetoeing it.
It felt a little slanted, and that isn't helpful when this is the first time you've even heard of a bill!

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