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He believes measure has First Amendment issues

Published: Thursday, March 26 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Funny you should run your mouth, Jack, as you teach kids that it's OK to lie without consequence to get what you want.

Funny, you've never been able to absolutely prove that "violent" video games "harm" people in any way.

It's not anyone's fault that Gov. Huntsman wants to be seen as a maverick a la Sen. John McCain, and made a maverick move in vetoing the pile of horse manure that was your bill.

Huntsman is a Pretty Pony

Gov Huntsman doesn't care for what's good for Utah families and protecting the children in state. He wishes to position himself nationally to a population that would rather have a dog than children, and would never stomach a governor in a national position of leadership that supported this sort of precautionary legislation.

I guess my question is whether the combined legislators of the state have the power to override a governor's veto.

Frank Azaria

I dont think how much in 'touch' anyone is is relevant at all. IMHO Huntsman made a move that is more in touch with Utah sensabilities than the worlds, even if many Utahs couldnt see past the bills cover of sheeps clothing.

HB353 may have presented itself in the favor of protecting children but would have put more mature games in the hands of more children if it passed.

Jack can try to misdirect all he wants claiming the age rating system are government binding, but HB353 didnt deal with the rating system at all, it dealt with punishing those who didnt drop their policies based on the rating system and didnt sell to minors. That is unless that store could deliver on that promise an inhuman 100% of the time.

Mormon Gamer

Jack, I hope that is not you. That has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard anyone say. How exactly do you "recount" the opinion of anyone let alone a governor? Here I guess I will try to do it.

Let's see, there is one veto against the bill from Gov. Huntsman. O signatures from governor Huntsman.

Did that help you comprehend what happened?

Racketeering huh? So retailers telling the Gov that the only way to protect themselves from lawsuits brought by this bill is to drop their enforcement policies is racketeering now? Perhaps you would like to look up racketeering in the dictionary. But you most likely will not understand what it really is as you failed at law.

Kevin Lee

Ah, the real Jack Thompson steps forward to spew his hate and crazy conspiracy theories of blackmail and racketeering. Jack, you are not a resident of Utah. You are not a lawyer. You're really not in a position to "demand" anything of Utah's governor.

Jack, I suppose The Deseret News is in on the conspiracy now of changing your post to include a zillion typos, misspelled words, and poor grammar.


Mr. Thompson, you talk about Huntsman not using reality-based logic, yet you start to go on these conspiracy theories yet again.

How many times must we spoon-feed you just how much of a hypocrite you are?

Concerned Utahn.

The citizens this state place so much emphasis on party affiliation. Because he was allegedly a conservative "Republican", we voted for him, only later did we learn that he's a centrist like his mentor John McCain. He's a bit leftist when it comes to enforcing laws regarding undocumented/illegal immigrants, he's pro-civil unions, anti-"censorship." Bottom line, he's never been a conservative, so we got what we voted for. He and his arched eyebrow will likely run for higher office, and as such he's being a political game player.

Shado Darkman of the Azure Stars

(X^D <(Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!)

Jack, you crack me up. Seriously, you do.

Why would we blackmail the Governor into vetoing the bill when he was going to anyway?

Joy of Life

It's OK Jack, just cry it all out and don't play with that Gov. Huntsman anymore if you think he's going to be mean to you.


"Morality" was dead long ago when bigotry, hate, ignorance, lies, deceit, fraud, corruption, abuse, and other dishonorable, unethical acts were used as being "positive" aspects of what is "moral".

Yet, here, once again is evidence that the bill was BASED on "moral" judgment. The arguments used during the hearings, during the voting, even in arguing to drum up support for this bill was more than sufficient evidence that the claims the bill had nothing to do with defining "harm to minors" was false.

Further evidence that future bills would be designed as paths to far more restrictive, UnConstitutional, Anti-American Constitution bills. The bill failed and rightly so. The proof that the bill itself, once law, was going to be misused to an abusive degree, and also be used as a stepping stone for further subversive acts against the First Amendment, is quite clear in the very arguments used, contrary to the false claims as to what the bill was going to be used for in legal circles.



Another conspiracy accusation? Who'da thought? Of course, its simply not possible that a rational, logical adult would find fault with anything Thompson does/supports, therefore any opposition are obviously oblivious morons, tools of the industry, or being blackmailed. It all makes sense.

The Governor did what he found to be best for his constituents and the state. By vetoing this bill, he ensures that:
1) His state does not waste money by having to pay the court costs of the inevitable lawsuits, like other states which have tried to put in place Thompson's flawed legislation.

And more importantly 2) That parents, not the government, remain empowered to decide what their children should or should not be exposed to.

This bill said to parents: You shouldn't be involved in your child's life. We'll handle it for you, because you're not capable.

Never mind the existing 94% -VOLUNTARY- enforcement success rate.

Store Owner

If I were a store owner and HB353 passed "to protect the children" by sueing my buisness till I'm in the ground or inhumanly 100% perfect on my ID checks I'd be:

1. Droping my buisness policy of ID checking and putting up a "welcome all" sign near the mature video games in accordance with HB353 (makes me wonder what Jacks motive really is)

2. Going with my concience and just closing up shop, which would funnel my customers to stores that didnt check ID's in the first place.


My God, what a hypocrite. If think your version of morality is America's version, you need your head examined again. Well, you need that anyway. I love your conspiracy theories, it's like the crazy things you can hear from people in places like Roswell, New Mexico.
By the way, stop comparing yourself to Christ. Christ wasn't a liar, Christ wasn't a deceiver, and Christ didn't bend the truth for his own ends. He sacrificed himself for the world, not for an idiotic lie and a personal agenda. How about you go get a real job before you accuse people like Ezbiker of being pot-heads, by the way. Maybe you can get a job at McDonald's, but I don't know if they'd trust you enough to leave you alone near the cash register.



Will you stop? You don't know the true meaning of morality. You can't do anything - the bill is dead. The likelihood of it being revived is not likely and all you were going to do was destroy the ESRB and Movie Ratings system entirely.

What was the point? The bill would do more damage then good. You have an idea, yes, but if you want to protect children that badly then make an educational program.

You do realize that Governers have internet too, right? the minute he sees your true colors, I doubt he nor anyone else would give you the time of day.

Stop your petty little insults.

Frank Azaria

Dont worry about the veto Jack, just save and reload, save and reload, or if that fails hit the reset button.

Rodrigo Ybanez Garcia

@Jack Thompson.

Millions of lives? You are delusional, Jack. You are not stoping any wars to claim that nonsense by banning the entire game industry.

The only thing dying here is your own cause. Its worthless and misguided. Terrible misguided.

If you were a little more serious, maybe you could really make something with your life. But because you are more interesed on getting your name on the internet and chassing massacres, this is the result of your dumb actions.

Nobody is taking you seriously. Not Huntsman. Not Obama. Not gamers.

You are wasting your time, your life, and the nations time.

The bill will stay dead like many others they have made in these years because they were made by extreme ignorance of their own Constitution, not even because the games are a danger for "the children" (because we know you give a damn for them, they are tools for you). Thats because all those bills were doomed to oblivion, as your own cause.

Jack Thompsons greatest enemy Jack himself.

Enjoy your life, Jack, and get a real job.


It would be great if we could read the language in this bill and make our own judgement on it. As it is, the politics of government are confusing us............again.

We are not sure who our government officials are. We need to read the bill in order to make those judgements ourselves.


I consider myself VERY conservative. (My definition of CONSERVATIVE being, "small government is good government.")

Good for the governor, for doing the CONSERVATIVE thing, keeping government out of one more aspect of private business.

If you don't like your retailer's sales practices, find a retailer you're more comfortable with. Or stand out front with a sign - exercise YOUR right to expression.

(Some people seem to think "conservative" means - "government imposes MY personal standards on the populace.")


Thompson, last I checked neither industry had to outright lie to get their side heard, that was all you and the eagle forum, who I add will likely abandon you the second you are no longer useful to them.

And I'm pretty sure the Utah Governor has a mind of his own.

Your little piece of toilet paper has been blushed.

And if you are so certain thousands if not millions of lives would have been saved, then I have two questions.

1. Why has the United State's population not been reduced to zero?

2. How is it you are still alive. IF the game and movie industries had all this power, you'd have been silenced ages ago.

3. What does either industry stand to gain from their main consumer base being dead or in jail?

Huntsman will be pro abortion

So as our wonderful "once" conservative gov transforms himself into something the national scene finds more palatable (a liberal) he tests his new political image on the state of Utah. I think the legislator should re-submit the bill and then just override our new liberal governor. They have almost 95% majority who voted for the bill so they do have the override ability. So I wonder what the gov will change next - pro abortion?? He is already a gay activist so naturally abortion would be the next natural step toward his plunge into liberalism!! Pretty sad and very disappointing to see a man abandon his faith, his party and his state to be more tasteful to the national press. Actually, I WOULDN'T vote for the guy even if he DID run for national office.

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