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He believes measure has First Amendment issues

Published: Thursday, March 26 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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State Legislators are clueless

Good for Gov. Huntsman. It's about time common sense prevailed in one branch of the state government, anyway.

jack thompson

Huntsman, in vetoing HB 353 despite near unanimous votes for it the Utah House and Senate, falsely stated yesterday, after his veto, that the movie industry and video game industry would opt out of their age-rating and labeling of games and movies if he signed the Truth in Advertising law amendment. The Utah Speaker of the House and others have refuted this silly argument. This bizarre rationale by Huntsman was and is a complete fabrication, as commitments by both industries to the federal government make opting out of the age ratings systems totally impossible. This was a sucker argument that Huntsman bought.

Gov. Huntsmans rationale was so devoid of reality-based logic that he failed even to inform Rep. Mike Morley, who sponsored HB 353, that he was even considering a veto. Huntsman didnt want to be confused by the facts which Rep. Morley could have and would have given him.


Good call. It is clear that this bill would have not been in the best interest of families and children.

Why would a retailer use a voluntary rating system, if in the future, he may be penalized for errors in using the system? Anyone with any sense would stop using the voluntary rating system. Tell me how that helps protect the family from violent or sexual content in video games.

Three cheers for a governer who, instead of knee jerk reactions to bad situations, seeks good common sense solutions. too bad the extreme rights do not realize that the guv is acting in their best interest.

You elected him

so stop complaining. He is exactly what he has always been. Big money talk. I seriously doubt he is in any way worried about being a good governor in Utah. He wants to be president. Rumors are that he already has a task force in Washington check out the possibilities. He is going to have to walk up the back of Romney. Should be intereting. The battle of the billionaires.

James "Achtung Spitfire"

Considering this law was based off of the 'recommendation' of a lawyer who was stripped of his license because of 27 of 31 counts of misconduct, which included lying to judge and lying to a court, good on the Governor to veto this. Maybe the house shall come up with a better worded or an actual useful bill? Hopefully one that a liar and harasser of true upholders of the law has no tainted touch on. Thank you Governor.

As for all you who say the Governor is selfish on this think of this: This bill would have recommended that if a store sold an R-rated movie or game to a minor that store is liable for false advertising, IF they have a policy that states 'we ID for minors' or 'we don't sell to minors'. If they didn't want to be held liable, all they have to do is remove that policy and sell which ever product to whomever is asking. Thus, making that bill do the opposite of what it was made for. Not a very good thing to put on the state of Utah's shoulder in my opinion.


Anyone in this state compared to Morley is a leftist liberal. All they have to do is think clearly. I support the governor in his veto and I support him in his moderate mainstream views. He's the future of the Republican Party, not the Morley and his hate/fear politics.

James "Achtung Spitfire"

@ Jack Thompson: Sir, you are one to talk about facts. You speak as though you are politician from Utah, yet we all know you are a disbarred lawyer from Florida who is guilty of 27 of 31 counts of misconduct that includes harassing and lying. Mr. Thompson, anything that had your hand in it should be suspect to further scrutiny, as it may contain vast fabrications that you have been known for.

Yes the MPAA, ESA, and other lobbyists did state that rather than be held liable many retailers would just dump any policy for enforcing any rating system. This bill which apparently you had a hand in, would do the opposite of what you intended.

Now you are here, crying because the Governor did his job and enforced common sense in the state and insulting his rationale? Shame on you, Mr.Thompson. No one here is going to fall for your lies, as you have tried before...


The fact was that Rep. Morley, Sen. Buttars, and others needed to use "sucker arguments" and bald-faced lies to get the worthless bill passed.

Gov. Huntsman saw through those lies and made the correct move in vetoing it. The governor doesn't have to show his hand if he doesn't want to.


In this day and age of lawsuits why would any retailer further expose themselves to legal action from parents? The rating system is voluntary at this point, and kudos to the industry for doing that, but to provide more ammunition for sue happy people would just be stupid.

Good on Huntsman for making a wise decision. If he really no longer represented Utah values and beliefs, then why does 84% of the state approve of him. What you are saying is that he may not represent all of YOUR ultra conservative views, so toss him to the side.

It is that same close minded attitude that makes me not want to live in Utah. Utahns are some of the most close-minded people in America.

Kevin Lee

@Jack Thompson -- Jack, "advertising" does not incorporate a company making a vow to Congress, and even if they did make this promise can are certainly allowed to renege. Your words condemn your actions, Thompson. Let's face it. You were hoping this legislation would pass simply so you could make life miserable for the retailers. Thankfully, the governor of Utah was wise to your shenanigans and shut it down. You, the Eagle Forum and Rep. Morley should be ashamed. (But we all know Jack Thompson, disbarred and discredited for being a lying scumbag, and a man who celebrates every time there's another school shooting because he can further his own sick agenda, has no shame.)

Re: "A Moderate"

The fact is that the legislature is elected by the people and the legislature, both House and Senate, voted overwhelmingly for this bill. The fact is that the Governor is indeed out of touch with both - now play the same on his other to big points: the environment and gay issues. Again the Guv is trying to position himself not to win favor by Utahns but for those elsewhere.

Very disappointing that he is not more like his father.

Shado Darkman of the Azure Stars

Jack, you amuse me. Your rants and ravings are naught but comedy to me.

And yet, your antics do get old. You will only be half-missed when you leave us, which should not be long, given your age.


Huntsman may be out of touch with mainstream Utah, but mainstream Utah is out of touch with mainstream America.

Sam F.

Good call from Gov. Huntsman. That bill was completely idiotic. In effect, it punished retailers for having an age-check policy. Clearly penalizing stores for even trying isn't the way to prevent minors from having access to mature material, which wasn't even a problem in the first place. Studies have shown that adults are involved in the purchase of rated material an overwhelming majority of the time, and that the child was carded most of the other times. At best this was nothing more than unnecessary, feelgood legislation to an imaginary issue, and a thinly veiled, deliberate attempt at censorship through chilling effect at worse. Good riddance.


Well, as they say, John Bruce Thompson is the real life super villain... if one plan fails, he jumps to another one. Which state will he try his nefarious schemes on, New Jersey? California? what about Texas? Who knows with him.

I am very happy that the Governer of Utah saw past the lying ex-lawyer and vetoed it. This is a victory for parents and children everywhere. While I believe that there should be something to keep kids from getting M rated games, this was the wrong way to do it. Education is key, now lawsuits and unconstitutional laws.

Unfortunately, John Bruce Jackson refuses stop his obsession on the video game industry. I do hope he gets some psychiatric help for his obsession. It IS quite unhealthy.


@Re: "A Moderate"

Just because a bunch of uninformed/self-serving people vote for something doesn't make it "right" or negate any conflicts with the Constitution. The biggest mistake in American politics is assuming Democracy is always right...which is why we are a Republic.


Was glad to see this news.

And Thompson, grow up. You lost. Get over it and move on.


Jack put a cork in it. You lost again. Get over it and do something else than whining to us.

The governor did the right thing in vetoing your unethical bill.

Rodrigo YbaŁez Garcia

Hey, Jack Thompson:

What would you think if I send yoour post (and many others) to Huntsman so he can have a good look of what you really are.

Congratulations for your new FAIL. You deserve it.

Mormon Gamer

Jack, You act like a governor should never go against the votes of the Legislature. If that were truly how government worked, why would we even need a governor? That is why we have three separate but equal bodies in government. If the will of the legislature is so strong and unanimous,they should have no problem reconvening and overriding this veto.

But alas, it will not be so. Most of those who voted for it most likely did so not because truly believed in the bill, but for the political capitol it brought.

For your other argument, not all game retailers made that promise to Congress. Those that did were not doing so in order to solicit business. They did so to help get congress off their back and prevent laws such as this one. Also, since you do not seem to have any understanding of Constitutional law, you cannot charge anyone for a crime committed before it became illegal. Thus retailers would have every right to remove advertisements and policies that stated they do not sell to minors. They had until January 1, 2010 to do so and they could not be touched by this law.

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