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Published: Saturday, March 21 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Bob in line

Gotta smack someone and a big tightend seems just fine. What is an "up-down"? Is that like "beat your face" in the US Army? Pushups for the uninitiated.

I hope these two junior college transfer have what we need. Our defense is pretty good, only better when we have solid defenseback play.

true blue

B/c of injuries last year Mendenhall wasn't able to run some of his packages or expand his defense. Hopefully these jc's work out and howard gets back soon.

I think our secondary will get exposed versuses OU, but will get better as the year progresses

Why always thin at CB?

Why is it that every year we read about BYU's being thin at the cornerback spot? And it seems like every year since the Cotton Bowl victory, the cornerbacks struggle to cover the opposing receivers. Wouldn't it be nice to be deep for once at CB, and not have to resort to JC transfers?

Cornerback depth is improving

It's not that there aren't guys on the roster to play CB, it's that there aren't a lot of capable D-1 guys on the roster to play CB. Depth is improving though. The JC guys should be very good.

Most spots on the team are very solid. Defensively there have been good players in the past. So I'm really not worried. The speed gap is closing and BYU has fell just shy of perfect seasons the last three years. I'm pretty optimistic about things this year. The secondary is the only glaring weakness, and it's not a great place to have a weakness, but safety is in alright shape, it is just the cornerback spot that lacks depth.

Cali Coug

An Up-Down - A lovely drill where you run in place with your knees coming up high...a whistle is blown and you drop to your stomach on the ground in front of you and pop back up as quickly as possible and start runing in place again. It's a great drill that helps develop your fast muscle twitch.

Whats Wrong D-News

Have you run out of things to talk about? Skipping to football at this time of year what is that? Are you to having a hard time digesting your B-ball team? Who cares?


Huh Whats wrong,

It called Spring Football, and yes, us cougar fans wants to know how the practices are going.....


RE: Whats Wrong D-News

We always see articles about football during spring ball. Get a clue. And as far as the basketball team is concerned, we have a lot to look forward to next year because we only lose one starter. And to answer your last question, when you consider how many people actuallly go to BYU games, I would say a lot of people care. Sorry dude, you're in the minority here.


YBU's junior college recruiting has a lot to be desired. Remember the last great recruit Tico Pringle, oh, I guess you wouldn't. It is because they don't believe JC college coaches about who is the best players on their own teams.

One Call

The only thing worse than this injury would be reading a Dick Harmon article.

Re: One Call

Then don't read the article and keep to yourself. It's always good for the true fans to know how players on the team are coming along after an injury.


The worst thing you can say after a double-groin tear is, ". . . you feel like nothing is there. You feel like there's something anatomically or physically worse than it actually is."

It makes it sound like "something" is missing.

To:One Call

First, the article was written by Jeff Call. Second, your "name" suggest you are a lawyer-loving wuss. Third, why make such stupid comments? The worst articles are by your Yewt-loving reporters whose material is rarely read, rarely commented on and/or simply discarded as Yewt-feed. Lastly, I encourage you to clean your barn, pay on your over-drawn cable bill, quit calling in sick so you can read BYU articles, but mostly, quit reading BYU articles and then making stupid comments that you hope are funny and are really just a reflection of your inability to cope with the truth. Harmon writes good stuff for a BYU audience. Yewt audiences are encouraged to read and comment over where you belong, in a half-way house with red-clad reporters whistling to the tune of ACDC's "Highway to Hell."

Ref: What's wrong D-news

Did you write to protest all of the ute springball articles that have been going on for the past three weeks? No, I didn't think so. It's a lot more fun (if you're a moron) to make juvenile comments than to write something intelligent.

Jay Dog

based on past performance, any mention of skill or depth at the corner is greatly exaggerated. Speed and explosion are needed on the corners--not knowledge and whatever other catch phrase Bronco drops (i.e. assignment sound, poise, execution, discipline.) Until we get an athlete with speed and average or better size, our secondary will be feasted on by offenses. Washington turned out to be a joke of a team, but their receivers looked all PAC-10 against the Cougs. Don't be so easily fooled.

poor byu

haha some people on here are forgetting the fact that we not only beat the cougars last year but we spanked them! let's just hope max hall can actually complete a pass this year or maybe he will have another 5 turnovers against the UTES!


This time of year the defense is usually ahead of the offense and to have the QBs pass all over them and RB run right through them sounds like they are worse than last year! Sounds like more of the same to me if not WORSE!!!!

Re: Re: One Call

So "true fans" are trolls that comment on articles?

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