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Published: Saturday, March 21 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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This program proves that there are many inmates who are eager to participate in meaningful work while in prison. There is a huge difference between "doing" and "serving" time in prison. Instead of throwing people in prison to "do" time, let us find more opportunities like this where people in prison can "serve" their time.

Lee in NV

This story is a timely reminder that prisoners are also "childern of a Heavenly Father who loves them"; in spite of stereotypes and strawmen set up by media and politicians for their own purposes. But the blessings of doing family history work cannot be denied to anyone who takes it on.

jungle cat

Thanks for such a wonderful article. It's about time we hear some positive news!! What a fabulous way to spend ones time, in the service of others. Thanks to the inmates for doing this work. I have been doing research for 21 years and have probably benefited from some of their efforts. Keep up the wonderful and so important work and thanks again-I hope the inmates get a chance to see all the comments-except for 1 they all are positive.

Great Idea

What a wonderful oppotunity for those in prison to do good work for others. This is a program that should be introduced into more prisons. Give back and serve others. What a humbling experience for all involved.


This is crazy!!! Can you say.... massive identy theft!!! This is the most foolish project ever, giving vital information to felons who are in there for stealing, burglarizing, fraud, and identy theft. Fool hardy at best, evil at worst. Stupid.


I have done extraction work for a long time and wondered what happened when it was abandoned in our area. I finally found that this indexing program replaced it. Not only do you not have to be "called " to do it, you don't even have to be a member. The extraction program has been at the prison for quite a while....and now the inmates are able to continue their skils with the Indexing. I am so excited and happy for them.

P James

What a wonderful experience for the inmates to connect with those that have gone before them and maybe leave a legacy of love for them. I was very impressed with this article and am grateful for their contribution in maybe helping me to find names of my family.

G Kenneth

Anonymous- You couldn't qualify to work there - you are clueless. It is hard to steal the identity of people that have been dead for decades.
As a volunteer in the center I find that there is a very thin line between them and you and I.
By the grace of God we are not in there with them. Most have made only one or two samll mistakes and are paying the price for what they have done. It has been a pleasure for me to give of my time so that these men have and opportunity to help other with their genealogy and and for themselves.

May this work continue so that those on the inside and outside can benefit from this great work.


I'm sure there are guys that get involved with this program because they are trying work some sort of racket (and hopefully the safeguards they've put in place are sufficient to prevent them). On the other hand, the atmosphere inside means that far too many inmates come out worse than they went in. While it may be naive, this program offers inmates a glimpse of a different way of looking at the world, and perhaps some hope which prison is sorely lacking. We need many more such programs.

Thanks for the article.


This is so cool! You can't steal an identity from a dead man are you kidding me people? Everyone loves to do some good and this is a great opprotunity. For anyone interested you should know that you don't have to be locked up to do this. Just ask any mormon friend if you are interested in doing family history.


Prisons protect citizens from people who have been unable or unwilling to conform to society. Whenever possible prisioners should be engaged in productive efforts.

It is healthier for the prison population - prisioners and staff. It does not stimulate them in negative ways. In addition to the actual work, it may encourage them to want to know more about history in general or their personal family history. Indexing is interesting. Your mind wonders about the motives for people to stayput in small communities or to relocate to other places you have never heard about. Why is Sara Jane the mother of 8, but only 3 children are living?

Engaging the mind is a good thing. I applaud the folks involved in this project.

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