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Published: Saturday, March 21 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Great Article

Of all the things inmates could spend their time doing, I think this is one of the best.

Doing geneology gives these men perspective on their own lives. Helps them reach beyond their own immediate circumstances.

Missouri Mormon

Great article! What a positive way for the inmates to spend their time. What a fun Missionary experience too.


The way finding ancestors makes these people feel could do nothing but good for them!


I think that it is a great idea, if it helps them change their lives. I know it will help us find our families.....this infromation if invaluable.


We served a 2 1/2 yr mission in this very family history center and continue on as volunteers. We see such positive changes come about in the demeanor and attitudes of the men. It is an amazing and inspired program and we'll probably continue on as volunteers until we drop:)


This is a great thing. Hats off to whoever initiated putting the centers in the prison. I can think of no other activity that is more uplifting than connecting with our ancestors.


Excellent, Super, Outstanding, Wonderful, Marvelous. I do not know what more I can say. This is a great blessing to everyone. To those who have gone on before us and those who will come after us. Not to say the great blessing we are receiving from all of you service and dedicated hard work. Thank you very much.


Their research is tedious, but if one family name pops up it will be rewarding.
An artist friend of mine spent two afternoons every week teaching art to inmates. It was very well received, so I suggest this as another program.


I think this is a great program. Family History work gives me such great perspective on myself and my own problems and brings me such a feeling a peace. Peace and Perspective are two things I am certain would be helpful to a prison inmate.

all good

You know, I think this is the FIRST article I have read in the Deseret News that does not have one negative, sarcastic, irresponsible comment!! (great article)

Congratulations inmates, Utah State Prison, and LDS Church for a great program.


Couldn't this innocent practice by inmates be exploited as an easy gateway to identity theft?


Can't escape the Mormons even in prison...

Just kidding (I think). I enjoy family history, too. Good use of their time. Kudos.

I can read

"Hey": Didn't you read the article? It says that they are allowed to research names only of those who have been dead for decades in order to prevent identity theft. Whoever is running this program beat you to thinking of the problem.


This is really nice. Maybe they can help me find information on my family. Wonder if they do look ups for any one? Vicki


Boy, is it nice to read about positive activities!
Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved!

Ed Clinch

"The hearts of the children shall be turned to their fathers."

Malachi and the Doctrine and Covenants.

I hope this program expands and has a big impact on reforming many men and women who have had to pay time for mistakes.

Good journalism and very uplifting and informative.


I'm very impressed. If more prisons could set up programs like this, a lot of brick walls might be broken down.


what a great story! As a FHC Director myself, it is inspiring to hear a wonderful story like this one. Keep up the good work.


Tears came to my eyes as I read this article. It seems that 'other' prison wall were being tossed aside by the marvelous work in which the inmates were participating. I am speaking specifically of the inmates' own prison walls of loneliness. It proves that no one is beyond the Lord's compassionate reach.

Florida Mormon

What an inspired program. How I wish this could be done in Florida. I have a son who is locked up here. He has a very strong testimony. He would love to do this work. The spirit of the Lord will bless those who do this work. It helps so many people and draws family members closer to each other. May this program spread to many places.

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