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Published: Thursday, March 19 2009 2:42 p.m. MDT

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You mean the evil Hollywood that produced "Big Love." This paper has spend a week condemning Hollywood. Your readers have written in about how horrible Hollywood is how Hollywood promotes corrupt morals.

You're right...

Hollywood does corrupt morals. What a goofy post.

Mr. Bond

Great job to those talented students. It sounds like BYU has an outstanding animation department.


BYU talent. Good job.

Keep up the good work!

Way to go BYU animation! Keep racking in the emmys! The more BYU grads we can get in Hollywood the better--even if it is only in Animation. Hollywood could use some more people in it with higher morals.


Congrats BYU!

Intelligence, creativity, and dignity.

Way to go.


Anonymous 1:50, That REALLY was a goofy post. In fact, Hollywood animation people have told BYU professors to keep teaching religion to their students and send them down to Hollywood to be hired.

One executive told a BYU animation professor that they hire a lot of sleezeballs in Hollywood. It's nice to have someone with morals there to improve the caliber of people in the business. She told him to keep teaching relgion to the animation graduates so they can be a good influence in Hollywood. That's a true story.

How can we ever have a chance of getting high quality entertainment from Hollywood if someone doesn't go down there and try to change things. Keep it up BYU. We're really proud of you.


As has been well documented in this paper and by your posts; Hollywood can use your talents, your optimism, your vision and your morals. All the best to each of you. But your future role in Hollywood is no different than the role any of us have in our respective industries. You can't allow yourself to be taken down as you try to lift others up.

All the best, and congratulations. Keep it coming.

Too short!

I'm guessing the clips attached to the article are clips not the whole movie?
Hopefully you can see them on the Nick site?

A Fan

Way to go BYU! May you change Hollywood; dont let Hollywood change you! I always enjoy reading about your computer/animation programs successes.

They wait

They wait for the guys to serve missions. They recognize commitment, passion, maturity - and that is, hopefully, what they get for being patient. I thank them for it.


Maybe filling Hollywood with people with "higher ideals" wouldn't cause people to condemn it so much with corrupting morals.

Halo Girl

A BYU student with a beard? I thought the only person allowed to have a beard on the campus was the statue there of Brigham Young.


To Halo Girl: That was a really dumb post.


The one with the beard is graduated

A Fan

...from the article:

"Pack, who graduated last year and is now working for Disney, said he feels a sense of accomplishment in having taken the "road less traveled."

He works for Disney so I assume he can wear a beard now.

Christine Jackson

I'm so proud of my brother James. He's been working on these films for a long time and it's great that he's getting recognized for his accomplishments. His new wife and my new sister-in-law is such a sweetie and I'm glad to have her in my family now.

Good job James and the BYU animation team!


I'm surprised to not already read the question I'm about to ask.

Where do we see these films/movies/shorts?

Are they on the web anywhere? Does B.Y.U. feature them somewhere?

I'd love to see the actual objects of these awards.

Green Apples

Hey, about the beard and hair; it would be good for Hollywood to see BYU students employed by Disney to keep up the "clean and neat" look as they represent BYU andmthe church. My feeling is that we should all strive to look like our Prophet and General Authorities - "clean and neat".


Ah, the devolution of the conversation in to facial hairdom...Maybe Green Apples and Halo Girl haven't noticed, but in the last two decades, well-groomed facial hair on men has become very accepted in professional circles, and it has always been welcomed in creative professions.

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