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Published: Tuesday, March 17 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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i can't stand...

brevin knight. get price in the game and get some energy into the team. one high flying dunk or three pointer gets the team going faster than anything knight has to offer.


Atlanta and Miami are good teams at home and they should win. Those teams showed heart against a team[Jazz] that was a 12 game winning streak. The Jazz need to put those loses behind them. Wizards are cupcakes, but if the Jazz are not focused the [Wizards] might look like the '98 Chicago Bulls. Go Jazz!


THEeyepatch says the Wizards are cupcakes...I seem to recall the Jazz lost to them already this season...the Wizard's first win of the season if I remember right.

The Jazz displayed their lack of heart in the crunch at Miami when they blew regulation and the 1st OT, then simply gave up in the 3rd OT.

They didn't even make the trip, mentally, to Orlando so they shouldn't be too tired from that.

Hugh G. Hater

Why is it that the 800lb gorilla in the room that no one wants to talk about is the energy the team has with Boozer on the bench?

Bench Knight and Collins and let Price and Koufus get some playing time.


You can leave the Jazz.............,but you can't leave the Jazz alone!

leaders take note

"Hopefully we're back home that will be enough," Williams said when asked how, after playing 111 minutes in two weekend losses, the energy-sapped Jazz can summon what it takes to rebound tonight.

Why couldn't he have said what needs to be said. "We need to show some toughness" or "character" or "heart" place any disposition in the blank. If he is the leader now is the time to call it to the team's attention.

Sloan can only say it so many times, in so many ways, then it becomes mundain. Leaders will take his lead and start saying it also. Then the team will start doing it.


Everything will change if they get back on track tonight.Patience and hustle on the road will do wonders for them.They will be ok just go out and love the game again now that the win streak is off your back.Go play, just go play 15 games left 15 more potential wins have fun and enjoy them.Boozer you can love the game again it's time to play.Patience and hustle, patience and hustle.

Illinois Jazz fan

I also want to know why Sloan doesn't put Ronnie Price in for D Will. When Deron was injured Ronnie played like a true point guard now the poor guy sits almost all the games. Sloan needs to play Price more he's got a good outside shot and alot of speed but he needs more playing time to keep up his skills. Sloan did the same thing with Collins when he stepped in for Boozer now he sits on the bench most of the time.Harpring is getting less and less playing time also. Sloan shows no loyalty to the guys who play tough for him.


I watched Boozer specifically on the last two road games on the defensive end of the court and I've never seen someone so worhtless, pathetic, or lazy in all of my life. How can Sloan continue to tolerate that from Boozer. Even when he hit the three jumpers in a row v. Orlando, at the other end he gave up three straight baskets. I've never seen him take a charge or really work hard and it will eventually kill the Jazz in the playoffs. It is too bad that the rest of the team gives it their all and Boozer drags them all down by his pathetic defensive play. Dump him, please!!!

Road Ride?

I'd call it road kill. As in dead. Brain Dead from Jerry on down.


I am with Dave on this. No one has mentioned that the Jazz won 12 in a row WITHOUT Boozer for most of those games - and then lost 3 in a row WITH him. The team chemistry changes with him in.


Maybe some time in the near future Coach Sloan will get it that Boozer is totally worthless on defense.In the Orlando game he looked like he was selling tickets to watch Howard dunk on him. Made no effort to try and stop him.I feel bad that the majority of the players try playing defense and they hang in there with a chance to win the game until Coach Sloan insists on putting Boozer in during crunch time.The Hawks should send "Boozer" a thank you card for the nice illegal screen and the bounce of his foot. Korver was hitting the majority of his shots in the miami game but who takes the last shot..Boozer" ...I wish Deron would quit giving it to Boozer and just shoot.


Jazz no play goot on thee roat. No havy zzshob for me. Yack Macksen is pritty goot guy!

The Truth

@BJ I agree with the whole chemistry thing, When Booz is in the game, D-Will/the coaching staff go to pick and rolls and post ups and the rest of everyone is watching the D-will/booz show. AK and Booz don't co-exist which was the one of the main reasons for the melt down from AK because he wasn't getting the ball. When Booz plays,Milsap and AK's minutes go down which in turn hurts the Jazz defense/hustle. I like how Booz selfishly jumps over and or yells at teammates so he can grab rebounds that would otherwise land in his teammates laps. Once this past weekend, I almost fell off the coach when Booze jumped all the way accross the opposite lane on a missed foul shot so he could grab the rebound right in front of Okur who was standing there ready to grab the rebound. It was so pathetic. If Booz is really committed to being here, he needs to lead by example when it comes to offense,defense and sharing the ball. AK always tries to make plays for everyone, Booz generally only makes plays for himself.


Howard dunks on everybody, not just Boozer.


Boozer (and Jonathan Tavernari on BYU - but that's another issue) bugs the crud out of me! He is SO stinking lazy. He blew it for us in the playoffs last year. He fumbles the ball, misses layups, and stands in the same 4 foot radius on the court when on offense until he gets the ball or has a chance to set a pick so he CAN get the ball. His inconsistency leaves me disgusted that Millsap and AK have to sit on the bench and watch him play more minutes. He has NEVER been the "All-Star" that people expect out of him, and I highly doubt he will ever play the play he's never played.

howard dunks

loved watching everyone... not just boozer give dwight howard a little slap on the wrist and then proceed to watch him raise up with fury and dunk it like a man trying to prove something.

hopefully they watched some film and realized that if they are going to foul then it should be done so the guy doesn't make the shot. these guys sure do make it easy for the other team to get 3 point plays and put us in a hole pretty easy.

buck up and show some heart and toughness!

Cowboy Joe

The Jazz are now in 7th. With their tuff road schedule remaining I look for the Jazz to finish 8th. Right now they are only 1 game ahead of Dallas. This off season the management needs to grow a pair and do something drastic. They have the talent and good players, but inorder to become an elite team they need a major trade or coaching change. Jazz lovers don't reply and say "Sloan is the greatest coach", and "The best trades are the ones not made." I am tired of good, I want great. Let's hope the Jazz can be the 6th seed. That will be their best chance to advance.


Anybody see San Antonio lose to OKC last night?

Here's the problem with the way you guys are watching the Jazz, you are looking for the bad things.

It's like when my wife is in a bad mood, I can do a million things right, and break my back trying to please her, but as soon as I do that one thing that is annoying her or give her the slightest reason to be mad at me, nothing else that I have done matters at all. The only thing that matters is that I somehow screwed up that thing.

That's exactly what most of you guys are like. I am as dissapointed about the road trip as anybody, but the Jazz did alot of good things and should be better for it.

Utah has 7 home games and 8 road games left.

The home games should all be wins.

7 of the 8 roadies are against West playoff contenders.

The Jazz control their destiny, if they learn how to win tough games on the road (and I think they will) then not only will they prove they are contenders, but they will probably win home court.

The Miami game...

I am still bent over the Miami game. Millsap and Kirilenko should have been left at the airport to find their own way home. Those 2 morons cost the Jazz the game. There is no excuse to lose a game like that. Yeah the refs sucked, big deal, it never should have come down to that. PERIOD. Now the Jazz are coming home where of course they will win, because they are mentally weak, they can win at home but on the road I even hold my breath if they are playing the Clippers.

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