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Published: Sunday, March 15 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Benjamin in Tacoma

I am just wondering why the Jazz keep playing CJ when it is clear they have so many guys that could play the SF so much better like Matt and Andrei? I think CJ should return to the bench. I also think that the Jazz could use a Defense center more often like Fess.

I Want to puke.

That game against the Heat was the most dissapointing, sickening, maddening game I have ever watched. I don't know if we have the heart and courage to rise up and get a win against the Magic.. Enough said. Milsap should be playing over Snoozer Loozer. Booze has no heart.none.period. 7th seed here we come.

"Toughness that we don't have"

Coach, you said a mouthful!! Watching Boozer down the stretch in this one was exhibit A.


Why has Price been totally benched after the great job he did as a starter for the Jazz while Williams was out with injury. Price is much better than Knight. Also, how come the Jazz shows absolutely no defense against three-point shooting....they don't even put a hand up in front of the shooter.


Cj is not your problem.


I love how CJ at 15 minutes a game is the reason for all the Jazz woes. And anyone who states that Harpring is a better answer needs their head examined. AK should get more minutes. As far as Korver,he is doing his best to defend but he is not the answer for a championship team. The best man on man defenders are Brewer and CJ. AK is a great defender but more of a help defender. If we want to win playoff games, you need to defend the ball and Brewer and CJ are the only athletic players who can do that against the better, quicker players such as Kobe and Wade.

This one is lost no matter what

I am watching Magic-Jazz game at present moment. It's so pitiful to watch the Jazz. The Magic and D. Howard are just toying with the "great" Utah Jazz.
It's pathetic. It's time to kiss the dream of championship goodbye. It's so embarrassing. I'm heading to the showers. Stupid Sloan and stupid Jazz!

the Mailman

What is Koufos doin in the D League???

As i post Howard is tearing us to shreds and its another lame road performance by the Jazz. Im sure ill hear the usual exuses, back to back, refs.. please, gimme a break. Some of you guys just have no idea what it takes to win.

Sloan is from a bygone era and his style just dont cut it anymore, and its debatable it ever did. Just look at the record, thats all that needs to be said!

When is the club going to wake up??

And no im not being negative, i love the Jazz as much as any one and want to see them succeed and thats why i am passionate that Sloan has to go if we are ever a chance to win it all.

When you play below your talent, the motivation isnt there, and if its not the coaches job to motivate then what is his job. He sure aint tought too well judging by the lame plays they produced v Miami. Wake up and smell the roses Jazz fans, this team is stuck in mediocres-ville!!

todd from santa ana

to the last 2 comments i am not worthy of this greatness i could not have said it any better, i feel better someone else sees the truth. IT hurts so much like what is happening with Cutler and the Broncos, these players forget Utah people want effort.,you get this with BYU, and Utah Utes, Utah State, there are times i wish Stew Morrill coached the Jazz. I love this man...as a coach.....O Connor did not want to make a deal, sorry Magnus he should have found a way i know about the Cap, you taught me things but no one wanted "the sheed" no one wanted MIkki no one wanted Salmons, now this is what we have A championship roster? I suggest many of these players first go get some counseling to deal with mental aspects of theyr'e profession. Would you not want theyr'e money? i could have got my adult league teams to play harder than anyone did tonight.

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