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Published: Sunday, March 15 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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miles plays less than 20 minutes tonight,at Orlando, WE WIN!!!!

Jazz Cop

I'm going to have to disagree with anyone who says this is one of the most heartbreaking losses in jazz history, for real? Getting spanked by the warriors, was worse than this. Being maulled by oklahoma, was worse than this. This heat game, was a good game. The Jazz would've won, had it not been for poor officiating. The 3ot, after the jazz fell down six, the game was over; the way miami had been playing, the chances of the jazz pulling it off in the 3ot, weren't good. But, the jazz didn't choke this one off. Miami is one of the best come from behind teams in the league. They have wade, and they can turn it up on the defensive end; that's an equation that has proven to be good enough for them to account for about half their wins. Dwill hit a huge shot at the end of the second ot, which was as big as any shot that wade made. Despite the favoritism of the refs, the jazz still could've won. Atlanta turned it up on d at the end, so did miami, the jazz didn't match.

4 against 5

whenever miles is in the lineup


Miles played less than 20 last night and they lost. Its your over payed main players who lost that game


DWill and Boozer or best players let this game go by,,,, that can't happen, hopefully the Jazz can still hold it together and or two BEST players learned something

Doubt the Jazz can win this game today

Jerry Sloan ,PLEASE

Don`t know if it`s pride thing but please just admit the miles experiment has NOT WORKED,Korver really gives us the best chance to win NOW,please think about it,we should all show up at ESA with "KORVER NEEDS TO START" banners,GO JAZZ...we will beat Orlando tonight


They will be just fine.Learn from it.Move on.Enjoy the next game.Don't Give up.

todd from santa ana

jazz cop: I respect you sincerely, but I could not agree less. It is one of the toughest losses in Jazz history. Oklahoma City and losing versus those garbage teams were stinking performances. Yesterday was a game won several times over. Mentally winning that game would have given huge confidence to all, and kept us in 1st place. That is for one reason, the team we are playing tonight is far better and a lot more weapons. I can see now Rashard Lewis, Turg the 3s will be raining in, the excellent Rafer Alston dishing all night You say how the Heat rally and win games and they turn the d up---so what..? why did we not "turn" our d up. The people saying no big deal, "our boys" tried hard, I doubt you would hear this La and San Antonio. DOES ANYONE TRULY THINK in similar situation the Spurs would have lost that Game? Give me a break-of course not....The Spurs mentality is far stronger in that situation, because Parker, DUncan, Bowen, friends and Pop would have stayed relaxed, mentally confident and produce in the pressure-i dont get it...home, we have great resolve.


Amazing how everyone forgets that we just had a 12 game win streak. This is the NBA and you can't win them all. With all the injuries this year it is amazing the Jazz are where they are at. Enjoy it!


Pathetic performance by so called pro's. You can't blame the calls. The FIZZ had the game in hand but when it counts they failed to show up. Terrible decisions at the end cost the game. I have a difficult time watching the FIZZ, I feel sorry for Sloan he can't turn the TV off. One play stands out for me when a Miami player drove down the middle and the Utah FIZZ failed to challenge him but backed off like the parting of the seas. They almost escorted him to the basket in pure respect. I feel sorry for the multitude of FIZZ fans who support them with their hard earned money. I hope someday they are rewarded with a team that has the gumption to win and work hard. But then that takes courage and effort and they have to many players lacking. They want the money and more and will probaly get it, the losers are the fans.

todd from santa ana

what is happening right now is beyond ridiculous. The Orlando announcers are commenting how horrible the Jazz defense is with wide open gaps down the middle, Jerry gets thrown out, Dwil doing nothing, Carlos playing horrible defense-12 game winning streak and all that effort now crashing down, 5 3s by Orlando, wow shocking...Will they score 120?

Jazz being embarrassed

Not a very gutsy performance in Orlando today. They are being exploited for the weak defensive team that they are, and their offense is stinking up the joint. Other than that, great game guys. Get on the plane and go home. Jerry's "motivational get tossed" act isn't working today.

RE: Scott

Because jazz fans beliwve Sloan is Coach of the Year, is the greatest coach of all and should never be questioned.

Even though the real truth is Sloan is one the worst game-time coaches there is.

But what can you e really expect from a "dumb jock" and farmer.

Giving him title like "coach" doesn't change that.

If he was so great at developing young player why is he sending them them away to orem.

Sloan can't stand offense coming from the 2-guard or small forward postion, and has the system to prove it.

though most champioship teams seem to be lead by those postions and not a PF (especally one UNDER 6'10):

boston: allen, pierce, pf over 6'9
spurs: manu, parker, pf over 6'9
detroit: rip, prince, billups, pf over 6'9
miami: wade, noname pf
chicago pippen and jordon, pf? (first three pf over 6'9, second three a nonamer
houston: drexler, maxwell, anderson, pf nonamers over 6'9
detroit: dumar, isaiah, pf>6'9
boston: bird, ainge, johnson, pf>6'9(mchale)
lakers: magic, worthy, scott, silks, cooper pf>6,9(rambus)
sixers: dr.J, toney, cheeks pf-nonamers


The NBA has stated that it is "good for the NBA" for teams to win at home. Who pays the refs? It is really hard to win on the road and you have to really out play the other team to have a chance.


when will boozer take the ball to the hole with authority instead of taking a 15 foot jumper every time he touches the ball even Okur drives more than him.


its really bad when the jazz lose to El Heat are they even in the nba?


maybe its time for the nba to start using instant replay. Each team could challenge three calls per half and lose a time out if the call stands. If they had this ten years ago the Jazz would have a championship and Jordan one less!

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