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Published: Sunday, March 15 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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to Ref at 8:24

Which great teams do you know that overcome the refs ?????????? The Lakers? YOur crazy THe Jordan Bulls?? can you say push off The SA Spurs?? Did you see Horry check Nash the Kings v. The lakers??
We shouldn't have to play mistake free to offset the officials the heat didn't have to the hawks didn't have to
Until superstar biases end the nba should be called the WWFNBA
give me a break other clubs are investing millions into their clubs why can't there be an unbias of officiating?????????


I didn't watch the game, I followed it on line and I know it was heart-breaker, but c'mon people give them some break. it's obvious that the Jazz are trying to get rid of the habit of losing on the road. Breaking habits don't go away that easy.

My only concern is that Jerry need to focus on playing certain group of players instead of playing everybody. AK has to be factor with team in order to go any where in the playoff and I think KK started to adjust to Jerry's system.

It is good that these flaws showed up now, so the team doesn't fall in love with the way they play, they need to know that there is more effort need to be done to reach elite level, and I believe that they will adjust.

Everybody remember what were the Jazz in the standings a month ago and you will feel good about the team.


And you call yourself Jazz Fans? Get Behind your team! They worked their butt of today. 3 OT. I mean really....It was a hard fought game, there are always going to be questionable calls from the refs, part of the game. And why isn't Korver starting....?

todd from santa ana

miles, if you read the comments correctly, I meant Brewer when on Wade played him well in "overtime". i should have been more precise i can see why you said that. Far as the refs, we know we always have to overcome the refs, and a friend of mine who is the most common sense, non emotional person you will meet, who is very successful business man believes the NBA is fixed, and he felt that way when Jordan pushed off Russell. Then again, the refs can do theyr'e damage best, when you give them that opportunity. AK to get an offensive foul with :50 left reminds me at times "being a mental midget". sorry ak fans..Carlos booooozer takes "the mightty world famous, world renowned fallaway", will not talK ABOUT the hands" Deron was guilty also.,You win and lose as a team. I do not understand the "choking on the road", at home-this team is as mentally tough as anyone, maybe the guys are too nice-now maybe why you needed someome like "the sheed" or a very strong leader which this squad lacks..badly../.............

Jazz Cop

If the Jazz bring alot of energy to orlando, there's no reason they can't win that game. It's too bad, this heat game went into 3ot. The jazz are going to have to dig deep to find a little something extra for tomorrow against the magic. Out of the three games at the end of the trip, I thought the orlando game was the most winnable. Even with the 3ot I think the jazz can win if they can keep orlando from stroking beyond the arc; orlando is very beatable when they don't have that outside shot falling. The other key, will be to stop dwight h.; it seems like everyone is all over howard, about how great he is, it's more like, he could become that good, but right now? The magic are a streaky team, most of their players are overrated, lewis and nelson allstars? The magic haven't shown anything that makes me think they belong with the best. Their main problem is they shoot too many threes, and their defense is questionable. Live by the three, die by the three; so we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Go Jazz

Yes, I think many fans are wondering why Korver isn't starting! He hustles every night whether the shot is falling or not. He never gives up! Maybe he plays better coming off the bench, who knows, but he deserves to be a starter! His rebounding and defense is very impressive. Sloan must be teaching him some new tricks! Whatever it is he is getting some good minutes on the floor and making the most of it! He is one of the many bright spots on the Jazz team. Love the Jazz!
They gave it their all today...until the 3rd OT that is. Just a few brain freezes! It's easy to look back and see what they should've done! Let's get past it. Hopefully they have something left for tomorrow's game! Go Jazz!

El Heat

More like El Cheat...

todd from santa ana

jazz cop, good points, this is in the top 5 today of the most difficult losses i can recall in 30 years of Utah Jazz basketball. The sad thing is the longer the game went, i knew we were going to find a way to lose. Again these are the issues "when you have to outscore" your opponents and play shootouts. Also, we were killed with Miami getting 2nd chance points off rebounds. I am going to level here--the Jazz had this team "buried" look how costly each loss is. Look up tonight dear friends right back #7 seed. Magnus and others "that just love this team". Then this team will find a way despite all odds and fatigue to win tomorrow night. I was going to mention this yesterday. I have liked Brevin Knight. Now though we have to adjust. We need young legs at the end of the season, At least someone who can penetrate and get to the hoop, or even though not a great shooter-has threat of hitting jumper. It is time Price is reinstated as the backup point and DWIl needs to be held to about 32 min game.


took miami triple ot to beat the jazz. @ home. With the refs calling "stern" fouls. yeah mistakes were made. but get over it. lessons learned. jazz are still way hot. time to burn. and maybe the jazz can't ever win against a superstar by one. to win a chamnpionship, maybe they need a dozen to beat the nba system and get it done. So. listening to you fool knockers who think the team's done and should quit, I say: crush the competition, step on their necks. and see what happens next.


I so happy that the jazz competed how they did.
Everyone needs to relize the players are playing as hard as the can.Coach sloan is coaching the best he can.All fans should be thankful for what they are part of and quit complaning. when you except how the players are and how sloan coaches you wont be upset. FACE REALITY ENJOY YOURSELFS YOU NOT FACING REALITY OF YOU TEAM.NO OLD DOG LEARNS NEW TRICKS......

BP to Todd

Todd: the Jazz did not choke "again." To my knowledge the Jazz have never choked like this before. Which is why I am not concerned about it long-term. It was a complete one-time glitch that has never happened since I've watched the Jazz (20 years).

And despite how heart wrenching this loss was, there is a silver lining. Losses like these are huge learning experiences for Jerry Sloan coached teams. Jerry's teams don't become cowards or back down in the future because of these losses.... they instead come back mentally tougher and more focused toward perfect execution (in all facets of the game). Today's game had nothing to do with heart and ability to play, because the Jazz definetely had heart and played well the whole game. It was simply a couple mistakes made by a couple guys on procedural late-game execution stuff that most Jazz players get right 9 out of 10 times. It was a mental lapse that is in no way Typical. I expect an equally hard fought effort against Orlando, and if they get up with time left to go, you can be sure they will execute to perfection.

eagle id

Has anyone ever seen a game where such a complete absence of basketball smarts was displayed? Play dumb and you look dumb. It should be fairly obvious that the calls are not going your way so take a deep breath and play a little smarter--like you had done until the final 50 seconds.

lighten up

Those of you saying the Jazz played without heart weren't watching the same game I was. The Jazz looked pretty solid for 99% of the game and just plain ran out of gas in the 3rd OT. Yeah, there were some mistakes as the players pointed out, but it sure doesn't help to have the officials putting Dwade on a pedestal. It's like watching the Jazz play the Jordan Bulls all over again. The good news is that the Jazz look hungry going down the stretch. Now as Boozer returns to his offensive form, the Jazz are going to be a force to be reckoned with in the playoffs!

todd from santa ana

bp: i am done harping on this do not worry, i am just bringing out some points, i did not say the Jazz do not have heart, beating Boston, Denver recently showed they do. But mentally this jekyll and hyde stuff on the road, these players seem to get very tight and cautious in crunch time, this happened with Stockton led teams as well. Most of the time, we would recover and win the game or win in overtime. I remember countless games over the years the Jazz led by let us 7 or more with 4 or 5 min left, not :55. To not get a rebound, champions fight thru fatigue, again what it comes down to is you have to "mentally" fight through fatigue and other issues and gut out wins. The reason is simple every loss is costly, especially in the West. I will say this-talent wise the only team in the west i would see us having a or should have problem is Lakers if Bynum comes back because he and ariza size,length, defense blocking shots. Every other team we can beat if we play smart and execute.

Gandalf the gray

Who sucks so much my mom could beat him up? BOOZER
Who is the worst player in the league? BOOZER
Who might cost the Jazz the playoffs? BOOZER
Who is awsome? ME (and Deron Williams)


This loss is particularly hard to take! All the prattle about double-doubles the last several weeks, the Jazz will have another Double-Double to add to their record.
As an avid radio-listener to hear this DOUBLE-DOUBLE MELTDOWN was disheartening; two different eight-point leads just vanish in seconds. And to add to the pain, had to listen to Hot-Rod give us his signature "Dwyane Wade!" after a made basket and then (heard over his microphone) the ring announcer's booming "DWYANE W-A-D-E !!!" was just too much.
What do we loyal Jazz fans get in return? We were doubled up on the commercials stream. If the Jazz have any heart left they will DOUBLE and REDOUBLE their efforts today against Orlando. I'll try to listen. Go JAZZ !!

John Wicks

That fiascal was the second worst choke in Jazz history. The first being Malone getting stripped by Jordan and I need not say more. Seven point lead with 50 seconds left is just not right. Bolerjack and Boone announcing as if the game was over. Those 2 clowns don't belong on the air. LHM probably rolling over in his grave. Just a terrible shame.

Coulda, shoulda, woulda

Not good enough. Anytime, anywhere, anybody has to be the mindset. Until that changes, nothing changes.


Can somebody? Coach Sloan why the heck do you keep on playing Brevin Knight. I do not understand this. He is the worst shooter that I have ever seen. Ronnie Price needs to be getting these minutes. I agree with most of the things said about Boozer but he would have never gone for a dunk like Millsap did. Boozer would have gotten alot of the rebounds that we did not get that they got 2nd, 3rd and 4th chances on. Sloan did a bad game at coaching this one as well as alot of games as long as Knight continues to get minutes. Do we think that this backup point guard is better then last year before Price got the job. I don't think very much. What a joke.

A Big Nothing

miles had no effect on this game,just takin up time,why not give his minutes to Koufos and Price both will play hard, and try to help us win,miles not doing anything,scoring. rebounding. defense. NOTHING.. A BIG ZERO

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