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Published: Sunday, March 15 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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mao vancouver

you can tell were boozer the LOOZERS Tiny lil heart is its in the same place he has his home Miami he gave them the game Ostertag had better hands Bozzer sucks :)


felt left out of the game so dwill gave him the ball in crunch time and three turnovers, being blocked, and a shot with 6 sec. left on the clock were the results of bozo. Why didn't we trade him?

Jazz Cop

Alot of the posts I've read are garbage. The jazz outplayed miami, and should've won, and would've won if the refs hadn't made at least three bad calls in the final minutes. That ball going out of bounds, off the foot of the heat player, and then heat ball, that was a back breaker. But it's indicitive of the favoring the refs showed miami the whole game. As well, the ak foul, it could've easily have been a foul the other way, so why call a foul, let alone one that gives the team free points? Unbelievable. And then if they're going to call fouls like that, why not call a foul when millsap went for the dunk? Again, it's hard to comprehend what the refs were thinking, and how they could've been so biased? Either one of those three calls goes the jazz way, and the jazz win in regulation. And that's just the last three minutes, not to mention the favoritism that was consistent through out the game, from the start, when the ball obviously went out off a heat player.

Jazz Cop

Just to wrap up my thoughts, it's nice when you're on the side of the favoritism that goes your way, and it stinks when you're on the other side of it, and then you lose a game, that could've been won, and should've been won.
However, there's nothing the jazz can do about the refereeing, sometimes the jazz are on the right side, so in the end, i think those things pretty much even themselves out. The thing is, the jazz played hard, and they played better than the heat. Miami isn't easy to beat at home, and they can score fast, and wade, in my book, after dwill, is the mvp. The heat play good defense at times.
Even though the jazz should've won, they also could've won had they stopped the heat just once or twice more, in the final minutes. Normally, if a team has a 7 point lead or so, with less than three minutes, you expect the team to win, the jazz had that three times; and the defensive intenstiy in the last three minutes is an issue they can work on.

Couple of comments

#1 the officiating is so frustrating I could just puke. I understand the home cookin. The Jazz get home cookin in ESA. But to so blatently favor D-Wade is maddening. He's good enough he doesn't need the ref's help. The officiating, especially down the stretch and in the OTs was so one sided I swore I'd never watch another NBA game...at least until Orlando tomorrow.

#2 The Jazz simply gave up in the 3rd OT. I understand the empty gas tank...but it looked to me like they just gave up at the end.

#3 I don't see them having a chance tomorrow against the Magic

the Mailman

yeah the refs favoured the home team, so whats new!

Sorry to say but its an all too familiar tale.

We have talent to burn but we miss the crucial ingredient.. heart, determination, call it what you will but we dont have it.

A prenvious post was spot on, Stockton and Malone would have killed for the roster we have now.

I tell you Sloan has to take the wrap, we played like amatuers when it counted most, where was the direction and leadership?

Oh well you got your 12 in a row, a likely 1st round exit, and more of the same next year.
Heck, lets give Sloan an extension till 2020!

At least i got the AFL starting soon and the mighty Hawks as reigning champs. Funny that, Hawthorn had 15 years of promise but eventual failure, the board bit the bullet and got a new coach, and in 4 years, from the very bottom, he built a championship side.

You know, a title.. the thing you play for..
not comin anytime soon for the Jazz..

tim donaghy

Thanks for taking over for me boys, and keeping up the image of us nba officials!


I seriously could throw up, with how that game ended. How in the WORLD do you lose a 7 point lead with 55 to go?? DRIBBLE OUT THE CLOCK and make them foul you! Please!
Boozer's lack of effort is ridiculously apparent on the defensive end.
I hate playing the Heat. We just can not get it done against those guys..

the Mailman

@ Scotty Hintze at 5.10pm

Hey dude where you goin that sunday is the Sabbath??

Man its saturday, not sunday.

Not sure what you been reading, oh wait, you must be Catholic or something. Say hi to Mary for me.

Hugh G. Hater

Some thoughts.

Another road game that should've been won.

Dwil has no backup and he isn't a superstar that can take over a game and win. See: Kobe, Lebron, Dwade, et. al. Brevin Knight gives us no lift off the bench.

Boozer cannot handle the ball.

Sloan outcoached on the road again.

From Scott Hintze

Sorry Mailman, LDS.

Maybe we should spend some time together and we can discuss your future.

The Answer...

Once the Jazz start scoring more points than their opponents, they'll be just fine. So c'mon Jazz, score more points.

Jazz ref scandal on this road

trip come on stern I thought you were a lawyer get on the case of your NBA causing fraudulant refing.

The Refs

did make some poor calls down the stretch that hurt Utah, however a 7 point lead should have been enough to absorb those bad calls. Great teams find a way to win, even when it seems like it's 8 against 5. Lastly, I don't agree that Utah just gave up in the 3rd overtime. They have been on the road for close to a week and even though they should have won today's game, I think by the time the 3rd ot started, they were gassed and Miami had the home support to pull it out.

to Brother Hintze

First, shouldn't you be getting ready for your stake president duties in Manti tomorrow? And second, if you don't even know how to spell "sabbath," chances are you're not a careful observant.

Stop Whining!!!!

About the refs. If the Jazz had played smart they would have not blown a 7 point lead. Jazz fans act like everyone is out to get them. Good teams win games like that.


What's wrong w/ a couple of shot clock violations w/ a 7 point lead and 55 seconds to go? What's the worst thing that can happen if you just hold the ball for 48 of the remaining 55 seconds? Free throws? O.K., I'd take that rather than how that game was managed. Also, what was Kry-a-lenko thinking? Those were 2 of the most stupid plays I've seen down the stretch by any player, at any level. I wonder if he feels bad enough to cry about his performance today?

I called it

miles plays over 15 minutes...we lose...again,he`s worthless and takin minutes from both Millsap and AK,I`d even prefer to see Koufos getting his minutes,until we bench miles we`ll never go anywhere he should be the 5th guy of the bench,which in reality means he should not play at all

the Mailman

haha no thank Scott, ill leave it to the big man to handle my furure.

Sorry mate, maybe my comment was a bit uncalled for, though you probably should know what day it is if your going to observe it.

Goood to see the rockets get beat by the Spurs, some consolation for a rough defeat for the Jazz.


You dumb bells that keep saying sloan is losing games because of bad coaching, need to realize one thing and get it straight. This team practices constantly regarding these same situations. What have we got here, a bunch of idiots for players? What was Milsap and A.K. thinking in regulation with 7 point lead and them trying to score? What kind of mentality is that. Is that the coachs fault? Absolutely NO. It's the stupid mentality of the 2 players. Sloan can only tell how to play, he can't change their diapers during a game.

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