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Published: Sunday, March 15 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I regret to inform you that the Jazz lost 'cause they were stupid.

Kevin Russell

If Miles played 40 minutes a game the Jazz would be in first place in the west!

Scotty Hintze

The Jazz are OK, don't look for all of the negative! They should not play on Sunday, though! Sunday is the Lords day, it is the SABATH!


I know it was just one game but all I can say is that was plain stupid on players part and Coach players for not using there heads down the stretch and Coach for not calling a timeout to slow his players down.

Jazz are very predictable

Jazz will most likely play Houston again in the playoffs, advance to the second round, and lose again after winning two home games and zero road games.
Ho hum.
Clear some cap space and sign a superstar in two years when some major free agents are available and make a run.

Miles no team player!

How in the world could Miles help if he played more? He's had plenty of chances to show his stuff! Haven't seen anything too spectacular to warrant more playing time!

heart of champion

the jazz totally lack the heart of champion.it is games like this one they just lost that build character. look at Lakers: win in houston and went on to win in San antonio the next day. something the jazz have yet to achieve.
unfortunately, history contineously repeats itself with this ball club. they can't beat any team which has a Jordan, a Kobe, a Lebron , a Dwayne Wade or a Duncan. Every time, the Jazz lack an answer to a superstar. until then it's same old same old.

Ist Time

This is the first time I have complained about the stripes, but I'll tell you what cost us the game besides dtupid play from Milsap and A.K. The CALLS and NO CALLS. This referee crew was the worst. D-Wade is an awesome player but does he need all of that help? Absolutely NOT!


Q. Hands of stone + sellfish + heart of cowardly lion + "Matador of the key" ???????

A. Boozer - correct!

Q. Who steels $11.6 mil?

A. Boozer - correct, the very same "I'm get'n a raise" Boozer.

Q. Who owns a house in Miami?

A. Boozer - Correct again!

Q. Who will opt out?

A. Boozer - Wrong. The correct answer is: This Jazz fan.

Stupidity Abound

The Jazz indeed put on a clinic on how to lose a game at the end. But my goodness, I get so sick of officiating when I see homered games like this.

Lastly, Boozer is a loser. Why is he taking the final shot? Love D-Will, but he needs some help. I thought the jazz gave up in the 3rd overtime.

But for a D-Will

jumper rimming out at the end of regulation or a missed free-throw somewhere along the way, the Jazz would have won the game and the tone of the remarks in this section would be completely different. If the Jazz score one more point somewhere along the way all y'all would be "great win on the road; team has heart; huge victory;" etc etc. Too bad all you see is Jazz this and Jazz that - you missed enjoying one of the best games of the century. Korver finally playing up to potential, but Flash was the best man on the court. What a great game. Too bad the Jazz lost; what a GREAT GAME!

Re: But for a D-Will

But that's the same kind of game we want the Jazz start winning.Those are games that separate excellent clubs to mediocre ones. Those are statement games you want your club to win at all costs...
Yes, if the Jazz won, we would be applauding the effort, but they didn't show any heart. Up by 7 with 55 seconds remainig and they lose a game which already appeared to be in the bag ! ... and you want us to be mute about it?


GRAB A REBOUND!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! I love it...Jazz all tied up, 3.5 seconds left and the give the ball to...BOOZER?????????? Jazz deserved to lose. Simply pathetic.

AK Fan

Bandwagon... Stop whining. Jazz didn't finish the job. Coach need more involved in last seconds. Malone chocked so new generation ...to be continued...

A.K. & Milsap

Where oh where are your brains? You don,t need points with a 7 point lead and 55 seconds left. You need time off the clock.


2 questions: 1. If you are up 7 points with 55 seconds left, couldn't you just dribble out the shot clock, not even take a shot, make them pass it in from your baseline, be able to set up your defense, and win? Certainly better than missing jumpshots and letting them get on the run. 2. Can Sloan's system work without an inside scoring center? If you slow the game down just to end up with a jumpshot from a guard, then the miss leads to an easy basket on the break the other way. We shoot fewer, lower-percentage shots while they get lots of easy break away dunks. I don't care about this game, but the team is obviously missing a piece. Korver is playing awesome and Brewer does defend pretty well. D-Will is amazing. But we need to keep Sap, offload Boozer, and get a scoring center. Not sure how you do that other than lucking out in the draft, but this mish mash of role players just seems to rely too much on lucky bounces and refs in the final quarter.


Come on Jazz fans, QUIT BLAMING THE REFS FOR LOSING THE GAME! Jazz lost...because they are a very talented and AVERAGE team who can't win on the road. Grow up...face reality.


Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha


How long has that been on Miami's jerseys?

don't blame the refs?

don't you remember that they work for stern the master of coverups? he had a ref that said that he cheated and you think that blaming officials is wrong? Maybe, we should just be like baseball and say well because this player juiced you have to play twices as hard to win. So in the nba because the officals call games in favor of the stern stars you just have to play better.

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