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Published: Sunday, March 15 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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todd from santa ana

The Jazz choked again on the road in the pressure. This game was lost in regulation. Kirilenko getting offensive foul was a killer. Up 7 with :55 left, Miami missed a shot and f/t and twice kept possessions alive with offensive rebounds. Then 2 3s, Okur and Korver, you score the first 8 of overtime and still find a way to lose., the ironic thing is Wade did not beat us in Overtimes, O Neal, Jones did as much. Brewer defending Wade well. Okur and Boozer played no defense down stretch, Okur i thought played too many minutes, he was gassed at end. Deron was at fault too with couple turnovers. He did force 3rd overtime with shot. Again Miami wins with effort and defense. Gut wrenching loss. Now we have to win at Orlando and after tonight back in 3rd place in division and 7th overall. It is going to take a lot of heart and fortitude now to come back in Orlando.


This game is a measuring stick for the Jazz. The couldn't put away an inferior opponent, despite having 2 seemingly overwhelming leads. Dwayne Wade is amazing, but the Jazz are so much better as a team, or at least should be. I've never heard of a team with so much talent be so unable to dominate. The bulls won six championships on the back of one person, AKA the great one, and Stock and Karl had only Hornacek who showed up on a daily basis, yet they owned the league minus the finals for two years. They would've killed for the talent we have now, yet this team can't get it done. Take away Kobe and there is not another team in the west as stacked for success as the Jazz. I am so frustrated with them I could scream. NO MORE EXCUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Put you game where your mouth is, or give up so we can get a lottery pick who will play the full game.


I'm so mad I could choke bunnies!


I am actually bleeding from all pores from the pain of this one. Why oh why must I suffer at the hands of this guy time and time again?.....WHY?


First, the NBA sucks. DWade moves and they call a foul. Second, nice hands Boozer...enjoy that raise. Third, DWill has to take that last shot in 2OT, not dish to Booz for a 9 ft fade away jumper. Forth, how can AK and Knight play nearly the same amount of minutes? I know AK had foul trouble but Sloan has to get him more involved. Korver is showing some serious heart his +/-, it is consistently good. The Jazz are headed for a first round match up with the Lake Show or Spurs. We can't win on the road...we don't have the heart. I hate him with a passion, but DWade has the heart of 10 Jazz players.
A team with heart doesn't give up 7 and 8 point leads with less than 2 minutes left. This is the most frustrating loss I can remember in years. Yes, the sky is falling. Yes, all hope is lost. I hate loving this team.


Once again just like Atlanta the officials control the game and make the Jazz lose the NBA has become nothing but a popularity contest with a circus side show! Stern needs to step up and pay attention to what is going on!

spencer hintze

how about the jazz try to win a good team on the road, boozer is worthless


Todd you have lost it. Brewer defended Wade well? What game did you watch? Wade had 50 points. In a three overtime game on the road CJ plays 15 minutes, AK 20 minutes and Millsap 25. Jerry is a joke. Wade goes for 50 and CJ sits on the bench while he torches the Jazz. Nice job Jerry. Boozer plays 45 minutes and is out of shape. Jerry is clueless. Every time the other team has a scoring 2 guard, we get lit up. Kobe and Wade love playing the Jazz cause they know Jerry won't guard them. Jerry is more concerned at stopping Joel Anthony inside than containing Wade. Yes, Joel Anthony who can not even shoot the ball. Jerry once again can not coach on the road. Stay in Utah next time and let Phil do the coaching on the road.


All long time Jazz fans EXPECT things like this to happen. That is why it is best not to get emotionally involved with this team. After all, while Jazz fans are sick over a loss like this, a guy like Boozer who will jump ship at season's end for any team who pays a penny more will continue collecting his millions. And you care more about the Jazz than he does. Better find a hobby or the Jazz will cause you to stroke out.

Russ Miles

Jazz are the best team in the league!

CJ Kevin

The Jazz are the best team in the west!


The Jazz need to quit talking about being an elite team and learn to play like one. It was panic instead of poise when crunch time came each time. Williams is more concerned about the spectacular play instead of the open man down the stretch.

The Jazz will be a playoff team mostly because Phoenix is in free fall. But, they will also be eliminated in the 1st round. Then this team will begin a painful makeover due to poor contract choices.

We are in for some very lean times as Utah sport fans.


I can't believe the Jazz lost this game, just can't believe it. Up by 7, 55 seconds left, I'm thinking "this game is over"...

Williams said it best, "we basicly put on a clinic of how to lose a game."

Hopefully they learn from this.

No way they win tomorrow, no way.

Bye bye Jazz

Utah does not have a superstar who can take over a game and score 50 points. Nor do they have the talent on defense to contain guys like D Wade and prevent them from going off and taking over the ball game. After the bitter 3 OT loss, Jazz will get torched tomorrow in Orlando. The season is over, Jazz will revert to 3rd place in the division and battle Phoenix for the last playoff spot. If Utah qualifies, they will be lucky to get out of the first round.


I agree with everything that has been said about the Jazz current and past chokability. Keep piling on the Jazz everyone.


Three "losses" in the final minutes of two games when you're leading with plenty of points, then simply bonehead it to lose or get tied? Yup, the Jazz are not contenders THIS year. They can't close.

Sure, they're playing well enough on the road to win, but don't. Nuff said about where this team will end up this year.

An Asian Perspective

At the end of 1st OT with score tied at 115, why in the world did Boozer take a jumper with more than 5 seconds left on the clock? He missed the shot and gave Miami 5 seconds to win the game, though they didn't. I was shocked to see him taking the shot so early. That was very a poor decision, even if he made the shot. Miami must have been reassured not to give him a rich contract this summer.


BTW, why didn't they ever bother to double-team Wade? It's obvious 1:1 defense wasn't working.


If you've wondered why D-Will doesn't get much press nationally like CP3, it's games like the last two where he can't win with a lead that hurts him. As much as I like D-Will and am glad the Jazz took him over CP3, D-Will still has some maturing to do.

He also needs to quit complaining to the refs about no-calls. They'll respect him more in the long run if he does.

Go Jazz

Wow..there's some real team bashing going on here.
Let's not forget that the Jazz played their collective heart out and were almost there, if not for a fluke.
They ran out of gas in the third overtime. Maybe some fresh legs would have been a better choice, but Korver had the hot hand and who in their right mind would take him out? Unfortunately Korver didn't get a chance to shoot in the last overtime. The Jazz gave everything they had to win this game. They feel worse than any fan sitting at home! DWade is incredible, but he gets alot of help from the refs. He does seem to be untouchable.
Now on to the next game. Hopefully they rise to the occasion. Go Jazz! You are awesome..True spirt!

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