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Published: Saturday, March 14 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Cougar Fan

Good job Aggies, keep it going. Get into the dance so we can have as many Utah teams in as we can. You guys deserve a bid win or lose from your hard fought season.


The Aggies have to win to make it in the tournament, anyone whose been around knows that much. If Utah St would play a decent schedule it wouldn't always come down to winning the tournament but because we refuse to play a decent opponent we are forced to win to get in. Regardless of the fact that the Aggies are better than BYU or Utah their schedule kills them every year. Go Aggies, give us all something to cheer for....and it would make my day to watch the Zoobies get an NIT bid after choking against San Diego St.


Then why do the experts list BYU's best win as USU. Some people agree the Aggies are a good team. If they lose, most likely knock out New Mexico or UNLV.


Go Cougars, Aggies, and Utes. To many comments of a winers nature. From here on when one wins, we all win! Anyone who is dissapointed at the aggies losses (Mars) isnt realistic. Would you rather them play Duke, NC, etc. WAC and MT West are great conferences.

AK Cougar

Great win for the Aggies and I hope they win again tonight and get a bid into the big dance. It would be really cool to see all Utah teams in the tournament.
Go Aggies
Go Cougars
Go Utes

Quit Kidding Us

29 wins, ranked in the top 25 a few weeks ago and you don't get in? Politics is the only thing that can keep them out. If they were ranked in the top 25 and still have only 4 losses, then the people that voted them in then certainly will now. End of story!

The Selection Is In

Playing for the conference title in these "phony" tournaments, on the home teams court will be considered. Look out for the home "cookin".

Mike Johnson Fallon NV

Whether or not there is home cooking in the game tonight, Utah State certainly is looking impressive with 4 and a half minutes to go and leading 55-41 against the home Wolf Pack.

Mike Johnson Fallon NV

One other thing about "phony" tournaments. Weber State dominated their conference and had their tournament at home and still lost in their first tournament game. UNLV lost their first tournament game on their home court as well and Utah won the tournament. Utah State, with 3 minutes left leads 59-44 over Nevada. Home court, while it probably should go to the champion during the season, isn't much of a guarantee of winning the tournament.

Mike Johnson Fallon NV

Congratulations, Utah State. 72-62 final. Utah and Utah State and very likely BYU will be dancing. Too bad Weber State couldn't win their tournament at home.

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