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Published: Saturday, March 14 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Aggie Fan

What a game!!!! Good job Aggies!!! Way to dig. Take it all the way!!!! I'm so proud to be an Aggie!!!!

What a game

Wow, should have never been this close but I loved the heart of this team coming back from 13 down at the half and winning it with 3 seconds to go. Love it. Now on to beat whatever we'll play tomorrow. Hope it's LaTech.
Go Aggies!!!


Are any of you going to try and tell me they don't belong in the BIG dance? I guarantee that the selection commitee will not be able to leave them out. I'm saying 29 wins and one game to go, and it really shouldn't matter whether they win or lose tommorrows game. FACT!


Lets go Aggies! We need the title! That was a sweet game. Good luck guys!


Great job Aggies. This team never quits. Onto the Championship.............


good teams claim their conference crown, great teams win their conference tourney games! Go Aggies!


Put on the dancing shoes your in.


Let's see, the Y looses and still goes to the dance. Watch and see.
Aggies had better win or they will be watching the other non blue team dancing while the aggies go square dancing in the NIT.
Aggies are the Rodney Dangerfields of the NCAA.
Go Aggies win one more for 30 and a real dance.

I am full on Aggie

but I think we still need a win against Nevada to seal the deal. Given the dominant performance of the first game and the gut check second we have shown both ways to get it done.

Let's just give the Aggies congrats for not pulling what I will call a "BYU."

Three number one seeds three tournaments without a title and this year they don't even have the UNLV excuse. Needless to say BYU posters can come on and smack but bottom line BYU chokes, again and again and again.

Nice win Ags.


Good win aggies.


Let's see, the Y beat you didn't they.
Don't get me wrong I am glad that the Aggies won, but why do you have to bring up the Y???? Isn't it enough that Utah State won, and will probably win tomorrow too?

SJ Bobkins

You certainly can't underestimate the WAC this year in both football and basketball. And I'm betting they squeezed at least 2,000 into the fabulas arena, there in downtown, RENO, NEVADA, the winter home of nothing going on.
"BYU chokes", is that comment supoosed to boost the Uggies somehow? What was that neutral court score? GO! (nowhere but the NIT) Uggies GO!

Leave it to

A BYU fan to start ragging on the Aggies because of their success. I may be a hard core Utah fan but the Aggies have been one of the toughest teams in the nation for 5 years now.
Good show State. Good Luck

Southeast Aggie

BYU lost, Utah won, Utah State won. Not only do the Aggies have to beat Nevada for the conference championship they have to beat home cookin on Nevada's home court something that can be a bigger obstacle than the wolfpack basketball players. Go Aggies!

never enough

It is never enough when it involves BYU. Nobody that posts on Aggie pages could give a darn about BYU. We rag on them because all BYU fans do is rag on us on our pages. BYU lost to SDSU??? Hope the cougars can wait til Monday to see their NIT bid!! (They shouldn't be watching selection SUNDAY you know!) Now all BYU can do is wait for another "quest" (gag me) to begin! Glad we don't live in Utah Valley, the choke center of the world!!! Go Aggies!!!!!!!!!!!!


Great game. The Aggies showed heart in coming back from that.

Unfortunately, I do think the Aggies need to win tonight to get the NCAA bid. Lose and they go to the NIT. Their strength of schedule is just too glaring.

The formula is easy. Get number 30 and go dancing. 29 = NIT.


I don't know what you guys are thinking who are saying we are in...we are not, and the only way in is to win tonight. One win vs top 50 - that's all everyone looks at...everyone plays teams ranked over 100 - and all good teams win those games. The teams that make the tourny are the ones who win games against the top 50. Simple that's it. Stew has to give in and do 2 for 1 deals, or we will always be in this situation.

WAC is a terrible conference

I applaude the work Stew Morrill has done at Utah State. I am an Aggie fan all the way. But the NCAA "Big Dance" is the Big East/ACC/Big 12/Big 10(11) Invitational, no mistake about it. The teams west of the Rockies are in BIG TROUBLE this year is any of you fans have been watching games with any objectivity at all. Nevertheless.....go Aggies, Utes, and BYU until you are out of the tournament. The MWC and WAC conferences are very lightweight in basketball.


I am a big aggie fan but i know that they have to win tonight. I love Stew but as long as we keep playing bad teams we are never going to get an at-large bid, or we need to beat teams like the chokers. But still GO AGGIES!


We have to win the WACT to be given a dancing spot. There are too many bizarre upsets that are taking up spots that would be given to mid-majors -- ESPECIALLY mid-majors like USU who have a great record but haven't really beaten anyone important.

I know it stinks, I know it's tough to schedule out here, and I support Stew and his philosophy 100%. But when the selection committee sees losses to BSU, Nevada, St. Mary's, and BYU -- teams we could have beaten to show our mettle -- that just doesn't help us.

Must win tonight against Nevada.


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