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Man refuses to testify about mink releases

Published: Saturday, March 14 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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richard g. it was humans that killed animals, regardless, so what does that say about humans? so which point would you like to argue here? oh and for the record minks are not domesticated, they live naturally in the wild, and will always fight for their right to live.


Why is it always that the "Idealistic Euphoria" overwhelms some individuals that otherwise may have a cause. If you take illegal actions, there will be consequences. To most thinking adults, illegal actions in the name of activism are not most effective. What if everyone pursued their favorite cause illegally? We would be in a state of anarchay.
I relly think people who do these things are in a state of "Dufforia."


illegal actions in the name of activation created the united states!

He is being jailed because he wont talk, yet when top level executives don't co-operate or lie, they get a small(for their pay grade) fine.


Whether you support this person or not, you have to admit it's a little funny that an animal rights activist is pictured wearing fake fur on his coat. He likes animals but he also likes their look (and yes, I know, it's FAKE, but it still made me chuckle).


What kind of fur is he wearing in the picture? What a poser!!


it takes courage to do the right thing.

A climate for change

Way to stand up for what you believe in Halliday. Maybe he learned from the past Bush administration that most of the time to get things done you have to bypass the law.
Wish I was there to clap for you to.

"Animals are my friends. I don't eat the flesh (or wear the skin/fur) of my friends".


"Halliday's attorney tried a number of defenses including his First Amendment right to free association that were rejected by the judge."


"Contempt" is a legal fiction but a reality as to how many of us feel about the courts.

His rights

Anyone has the right to not incriminate themselves and the constitutional law exceeds the powers of Rule of Law which violates ones rights. We can't have a court system or justice when it violates ones constitutuional rights. Rule of Law is not an approved constitutional exception forcing ones self to incriminate ones self. This whole new system of Rule of Law is a travesty to our constitutional rights. The Rule of Law was written by an individual years ago and adopted by our legal court system to override individual rights, and call it justice. Also the use of ammnesty is criminal and an injustice, especially when hardened criminals testimony is used as evidence. It is used as a means to coerce evidence that is tainted.

Johny Fairplay

That's not a fur-lined hood on his coat is it?

Jeremy Beckham

Did any people here who posted negative comments actually read the article? Jordan did not release any minks. He is being arrested because he still believes we ought to have a constitution that protects individuals from being compelled to testify for the federal government. This type of activity by the government is what is anathema to a liberal democratic society. It is what was used by Joseph McCarthy during the Red Scare and sadly now many Americans are again asleep at the wheel. Look at what's happening - this isn't a PETA vs. non-PETA issue. This is a Constitution vs. Tyranny issue.

re: Beckham

This is a Constitution vs. Anarchy issue. If I have knowledge of a crime that someone intends to commit or has committed and am called to answer about my knowledge in a court of law, I am compelled to answer or face constitutional consequences.

Mr. Beckham, if I don't like what you and your PETA buddies are doing and I damage your property, or even worse in the case of your more zealous PETA comrades commit violent acts against you, because I think I am morally superior, is that OK? And if it is, then you must defend the same idiots on the other end of the spectrum who bomb abortion clinics.

I don't like mink farms or fur coats, or chicken farms, or pig farms for that matter, but we have numerous ways within our free republic to protest without breaking the law.

(Tyranny is when a government takes close to 50% of what you earn from you and gives it to deadbeats that run around destroying private property in the name of animal rights.)


I find it amusing that the majority of people who commented this article are trying to express how much more intelligent and superior they are to animal rights activists when it is apparent they didn't even read the story.

Jordan is not being charged with releasing minks. Jordan is in jail because he refused to participate in a grand jury which strips him of his constitutional rights. The fact that he had the courage to stick up for what he believes in is commendable. I think the world could use more individuals with such strong conviction - instead there are an increasing number of people who are willing to compromise what they believe in to appease other people. Change has never occurred that way, and it never will.

The fact the Jordan can sleep at night knowing he didn't compromise his morals is admirable. I don't think many of the people who replied to this post can honestly say that about themselves.


These animal rightists show their ignorance by releasing animals into the wild when the animals are dependant upon their breeders to feed, water and care for them on mink farms. When these mink are put out into the wild, they starve to death or are hit by vehicles. What a waste of their purpose to exist! What a loss to our economy!

@ Ignorant People

Mink are Native to North America. They can survive in the wild. Studies have been done (legally) where mink were bought and traced. Most of them survive just fine.

All of you talking about the mink that died really need to think about the fate they would have suffered had they not been set free. They aren't kept in climate controlled sheds, they aren't given proper care, they live in feces and filth and are eventually killed for their fur.

If 10 out of 1000 (or even if half of them) get hit by cars and the others go free, I'd say those odds are better than what they faced in the farm.

The dumb get dumber

To Ignorant People

I have tropical animals and once they have been raised by humans they know longer can fen for themselves. So it is not so easy when they have depended on humans their entire life to take care of them since birth. So you do not know what you are spewing on here.

Gabriela Ch

This is such a horrible injustice! These judges are the ones who should be in jail. I can't believe our legal system can support these atrocities. This is for sure a corrupted society and anybody who "dares" to disagree with it will be severely punished by the grand jury. I strongly support to Jordan Halliday and all brave people who offer their lives in the name of compassion. They are real heros.

Slow down and read the article

It is scary to think anyone on this post could be called up as a juror in a court of law. I am surprised to read the strong biases and ignorance displayed by so many. Jordan has never been even considered a suspect in the mink farm vandalisms yet on this post he has already been tried and convicted. What happened to our democracy?

Jeremy Beckham

To those who say someone on a grand jury doesn't deserve a lawyer, I have a question:

Do any defendants deserve a lawyer?

What makes Jordan, someone opposing a government strongarm tactic on principle, more repulsive in your eyes than say, a husband who beats his wife or a drunk driver? Do they not deserve lawyers as well? Should the government always be able to muscle around the individual like that?

It is amazing to me that those in Utah that often call for smaller government - something I too often support - are so willing to give the government so much unilateral power in depriving citizens of the most basic liberties.

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