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Published: Thursday, March 12 2009 12:00 a.m. MDT

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How much time and money do these tourists spend in Salt Lake City while visiting Temple Square?

What do these visitors learn or enjoy while in our happy capital city?

Temple square is awesome.

I think it is such an awesome addition to our downtown environment. It is beautiful, asthetically pleasing, and calming. And free!

I think all major cities need something like this for tourists to visit and get a taste of what makes their state different and unique.

I love that LDS and non-LDS can enjoy each other.

Respect is a beautiful thing!


It really doesn't matter, but I don't really think that religious folks gathering at a religious site should be counted as tourists for this kind of listing. By that measure, the biggest tourist attraction in some towns is the local megachurch.

But there are a lot of tourists too. I went there as a child on a family vacation, and we weren't Mormon.

Common Census

To uncannygunman: I'm sorry, I don't follow your line of logic but, what the hey, this used to be America where it was okay to think a bit differently.

It used to be okay.


uncannygunman has no logic.

Doug Smith

I have a fondness for Salt Lake City because I visited during Christmas in 1987. I asked my spouse to marry me that week. She and I then went to see the lights at Temple Square. Very romantic. Since then I visited on business while working for a genealogy on-line company. Now all I have are memories of a very beautiful place. The Family History Library rocks!


Actually, I think uncannygunman has a good point. I didn't even really think about that. However, It's a great place to be and definitely worth the visit.


Good point??? Lets see, I live in Uruguay....I have always wanted to visit New York City and Salt Lake City. One for the sights of NY (and I would go visit the Temple,) and the other for the sights of SLC (and I would go visit the Temple.) Why am I not considered a tourist just because I belong to the Church? That is not a good point. These are just two places I long to visit. I will not live there, I will not work there, but I will visit these places and then go back home with pictures on my camera and memories on my mind. Give me a break. Somebody who doesn't like the church willing to tear down around every corner.


What else is there in downtown SLC to see? People don't visit Temple Square because of anything valuable. There just isn't anything else around. It's the only game in town. That is what the Church is good at, monopolizing Utah geographically, politically, socially and economically.

First Real Vacation

Going to Temple Square in SLC was the first vacation I ever went on while growing up. I loved it. Those that actually think it shouldn't count are also those that grew up with money and probably have traveled outside the country for a vacation. Not everyone grows up with money or can even afford to get too far from home but Temple Square can be a great place to take the family with both the beehive house and pioneer park all close by.

Things to Do?

There are so many things to do in downtown Salt Lake City. You can attend a play or watch the opera at the Capitol Theatre. Go see a Jazz game or concert at the Energy Solutions Arena. Take your kids to the Discovery Gateway Museum at the gateway. There are over 150 different restaurants, pubs and bars all within walking distance to temple square. (I know I said pubs and bars, crazy that port o call is not the only bar in Salt Lake. The Outdoor Retailer convention which comes twice a year generates $26 Million in revenue for the city and state each time. Utah's tourism industry brings almost one BILLION to the state in terms of jobs and tax revenue. Don't underestimate what tourism can do for the state economy.


Anonymous 9:28 - The value in Temple Square is not monetary, maybe that's why you don't get it!

Rock Hound

I love Temple Square. The gardens are fantastic at any season. The lights and displays at Christmas are some of the best anywhere. I live in Texas but visit family regularly in Utah and going to Temple Square is one of our family's favorite activities. I have visited many sacred religious sites around the world, from Cathederals in Europe and Buddhist temples and shrines in Taiwan and China. Religious sights are important tourist attractions because they reflect the spiritual foundations of great world cultures. The Salt Lake Temple is an important symbol of a the spiritual foundation that has made America a great world culture. I did not realize that it is one of the top 20 attractions in the US but it definitely deserves to be.

Tourists still spend money

It's been argued that Temple square should not be on the list becasue it's free, unlike Disney World or other malls where spending money is a given.

People that visit Temple Square have to eat and sleep, thus spending money in Utah and contributing to our tourism revenue. I doubt many people come visit Temple Square and leave the state the same day.

lost in DC

Anonymous 9:28, you are welcome to invest in some type of attraction downtown if you feel there's nothing else there. If the church's involvement has left such a void, you should be able to find plenty of lucrative niches you can fill.


I Love to visit Temple Square when I come to Utah. I loved Salt lake during the Olympics. I love to be able to take my family to Temple Square during any season. The Gardens are amazing, the Christmas lights are un-matched, I don't feel pressured to join the Mormon church and don't feel like the missionaries are there to annoy me. Thanks Mormon Church for a familiy friendly and free experience.

Mall in DC.

Arent most of the attractions in the nations capital free, yet it is included on the list?



If you don't like it here, JUST MOVE. Don't complain about everything and stay, MOVE. Get some balls and MOVE to NY or LA. You'll fit in well.



Just as the Prophet said for you NOT to do...

When will they ever learn?

don't be defensive

uncanny did make a good point, i don't get what people were offended by.

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