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Published: Sunday, March 8 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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DHS fan

Way to go DUCHESNE! nobody expected you to get so far but you proved them wrong and we couldn't be prouder! Beau your amazing we'll miss you next year!Fans and Cheerleaders, you did a great job and kept the team spirit! Congrats to Escalante you guys played great! Rich, Valley, Tabby, and all the other teams you did a great job too! GO 1A!


Move it back to SUU or rotate it from south to north. The SVC isn't cutting it. Escalante was clearly the best team all year long. Their record proves it and so does them winning the championship. They controlled every game in state. Stop your crying and move on...

1A Fan

First off I want to say that if they move the tournament to SUU then the next year they need to take it up north and rotate - North meaning farther than Richfield. It is not far that the Northern teams always have to get rooms and the Southern teams don't. It makes a difference to players when they can sleep in their own beds and eat mom's cooking.

Next I want to say that I thought the officiating was some of the poorest I have seen in tournament play. It always seemed they favored Escalante - Tabby game and Rich game. It's like they read somewhere that Escalante was supposed to be state champs and they were going to make sure that happened...

Food for thought - what about going to 3 man reffing with at least one ref from the south and one from the North and flip for the other one...Anyone's thoughts???

Re: 1A Fan


Rebel Fan

It is so funny to me that as soon as Rich loses they start to blame the coaches - maybe there was too much coaching from the parents and the real coaches couldn't be heard because of it. If Rich ever wants to do any better than third or fourth they need to come together as a team and the parents need to let that happen. So maybe instead of blaming the coaches we need to blame ourselves as parents because we wouldn't keep our noses out of it. Hopefully next year we can let the coaches do their jobs!!!

state is over

so move on from this blog

Re: 1A Fan

A couple of things. MOST southern teams do stay at the tournament. Again, Panguitch, Piute, and Wayne are the ONLY region 15 teams that don't stay in motels up there. Panguitch lost to Rich the 1st day, momma must have some poor cookin in that town! Escalante ate resturaunt food and slept in motels and it didn't hurt their game!

Second thing, Rich was a very physical team. They have played all year long by pounding the ball inside and battling the other teams for positioning. They have played most of their games in foul trouble all year. Escalante has a lot of shooters, a lot of games they don't get playing tough inside, which equals less fouls. The Duchesne game is a great example, they took it inside, and Escalante had TWICE as many fouls called on them. The refs did a great job, even ask Rich players that! Many of their players told us how great of a team we had! When it comes down to it, both of your points are nothing but excuses of why your teams lost. They flat out got out played by the best team in the state!


Escalante did win the tournament and was a great team. What I think some of these people are trying to say is it is still closer for most of the southern teams nothing more. It is an advantage for their fans and schools if it were held up North the fans from the north would show up and the southern teams fans would have less of a showing. I think Rich travels well so they would show up any where. I also think the Refs did a good job and there is no need for a three man crew.


Northern Venues dont work because of economics along with the fact that the only one we can go to has a horrible floor. Ask those who played at UVU it is like playing in a sand box. And who wants to pay for parking. SVC is great Central and puts on a great show.


I think !A FAN needs to grow up and stop acting like a baby.


SUU is the way to go.


I was watching 2A at SUU, the concessions where nice. But for the Championship games they didn't turn off the lights, they didn't have the fog and all the other fun lights. At least the SVC does that. It is a great location for 1A and 2A. SVC is in the middle of the state so it's perfect! GET 1A & 2A BACK TO THE SVC ALWAYS!


I've watched the tourney at 3 places. Dixie college, SUU and SVC. SVC is a multi functioning building and the other two were strictly designed for college sporting events. The best and most fair solution is rotate SUU and some spot near SLC. Im hearing though that northern utah doesn't work so it sounds like SUU is the solution. Or back to dixie where its a nice vacation for all. I hope 1A south destroys 1A north when they play to prove dominance!


Get the tourneys back to SUU

Region 15 Best

Next Year, this will be Region 15

1. Piute - Coming back with all their players and were alright this year.
2. Valley - Losing a few great players, but will still be amazing
3. Milford - 3 of the 5 starters are only Sophomores and they still beat Piute twice and placed 8th.
4. Panguitch - Are losing Trac Norris but can still do great with the Frandsen dude.
5. Who Cares
6. Who Cares


I don't think Escalante is going to win a region game. They will be fighting Bryce Valley for last place.

Re: Region 15 BEST

Escalante will be up there with the rest of region 15, they played great against every one of the other teams JV teams and that was with one of their star players out with an injured knee. Don't be counting Escalante out yet.

Player Likes SUU

I played at the Centrum in the Region tourney and played at the SVC in the state tourney and i would much rather play at SUU. Alot better floor, along with
great tournament atmosphere.

Grow up

Notice how it is mostly always the south who is talking crap about the north. Oh, next year I will do this, then the next year and so on. Actions speak louder than words so please just grow up. And NO we do not and will not underestimate and team from anywhere so go with it ok!!!

Rlch Rebels #1 Manager

I have to agree on most of the comments about moving the tournament to SUU. I was a manager when it was down there and Rich was in the championship game against Waterford. I know it farther for the northern team but you know what. No matter where it is the 1A crowd will still follow their teams. Cedar City has alot more stuff to do while you are not playing. The atomoshere is amazing of playing on a collage floor on the actual campus, I mean it doesn't get better than that, plus it has more variety of food. And being on the floor is spactular and im only the manager i wonder what it feels like to be a actual player i mean Come on
SUU is the best place to be during tournament time.

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