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Published: Sunday, March 8 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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I went to 2a last week at SUU and i felt like they put on alot better show that the SVC. Just like the above JUST A THOUGHT, I agree with everyone of his Comments. We need to get the UHSAA to move the Tourney back to SUU. It was fun there.

Cedar is the Place

SUU puts on a way better show then SVC I would much rather go to SUU than SVC. Better people, really well organized, and a great college floor. I have been really disappointed with SVC and i dont know why they are having it at the SVC. SUU is a great place to hold the state tournament.

SUU is the Best

Lets get the tourney back at SUU. I have been really disappointed with the 1A tourney at the Sevier Valley. SUU puts on a wonderful tourney.

Reply 2:43

Thats exactly the point schools closer to SVC have an advantage I'm sure some of the northern schools would like the same advantages once in a while. Then we would here people from the south complaining. If they rotated it each team would have an advantage at some point not the same teams every year. SVC does a good job but I think they should rotate it.

I agree

I agree i thing we should have the 1A tournament back in Cedar at the Centrum on the campus of Southern Utah University

MVP arguement

Not a good idea, these kids were a team. Don't try to drag them down. I've seen that exact problem ruin good programs.


BY FAR THE BEST PLACE TO HOLD THE 1A STATE TOURNAMENT, end of story. SUU put on a great state tourney. I went and watched a cousin play at the 2a state tourney this year at SUU and then went and watched a brother play at the SVC and SUU PUT ON THE BEST tourney of the two places. The arena and parking is 10 times better and the fact that it is on a major college campus makes it
that much better.


SUU does not put on the show that SVC does and Richfield has done a lot to make the tourney run well. For the UVU fans give it up. Talk about a mess they charge for parking if you can remember. They also have a horrible floor and dont even make it a good show. And from what I hear the administration has a horrible time working with them. SUU is cool but SVC does a better job.

To all the SUU Lovers

We don't want to have to drive any farther south than we do now. SVC is far enough! If you aren't going to keep the tourney there. Then I suggest a yearly rotation---one year in the south and one year in the north. By the way----UVU quit charging for parking!!!!

SUU is the place

Richfield is a lousy place to spend 4 days. Cedar City is bigger and it is near St. George, which is nice.

I played in both arenas and SUU is a way better atmosphere.

1A tourney

I thought the 2A tourney was a lot better this year than the 1A tourney. I think the reason was that the 2A tourney had much more diversity with the Private schools being in the final four.

Without the Private schools adding their contrasting style of play to the 1A tourney this year, I found it rather boring to watch.

Hopefully they get better.


I agree richfeild is a bad place to spend a 4 of days. I have been to the 1A tourney the last 4 years and I decided not to come this year and just catch it on radio. I also don't like waiting til 5pm on saturday waiting for the championship. They need to get things rollin early on saturday. The tourney does miss teams like layton christian slam dunking, The best games always seem to be the semis on friday. SUU is a better venue and 35 miles away from STG.


Richfield puts on a better show than suu every year. I'm from Cedar and go there all the time and love Richfield much better! Most championship games dont start till 7:00 so 5 is perfect. The Championship game in Richfield is by far the best out of the state. SUU has the same parking, prices are higher here so why is everyone complaining? If you lived up north would you wanna travel all the way to cedar? Get Real People. MOQUIS ARE AWESOME EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!!


Someone explain to me how a third ranked team wins state? I think that region sets things up!!! However, they did deserve State. None of the other teams showed up. And thats that I guess.

1A South

They were only ranked 3rd because if 1 1A loss during a region tourney. Other than that they have been ranked #1 all year by this newspaper. Don't read into thee seeding too much, they were the state's #1 team coming in, even if they were a #3 seed.

This SUU talk, most of these comments were cut and pasted in here from comments made a few days ago on other games. I think it may be just the same person that really loves SUU adding multiple comments and creating a different user name each time. Everyone I have talked to loves SVC. The only teams that don't stay in motels are Wayne, Panguitch, and Piute. Everyone else travels down and stays. It's a good middle ground for the majority of 1A. Good location, great venue. The seats didn't even all fill up this year, why waste the extra money on SUU for all the extra seats you're not going to fill? Their concessions aren't cheap either!

Rich Rebel Fan

Good job Escalante on your first place finish at state. Great bunch of kids and an excellent coaching staff. I hope you guys realize just how lucky you are to have the coaches that you have.

Re:1a South

No its not the same person leaving comments, i left my
comment about it and i feel like SUU is alot better place to have state and those arent all my comments. SUU is the Place to have the tourney.

Go away from the SVC

I think that the comments that are for the SVC is that
same miserable worker that took tickets at the SVC


Nice job Escalante!!!

Now, enrollment figures on how they finished.
Escalante -- 51
Duchesne -- 166
Valley -- 73
Rich -- 110
Tabiona -- 46
Panguitch -- 96
Whitehorse -- 160
Milford -- 78

Seems to me, at least this year, that enrollment had little to do with strength of team. The only school in region 15 that is above 100 is Wayne, and I didn't see them at the tournament. Next to region 18, region 15 is the only region that does not have more than 2 schools above the 100 mark (region 18 doesn't have any above 100). Altamont, Christian Heritage, St. Joseph, Wasatch Academy, & West Ridge are all schools above 100 that stayed home.

Summary....Only 4 out of the 10 largest schools made it to state, and out of those 4....three of them placed!


a basketball game can only have 5 players on the floor at a time, you can see that Escalante has spent time developing the talent that is available to them. Numbers have some to do with it but if the coaches put in the time their programs are successful look out for Valley in the future, Piute will always be strong along with Escalante. Rich, Tabby, and Duchesne are still going to be there but look out for Manila I think they could challenge for the 2nd place in 16. Who knows about the private schools but I think it is safe to say Dugway is down. Monticello could compete along with Green River and White Horse. Looks to me like the talent pool in 1A will be better for the next few years.

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