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Published: Sunday, March 8 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Ok however I do have one thing to say before we STOP! Do not underestimate Duchesne again next year. Sure Beau was a huge loss, so was Cameron and Reed. But I think that they will pull it together again three seniors thats it. They have a deep bench and a ton of heart so we will just have to see how that goes next year. Peace out and talk to everyone later. GO EAGLES

1A South

Lance, when it comes to sportsmanship, you and your team have always been great examples! I have always been impressed to see you play the Moquis, and win or loose, both teams are always smiling, laughing, and having a good time. Even after the game it is clear to see the friendship those 2 teams have with eachother. Now that boys is what it's all about. We sure missed seeing the Badgers at the tournament this year. You are such a fun team to watch play! I hope we see the Badgers with a title of their own really soon. Thanks again for the comment, and for all the good games! Good job on a great career Lance!

Tyce Peterson

I too want to congratulate the STATE CHAMP ESCALANTE MOQUIS!! awesome job guys. I have always loved playing ball with you and am so thankful for the friendships we've made. You are amazing basketball players, but even more important than that, you are amazing people.. So thank you!! It really has been great these last four years. Too bad all great things have to end i guess.. or do they, escalante badgers at the summer games?? haha anyway, congrats and great job. I have all the respect in the world for you and am glad i could get to know you all. you are CHAMPIONS!!

Big Moqui Fan

The Moquis not only had a great team, they had the "X" factor, great fan support. The people in the community came togather and supported the team all year long. Moqui fans outnumbered many teams at the away games and packed the house at home. The red shirts and red towels stepped up the intensity off and on the floor and we were all rewarded with the championship. Thank you Moquis!!

16 watcher

Why would anyone say anything about a team not in the tourny. Altamont has only had one team in 8 years make it to the tourny. They were stomped by escalante. Keep it recent, no reason to try and stir the pot in a unstable community. good job duchesne. Congrats to escalante, heck of a team!

not the same

Whoever said that it's the same to compare valley's win over panguitch and being 2 seconds away from losing is the same as being 6 seconds away from being in the state championship is crazy. Valley was up with 6 seconds to go and lost on a semi buzzer beater. In the region championship Valley led the whole 4th quarter you have to be down and hit a shot at the end to steal a victory.

re 1A Fan

When the players can start playing perfect games, only then can you expect the referees to call a perfect game! I thought the referees did an outstanding job in this years 1A tournament. Did they get every call right? No. Did the players play perfect games? No. It was a great tournament and all involved including the refs gave it their all. Even in the 3 man games up north, refs still are human beings and will make mistakes! Don't sell this tournament short and blame lost games on the referees. This 1A tournament was a great success for all involved!


I honestly thought that kevin Griffin would have gotten the MVP award. Think about it, his defence and offense was what kept the moquis together. I thought that they could have won the state title without Tim but not without Kevin. Thats just my opinion though

RE Anonymous

Altamont didn't make it because i don't think they won a region game this year. Or any game for that matter. Altamonts girls could probably take their boys.

Moquis #2

I wanted to thank the fans that came and cheered for our team this year. We wouldnt have gotten as far as we did without you guys helping us strive to make it all the way. Im proud to say I was a senior that played with such a dynamic group of kids and am going to miss it dearly. Good luck next year to all teams in 1A!






I feel like the tourney needs to move back to SUU as well. Its just dont have the same feeling to it like to old 1A tourneys that used to. Its not at the college setting, and it dont have the hype like when it is held at SUU. At SUU we got a lot more media coverage and exposure there as well. SVC is just NOT like the great tourneys like they used to have at SUU. Get the tourney back to SUU UHSAA

1A North--Region 16

I think SVC does a great job with their tourney. Personally, I don't want to drive clear to SUU. SVC is far enough for me. Why fix what isn't broken? I didn't ever have trouble finding a parking spot. Who cares if they don't allow outside food in the building? Eat before you come to the game. And if the concessions are too pricey for you I repeat--eat before you come to the game.
Thanks to the folks at the SVC for such a great 1A preview and tourney each year!!!!

DHS Student

I think everyone brags about how good your team is but I'm gonna say that little schools like Tabiona, Escalante, Manila, Etc. they are good in lets say basketball because that is what most of them focus on, now you look at Duchesne and Rich we focus on whatever sport is in season like football and track wrestling and basketball, so I'm just saying its kind of an advantage to be a smaller school against some of the bigger 1A


I'm sure all you schools from down south would love to have it at SUU. I think it only fair if it rotates from North to South and back. It is unfair to the schools from the North to have to travle and stay the night when many of the southern schools can go home and sleep in their own beds and go about a normal day. I do agree they should move the games back to a college just not always at SUU.

1A State location

Why don't they have it a UVU. It would allow the northern schools to sleep in their own beds for once during state tourney. It has its advantages....


why move the state tournament away from the majority of the competiton region 16 is the only regioin that has any
good job moquis
good job svc
be there again next year

location?? huh

Don't you have anything else to talk about? If SVC is allll the way down here then don't make the drive. Stay Home.

Honest Opinion (cont)

What to expect in the future.

1. Region 15((20) what ever it is going to be) continues to be the most dominate region. Panguitch, Escalante, Piute, Valley & Wayne will be competative every year. Bryce Valley will continue to be Bryce Valley. Milford will most likely return to being Milford.

2. Duchesne & Tabby will continue to be the top teams from region 16. Rich will be good next year, but like I said up and down. Manila will compete with Altamont for 4th place most years. And if Altamont can't get it together Manila will represent region 16 most years. Altamont will likely get thing turned around a bit.

3. Whitehorse has a few exciting years in front of them. They have some young talent. Man can they shoot the ball. Can they really get there one of these years. Green River will be the standard of region 19 most of the time. Monticello, will they really move to the next level or are they the Milford of region 19.

4. Dugway will be Dugway. The rest of their region will continue to be the rest of their region.

5. The Private Schools will load up and make runs.


what is this talk of duchesne being a small 1A school? They are one of the biggest. Them along with rich, panguitch, and whithorse. Yor 1A but not that small. Manilla and Tabi have 40 to 50 students total. You are pushing 200. Isnt Duchesne 3 times bigger than escalante as well. Way to go small schools. If their is an advantage its having more atheletes to choose from. If you have 40 boys try out for a basketball team you can get a better selection than say a manila that will have 15 try out. That is for all 3 teams. It is not what they focus on. While you play football, others ae playing baseball. Quit coming up with excuses.

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