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Published: Sunday, March 8 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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the tabi game wasn't even close until the end, people need to give it up and realize that the only good part of that game was the last minute, it really wasn't that close until then. Congrats to Tabi to playing a close game but it doesn't matter they took 5th. Panguitch played Escalante to a 1 pt. game earlier this year but didn't win either. Those close games don't matter, they are losses just like the 10 pt. losses are. The only 1A team to beat Escalante all year was Valley and they are not on here complaining. Your Reg. 16 people need to give it a rest. Duchesne lost, Rich lost twice, Tabi didn't even make it to the Semis. Congrats on a better year than Regions 17,18,19. Now let it go.

Duchesne Fan

Congrats to Duchesne and an awesome year. Our boys fought hard all year and they deserved to be in the championship game. Beau you are one cool kid and I have really enjoyed watching you play.

re: 1A Fan

I agree with your statement about Whitehorse doing a great job. In my opinion they were one of the big surprises in the entire tournament. They were only 1 point in overtime from taking 5th, against a really good Tabiona team. Yes, they had a bad game against Valley but proved they could play strong in the following games with Piute and Tabi. I thought that was a great run Whitehorse made, considering what they lost from last years team. I'm glad somebody else recognized this besides me and I am a Reg. 15 fan. I also think Milford should get a mention. Nobody gave them much credit at the beginning of the tourney, but they found a way to place.

1A fan

Congratulations to all of the teams. It was a fun tournament.


escalante may have won state but valley was the only 1A team to beat them!

Matt Hoyt's mom

Only one team can take home the championship trophy (Congratulations Escalante!), but I feel that all of the teams and players are winners. Each of our communities throughout the state was represented well and should feel proud of our kids. None of us know what each boy has personally overcome and achieved this ball season, so in their own way- each player is a MVP. Let's all show our sportsmanship here and allow everyone to end this season feeling positive about basketball. Congratulations to all of the players, teams and coaches on a job well done! It was a fun tournament. Congratulations to the Academic all-state team on their accomplishments. Congratulations to the seniors from all of the teams. You are a classy group of young men that have been fun to watch and get to know over the years. Best wishes to all of you! Also, a big THANK YOU to the Deseret News for your awesome coverage of all high school sports!! And THANK YOU to Danny Yardley and the radio station!! Matt will be gone next year, but I will still be a fan and will continue to follow 1A basketball.

Rich Rebel Fan

Congratulations to Escalante for winning the championship! What a bunch of TEAM players. They were clearly the best team there. Tim Hughes was MVP all season and might have had an off night during the week but all in all deserves the MVP during the state tournament! The whole team stepped it up when needed and the coaching was far better than rich's or Duchesne's. Rich has a lot of talent, they just need to learn to play together more as a team. Moguis you are intertaining to watch. That also goes for your crowd! Anyway good job on the repeat,you deserved it!

Valley is my Championship Team!

I say good job to the Valley Buffs! They came out the week before state with no expectations and beat Escalante then captured the Region championship against Panguitch. At state they played great defense and came within 6 seconds of playing for the championship until Duchesne hit a lucky shot at the end. Valley would have given Escalante a much better championship game and I know for a fact Escalante did not want to play Valley again! They also showed against a tough Rich team that they were Championship material. Matt Hoyt was in my opinion the best player in the tournament so good job for making it on the all-tournament team! He is so good at handling the ball and setting up other players to score. He can score when he needs to, but unlike most of the other "star" players instead of racking up points for himself he passed the ball to other players so they could have a chance to score (like in the Whitehorse game when they were already way ahead). Plus, he was the only one to be Academic All-State and on the All-Tournament team. A class act!



Tournament Junkie

Congrats to every team, it was a great tournament! There were plenty of exciting games. The comments on the Tabby vs. Esc. game, it wasn't the state championship game, but it was great game, and that's what happens at the state tournament. It's obvious the two better regions, but smart teams never overlook any team, especially at state. Congrats Escalante what a great win.

Balanced attack

Escalante had a good inside and out presence with griffin and hughes. duchesne only had Browning, and they would rather throw the ball away trying to force it into a triple team than shoot the wide open three. The fans and students, and cheerleaders were begging for a three pointer. Escalante was very well coached, They put 5 guys on Beau, and let the rest of the team shoot away, and it paid off for a third title in 4 years. Wow.

Taby Fan

Good job taking state wish our game would have been saturday it would have made a better champion ship game then you and Duchesne. Out of all the games I would say we had the best game out of the whole tournament. haha.
See you guys next year

Coach Cottam

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who makes 1A baskettball so much fun. I have been around this game a long time and the kids are what make it great. We had a great group of boys this year, from our outstanding seniors to the outstanding kids that they practiced against everyday and I am so glad I got to be a part of it. We needed every one of them to make us the team we are. We have a lot of respect for the teams we played against because we know how much effort it takes day after day to get these kids where they are. What makes any team great is the relationships that they form from all the hard work together. That is one of the best things that I will take from this year. I know that most of the coaches will say the same thing. That is what makes this game so great. Thanks again to everyone who sees the good in everything that we all do.

Re valley is my champion team

if you want to say that valley was six seconds from playing for the championship game you could also say that they came 2 seconds away from loosing the region tournament to panguitch at a buzzer shot whould of should of could of does not mean anything, and on top of that you beat escalante congrats but to say they did not want to play valley again is crazy.

congrats valley

congrats valley on being the only team to beat the state champs the only bad part is you should have saved that game for March 7th all you did by beating them in region is fueled the fire thank you


Valley feels good about their season and would like to congratulate all of the other teams on great seasons as well.

Lance Peterson

Dude you escalante boys rock the world!!! congrats on another state championship. It's been awesome being able to compete with such a high level team for the last six or seven years and i just wanna say thanks for all the good memories we have. you are an awesome bunch of players, coaches, parents, and fans. you guys deserved this!!! nice job moquis!!!!!

Clayte's Dad

Once again thank you Moquis for making this a great year by bringing home the championship. Most of all thank you for all your support and the way you have honored Clayte, with the warm-up shirts to the picture that you gave to us. You are all MVP in my book. I know Clayte was looking down with that big smile he has and is holding up his finger saying MOQUIS #1.

Valley is MY championship team

I wasn't saying that Valley was the championship team at state, I said for me they are my champions and played a great 2 weeks of basketball. I say good job to Escalante and Duchesne and all of the other teams for a fantastic tournament. Yes, Valley could have lost to Panguitch in the last seconds of the Region championship, but they didn't. And I give Duchesne credit for coming back and winning even though it was a heart breaker for Valley at the time. The way Valley played against Rich, I think they could have given Escalante a good game. It's over now and I say good job to all the teams this year! It was a fun week of basketball so lets just all be friends and say WE LOVE 1A BASKETBALL!


WOW, people need to get a life! First off you never know how it is going to end up next year. So just let it go until then...

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