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Published: Sunday, March 8 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Unfair because of refs? How could you say that when Escalante had TWICE the number of fouls on them that Duchesne did? Duchesne could have very well won if they hadn't of missed so many of those foul shots down the stretch.

Duchesne Fan

I would like to say congrats to Escalante for their win at State! I'm from Duchesne and thought that it was a fun game for everyone involved. I would like to see them play again just for fun. No matter who wins and who looses it would be a fun game. Both teams played their hearts out. I hope that no matter what else is said about Duchesne in these ridiculous blogs that the Eagles can hold their heads high knowing that they went against the toughest team in the state. Those boys did amazing, both teams! Congrats Moquis!!!

reb 1

If escalante would have played against rich like they did against taby or duchesne it would have been rich and Duchesne playing for the title. Escalantes whole team couldn't miss against rich and they couldn't hit against taby and duchesne. I guess their coach know when they needed their A game and he got them to bring it when they needed it the most. Congratulations Escalante. Caden Anderson will be MVP next year.

Duchesne Fan

Dont count Duchesne out next year , because they will be back . Nobody thought that they would get there this year but they did. Duchesne is at the top of every sport every year FOOTBALL
BASKETBALL WRESTLING TRACK take your pick . WE will be in the mix every year


concerned fan with ?

What ever happened to Altamont high school Basketball ?

Moqui fan

Congrats Moquis you guys played great and represented our school in a great way. We are proud of all of you! Thanks for all of the great memories, we have enjoyed watching you all play for the last several years. In my book you are all MVP's that is why we are so tough anyone of you could be the star any night and all of you play great team ball!!
Lets all take a minute to think of Clayte - Our superman - I guarantee that he is smiling down on us. He would be proud!!
Thanks guys we love you all
p.s. I agree with the comment earlier about the Taylors. We loved it when the "lets go moqui" cheer started. Thanks JT!


The funniest thing about these blogs are always the what if's, if this, if that. No Escalante didn't play Duchesne with the same approach as Rich, Rich won games with intensity, Duchesne with quite control They beat rich by matching there intensity. If you spend any great amount of time as some of us do watching basketball you will learn that it is a game of match ups and certain players at different times rising to the occasion. Tabi rose to the occasion against Escalante probably better than anybody.


Rich got some really bad breakes when they played duchesne and got beat. duchesne and rich were in my opinion the second and third best teams there. Which one is which is a toss up they are totally different. Tabby is the fifth i think. When rich played in the third and fourth place game they didnt give to much effort and they still had a chance to pull it out. Dont say that valley dominated them because they didnt. if they played 10 rich would win 8 or 9. EHS's coach also came and watched several of rich's games this year he knew their offence as good as they did and it showed. Congrats on being well prepared and the championship.


Kevin Griffin should have been mvp all the way...he led the way for the team through the entire tournament...Timmie was good but with out kevin they never would have won state. Way to go kevbot!!!!

Best Game

If you missed the Tabiona/Whitehorse game on Saturday, you missed one of the two best games of the entire tournament. Both teams played their hearts out, both coaches did a fantastic job. The fans were great. This was an outstanding game that featured everything! The Tabiona/Escalante game was the other one that would get mention for best game.

Escalante fanatic

Let's remember that Escalante played as a team and won as a team. MVP stuff is what tears teams apart. It is not what winning is about. Winning is about having a goal and reaching that goal. One person may shoot and score. One person may only rebound or play great defense. Who cares who is MVP? Talk to any great TEAM and the TEAM MATES and COACHES will tell you to a man that discussing who should be MVP is pure poison. Give the coaches a great hand. Anyone notice that the coaches get a great assist from Coach Jim Spencer who is a retired Provo High championship coach and he moved home to Escalante to retire? He is not on the bench, but the coaches are quick to tell you that he gets a great deal of credit for what happens on the court on the defensive end - the end where championships are won. Kudos to all for a great team effort and classy play. Next year who knows - defense is a constant. Duchesne was one good outside shooter away and played a great tournament. Valley too.

1A Fan

I think that 1A basketball competition should implement the use of three referees instead of two. There are too many critical situations being misjudged, and another pair of eyes could help call what the fans see. Just a thought. Great tournament! Great job to all the teams, especially Escalante and Whitehorse!

Rich Fan

Same thing again this year for Rich - Good talent, poor coaching.


Wow what a joke arguing about mvp. Timmy desereved it! Who cares i'm sure Beau Browning would much rather have a state championship ring than a mvp trophy!


Anybody who thinks that Escalante played as hard against Tabby as they did against Duchesne and Rich wasn't in Richfield.

re: rich fan

Once again some parent from rich wants their boy to get their name in the paper. Coaches from rich are great the parents keep the talented kids from coming together as a team. If you watched Escalante they don't care who shoots it. The parents from rich are what keeps you from winning.


Jeffy played really good


Congratulations to Panguitch for showing such style and sportsmanship. Eric Frandsen did an awesome job along with his team. What a fun Tournament for Region 15.

give it up rich

You guys need to get off this blog and go to the 4th place blog. Everyone who keeps saying how Rich is better than Duchesne apparently didn't watch Duchesne beat Rich twice this year. They also didn't watch how easily Valley beat Rich and lost to Duchesne. Duchesne plays much better defense and deserved that #2 spot. No question the 3 best teams were Escalante, Valley, and Duchesne!!

Impartial outsider

I have to agree that the championship game seemed anti-climactic after the Valley-Rich consolation game. After watching both games, my friends and I couldn't understand how Duchesne could have withstood Valley's aggressive halfcourt zone defense. I didn't see any of the games before Saturday's, but Duchesne had to have played better before the championship. They seemed to have no shooters and no one who could put the ball on the floor. They did play tremendous defense, but Escalante was clearly the better team. Congratulations, Moquis!

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