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Published: Sunday, March 8 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Who cares about MVP its a team sport right????

re Harry

I thought Dugway played well , so relax and keep it positive.


And today we say good bye to one of the greatest dynastys in the history of 1A basketball. We sure will miss it!

16 and 15 dominate.

Looks to me like the two regions dominate. Congrats to both regions for playing hard each night during the year and at state. Hopefully the other regions can step it up and make it more interesting for next year. Moquis, eagles, Buffs, and rebels were the cream of the crop this year. Hopefully those teams start open gym on monday. Cya next year.

rich basketball player

rich is going to kill next year i doubt escalante even makes it to state but great job tim hughes your really fun to watch. great job caden your a stud.

Beau's Mom

what a great opportunity is was to have my son play in such a great tournament. I'm grateful he got to play against some of the best athletes in the state of Utah. I'm proud of him and the entire Duchesne team for their integrity and determination. They played their hearts out the entire week and I am proud of them. Cong. to EHS players, coaches, fans and parents. It was a great week of basketball. Thanks to our community and coaches for the many sacrifices for the boys. Thanks to the Deseret News for not forgetting about 1A basketball. If the rest of the state only knew what they were missing!!

Good Job Moquis!!!

Way to go Moquis. You got it done....again!!!! That's pretty impressive. But whats even more impressive is the way you handled yourselves all year. You are a great bunch of boys and it showed everywhere you went but especially on the court. Everytime you needed to step up your game you did it. The Barney kid really stepped it up during the tournament and so did Kevin Griffin. Hughes led the way all year and had a great tournament as well. It was fun to watch your teamwork. Thanks for the show.

1a fan

the Tabby escalante game should have been the chamionship game. no one else came within 7 of escalante and tabby had a chance to beat escalante. it was probably the best game at the tournament. the championship game was a dud.

Re: rich basketball player

Escalante will make it to state next year if Kody Barney is able to play. Kody is a big part of the team.
to Moquis:
I agree, Clayte was definently the MVP. He was there helping those boys every night.

Re: Rich basketball player

Lets not start shooting our mouths off so fast boys. You boys need to buckle down and learn to play as a team before you start making promises for next year.


i'm happy somebody agreed that the Tabby Escalante game should have been the championship... but congrats to duchesne.. congrats Escalante

Region 15 fan

Not to take anything away Escalante cause i love them Moqui's! But i'm really impressed with the way Tabiona Played, they Played good Ball the whole tournament.


I think that if Valley could have played better in that game vs Duchesne, they would have played Escalante a better game than Duchesne did.

RE: 1A Fan

If the Tabiona and Escalante game should have been the championship game, then Escalante would have still won!!!! But, how could Tabiona get to the championship without getting by Escalante?


Championship; Dud. Competely agree. Congrats to duchesne, they played well in the weaker upper bracket. If duchesne played escalante 10 times, escalante would have 10 wins. Duchesne does a great job, working hard to take teams out of there style of play. It has worked for them all year. Slowing high paced teams down. Good job moqis you had to play two better games and teams to get to the championship than the last. congrats to be able to do so.


Valley is actually the only team that beat Escalante this year. Great job Valley on your last two weeks of basketball.


some people are amazing on this this thing and are better just to stay off. however there is no question escalante knew which team they had to beat to get to the Champ.. and it was Rich. Compare the Rich/Escalante game and the Escalante/Duchesne game and there is no question escalante played a lot better against Rich than they did against Duchesne, however they had to. Congrats escalante. Rich go get em next year!


I think the real winners are the young men who stood there to receive the honor of Academic All-State. Good job and congrats to all of you.

Duchesne Fan

I have been around 1A Bball for 20years and I have seen alot of tourneys . This year I was really disappointed in the level of talent and the number of quality teams.It kind of felt like a JV Tournement

What do you guys think ?


duchesne chick

Beau Browning is my fav! I will be so sad wen he is gone next year! But i will be glad that my nephew will be a senior next year. I think the game was unfair because of the refs, escalante is a good team. good job guys.

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