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Published: Sunday, March 8 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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not so old EHS Alum

Congrats to the Moquis!!!! but also congrats to all the teams that made it to state, I played for Escalante when just making it to state was a HUGE deal.

EHS Alum

Good Job Escalante!!

Rich Rebel #6

Great Job Caden!



Moqui Alumni

Way to go Escalante Moquis!! I came down from Salt Lake to watch you play and was so excited to see you take State! You played a great game and we are so proud of your efforts.


Over the last 6 years the Moquis are 21-3 in State tourney games Thanks Moquis!!


Best game of the tournament... Escalante Tabiona, i wanna know what everyone else thinks?? please comment back

Duchesne Fan

You would think that after Duchesne goes to state and beats Green River, Piute, and Valley (all three respectable teams) they would get a little respect! To all you people who say they got lucky against valley, i recall Duchesne leading almost the entire game! and by as much as 9 points! To say that they couldn't have beat Escalante is ridiculous! Not to take anything away from Escalante they are a great team! Talent isn't always what a team needs to win! Duchesne worked as a team this year and had more heart then any team in that tournament! they deserve some respect! Congrats Eagles! Coach Young congrats to you too with getting you 500th win at the tourney and showing what you can do!


That was a good game!! how about Valley, Duchesne??

your fans

Great Job Escalante You Make Us Proud. We'll see You Next Year

Great Meal

Great meal!!! Great energy!!! Great Job Escalante

Region 16

I think that was a great game between Tabiona and Whitehorse!! Infact THEE BEST game on Saturday!! Great job to both Coaches. Both of you made good adjustments at the right times. Whitehorses' #14, #25, and #23 did a fantastic job. Tabiona's #34 and #40 did a fantastic job too!! Most of all you all played as a team. You guys were fun to watch. Great game. Thanks.

2 old-timer region 15 fans

For the first time in a LONG time we were unable to attend the tournament this year but what a great one! A word of thanks to our radio announcers, Danny and Dave,for a job well done. It was especially nice to hear from some of the real stars of the game, the boys! Every region in the tournament has cause to be SO proud of these fine young men. It's too bad that some parents don't take lessons from their young people on sportsmanship! The boys all seem to be great friends while some parents end up holding hard feelings toward one another! Y'know friends "There IS life after basketball!"


No ones got a mouth the size of Taylors! GREAT JOB ESCALANTE KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!! Dont count out the Moquis just yet! All the boys did their part this weekend!


Oh I think Duchesne has been getting plenty of respect! Great team, great game! Sounds like there's a lot of people still trying to justify them being the best even though they lost. Fact is, they were not the best TEAM, Browning is awesome, he has a great career ahead of him. The Moquis were flat our the best team there. You know the old saying, close only counts...

Close games, whatever. Every team in that tournament had their good nights and bad. But when it comes down to it and you want to talk heart, effort, and playing as a team, that was hands down Escalante. Look at the balanced scoring in all of their games. Look at their assists. Look at the fact that even in a tough spot they found a way to win the close games, even one without the person that everyone considers to be the star. Ask Tim Hughes and I bet he'll tell you that he's a star because of team play, because the rest of the boys help make that possible for him!


Watch out for Rich next year!

EHS fan

Congrats to all eight teams who placed. It was a great tournament, with many exciting games.
This is a time to reflect on the good of the tourney, not to throw any jabs at anyone.
See ya next year.

from escalante

Whoever wrote that the state final was a dud because Duchesne couldn't beat escalante is correct but saying rich could have is crazy. Duchesne showed that they are definately one of the best 3 teams in the state. If Duchesne and Valley played 10 times they would split them 5-5 but the way that Valley dominated Rich barely lost to Escalante once and beat them another time shows Valley may match up a little better against Escalante than Duchesne does. How ever it also showed that Duchesne is clearly better than Rich, they beat them 2 out of 3 times, beat Valley and played Escalante to a closer game than Rich did. Congrats to the EAGLES they showed what being a team and playing INCREDIBLE defense is all about and for sure are one of the top 3 teams in the state with Valley and ESCALANTEand earned that #2 spot!!!

MVP toss up

Timmy should have been the MVP of the regular season. Kevin had the best region tournament on the Escalante team but couldn't get the MVP because they lost, he was the only reason they played Valley somewhat close and the only reason they beat Wayne. Brady was the MVP of State!! The kid played 3 great games and deserved to have that recognition. Congrats to the entire team, Dalton was for sure the best 6th man in the state and would have been one of the top 3 guys on the floor for most teams. Logan is just a flat out baller, he does all the little things and never has a bad game because he is always making a timely pass getting a huge rebound or something. Congrats to ESCALANTE Duchesne and Valley who showed they were without a doubt the 3 best teams in the state.



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