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Published: Sunday, March 8 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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The tournament MVP should be Kevin Griffin. He played out of his mind. Timmy didn't do as much as Kevin.

Region 15

Yes, Region 15 did dominate and congratulations to all of the Region 15 teams that made it to Saturday and made it to the top 8.

1st- Escalante - Great job, this was your last time to win the championship for a while and you pulled it off.

3rd- Valley - Going to be great next year, possibly could have been the state champs if it wasn't for Duchesne's final shot.

6th- Panguitch - Next year... Eric Frandsen will have to carry the team.

8th- Milford - Outlasted and ranked above Piute, B.V. Wayne, Dugway, Manila, other great teams, etc... You guys are going to be great since 3 of your starting 5 are only Sophomores.

4 out of the last 8 were from Region 15. Thanks Panguitch, Milford, Escalante, and Valley for showing Region 15's talent.

Lee Davis

The Moquis proved to everyone that they are the best team in 1A basketball. Great job guys.

Ranked Teams

1 Escalante
2 Duchesne
3 Valley
4 Rick
5 Tabiona
6 Panguitch
7 Whitehorse
8 Milford

Next Year

This is your last championship for a long time Escalante. I predict that next year is a toss up between Piute, Whitehorse, Rich, Milford, Valley, and Panguitch.


This is Whs third year in a row placing in the top 8. I think they are becoming one of the top teams in utah 1A.

1A South

I wouldn't say for a long time...there's more talent hanging around Escalante, and some excellent coaches! If anyone has proven how to play as a team, even if talent is a little short it's Escalante! They'll be back. Way to go Valley, Milford, and Piute. You will be awesome teams next year. And watch out for that Rich team, they have an excellent shot next year, if Valley doesn't squash their hopes again.

Duchesne Fan

I'm from Duchesne, in fact I was on the front row wearing a jersey from the last time Duchesne took state, all four days and all I can say is that I love every single one of those boys from Duchesne. They worked hard and people talk about how they got there on luck and such, but they got there! That hasn't happened for a long time. Please don't put them down. Don't you think they feel bad enough already? Coach Young, great job. You took a group of boys that didn't stand a chance and gave them that chance! Good job Escalante you guys deserved that win I'll give ya that. We love you Eagles!!!


escalante, valley, and duchesne were by far the three best teams in the tourney and I would love to watch those three teams lay eachother 10 more times. congrats to all 3

Moqui Fan !!

Way to go Moqui's. Congrats on another state championship. Don't count us out just yet for next year. We might suprise you.

tourn fan

Great job Escalante for taking care of business and taking state two years in a row. what an awesome tournament to watch. and i agree there is a lot more talent hanging around Escalante than people think the Hughes' still have one more boy who is just a sophmore and although he doesn't seem to care as much as those other Hughes boys he is a big strong kid and will only give people a difficult time. as far as the Tournament MVP it should go to that entire team because they earned it together each night someone new stepped up to do just what they needed to win one night it was kevin another it was the barney kid and of course the Hughes kid helped out all in all great job Escalante.

1A South

I agree. Timmy Hughes was great, but Kevin Griffin should have been MVP. Brady Barney was also awesome.

S.L. Stowe

Congratulations to Escalante ball boys and cheerleaders for a third State championship in 4 years. Critics from around the State seem to be counting Escalante out for next year, but our boys are not listening. They believe they can carry on this new tradition of winning, and we, as their fans believe it too. Something about this town that makes the impossible a challenge and somehow our young men and women rise to the occasion and do the impossible. Look out next year, because here we come!!!!!

Escalante #1

Thanks Region 16(Tabiona,Rich,Duchesne) for the great games.You have beat the best to be the best. Hope to see ya all again next year.


Great show Moquis. Great town support at the games.
MVP? Barney had very consistant games offence and defence. Griffin was great in the middle. But don't forget Logan M, whose scrappy defence kept Tabby from getting a last shot. But I have to give it to Clayte, who showed up every night.


Timmy would probably be the first to say the MVP belongs to someone else. But the fact is, if he hadn't played so well against Tabby (and throughout the season) the Moquis wouldn't have been in the final game. Congratulations to all the Moquis - everyone stepped up at some point to help the cause. And Dalton is the best sixth man in the state! Highlight of the tourney: when Valley's Coach Shakespear coaxes in inconsolable Clay Williams into the team huddle after a tough loss to Duchesne. That's what high school athletics should be about! Thanks, Coach.

Hangover Harry

Was it just me or was Escalante's back-to-back state title game last night a bit of a dud? I guess I just never felt like Duchesne could actually beat the Moquis. Compared to the RIch/Escalante game in the semis, the state title game was flat. I enjoyed the Valley/Duchesne game more, especially the last second buzzer beater drama. Heck, I even enjoyed the Valley/ Rich game for third 3rd and 4th better. I am not from Region 16, but can someone explain to me how Duchesne beat Rich 2 out of 3? I can't see how that was possible.
This is possible: Region 15 and 16 dominated. In fact, had Whitehorse not overcome a big deficit in the last three minute against Piute, all 8 places would have gone to Regions 15 and 16. Dominance!
Regions 17, 18, and 19 were absolutely down this year. Had Dugway not drawn a 4th place out of Region 19, they would still be without a win. What happened to those three regions' champs? Hmmm...something about being the last numerical regions in the state. Oh! Oh! Region 15 is Region 20 next year.

Earlier in the Year

If you look at the comments regarding Escalante, Rich, and Region 15 that were made on this website earlier in the year, you would think Rich, and Region 16 and even Region 17 were going to dominate. Many Escalante fans wrote that Escalante would be there for the 1A title, and that Region 15 dominates the 1A. Many others disagreed, and say Region 16 and Rich are the best in 1A. Way to go Region 15 teams (Valley, Panguitch, Milford, Escalante) for proving what has been true for years--Region 15 is the toughest in 1A. Great job to all teams! To say Duchesne should not have beat Rich 2 out of 3 is rediculous!! Just proves that heart and soul make up the winning more than talent. Also, good job Valley!!! Coach Shakespear must be using some strategies that stuck with him from EHS!!


Escalante, great game yesterday. Escalante fans, don't get too high and mighty. Tabiona almost beat you, remember two points. Lots of close games in this tournament. Great job all teams. Mouth from the north.

Rich Boys

Thanks for a great year and a great tournament guys. It was very entertaining and full of a ton of energy and high flying athleticism. Thanks to the coaches, Justice, the band, THE FANS, cheer leaders. The team played well all year. Thought the bench really showed up for the tournament. Holmes played great against Panguitch especially. McKee had a very solid week. Andersen hasbenn so tough all year! Thanks to the Seniors and good luck Cornia and Thomson in the future, thanks for all those years of entertainment. It was obvious no one wanted to be at that 3rd and 4th place game this year but you all still made an effort to look as if you did. You guys are good kids and obviously think highly of each other. That is fun to watch. Congratulations to Duchesne for a great year that no one expected. Hats off to tabiona to come within one more three pointer going in to beaat Escalante. Congratulations to Escalante on the championship.

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