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Published: Saturday, March 7 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Geo. Peart

These posts are ridiculous. Either side of the argument has no merit if you don't have the guts to put your name with the comment. It's shameful to see a bunch of people throw out their spew while hiding behind an anonymous name----seems to me that is the REAL problem with sports in Rich county.

To: Re: Rebel Fan 3:35

Motta, Stuart or Johnson would be a great coach. Didn't Motta and Johnson apply the same time Brown did? Apparently they were interested enough to apply and who knows what other options would be open if we don't try?

To: 3:27

This is my point. I do understand that Mr. Motta and Mr. JOhnson did apply. I also understand that Coach Stuart did also. What difference does that make if they are not applying now? None of these three would support letting Coach Brown go. If you think Mr. Johnson (being on the school board) would support firing Coach Brown and hiring him, you do not know this individual very well. If you think Mr. Motta or Mrs. Stuart would support that too, you do not know them very well. There are not any other options out there that are valid. This is my point so get on the band wagon with us and support Coach Brown so we can have another very successful year that could end up in a state championship next year. Please!! Our kids need it. They need everyone of us as parents to support them and the Coach. They will never get this chance in life again. Let's give it 100% effort. All OF US.

Football #56

Coach Brown is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so stop dissin on him.

To: 7:48

You are probably right about Johnson, Motta and Stuart not taking the job now. Nobody wants to be told "we messed up and you are now our second choice". Enjoy your ride on the band wagon and your "near the top" placing at state each year. Could've, Would've, Should've!!!!!


to all the parents LET THE COACHES COACH!!!!! When you tell them what to do they become uncoachable so go and injoy and shut your mouth


WILL KICK butt next year

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