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Published: Saturday, March 7 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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I agree lets go back to SUU

I agree i thing we should have the 1A tournament back in Cedar at the Centrum on the campus of Southern Utah University


I think it's just the same person over and over making comments under a different name in favor of going back to SUU. Everyone I talk to is very impressed with SVC. From my experience the prices for food and distance for parking are about the same. More seating is a plus to SUU, but did you see how many seats were not filled at SVC, even in the championship game?


People were complaining that Richfield is in Piute's backyard. But if the tournament was held at SUU everyone would be complaining about the tourney being held in Milford's (40mins away) and Panguitch's back yards (1.5 hours)


First i dont know how duchesne ever beat rich in the season because rich is tough and duchesne was just average. Rich definatly had a better football team than escalante the only problem is we were playing basketball. The next thing we need to talk about is region 15 domination and the fact that Dugway finaly won a game at state. The bottom line here is that the best team in the state won the championship and that is how it is supposed to be. Really Escalante has been the best team in the state for 5 strait years and has only won it 3 of the 5 times and that my friends is why we play the tourney. Was it just me or was there a serious drop in the number of people that showed up to the tourney this year, I was kind of shocked at all the empty seats in the house. The SVC was only half full at best. Maybe everybody knew the Moquis were going to kick butt maybe the economy. I dont know, wondering if anybody else had any thoughts on the situation.

Rebel Fan

Surprised observer above said, "You must be a Rich fan not to think that Rich was not clearly outplayed and out coached."
I'm a Rich fan and I know we were outplayed and more importantly out coached. Its beyond me why everyone else sitting in the SVC can see we get out coached and our school board cannot see it. (By the way 4 out of 5 school board members plus the superintendent were in attendance at the games.) Hey school board....maybe its time for a change!!!! Think about it!!!

Another Rebel Fan

It's pretty stupid and pathetic when some people from the same county diss on the coach. I don't care what you people think. Coach Brown is one heck of a coach, but it happened to be that Escalante was flat out better than the Rebels. Yes, I agree Escalante's coach is amazing, but so is Brown and I don't see how people can go off saying he isn't. Rich is in the mix of the best teams every year and it sometimes doesn't go their way. That's life! The rebels are competitive every year and are always near the top. But, it's the players that play the game and the coaches can only do so much, and as far as I can see it, Coach Brown does a lot. I play for him and he is a great coach, so don't come on here and say he isn't. You obviously don't know the guy very well. Anyways, congrats Rebels and hold your heads up. You still rock and we love you. Thanks Coach Brown for another great year!

Discouraged at the SVC

I was discouraged as well with the SVC. I enjoy going to Cedar to the Centrum. I think they need to get back to SUU its alot better facility

Ya I'll bet

Ya, I'll bet the northern teams would really like to drive even further for the state tourney. If you would have been @ SUU for the 2A tourney what a boring Pre-game. No lights, music, or other fan fare to get the teams and fans pumped up for the game. Go measure the distance from SUU parking compared to SVC and you will find there is more at SVC and it is closer. More new motels etc. are being build in Richfield and will facilitate even better. SVC, also no roped off seating, and you don't have to be seated to watch the game. Those nervous parents that need to pace during the game can do so and still watch the game. SVC over SUU bar none!!!!!!!!!!!

More Rebel Fans

OK. I have been as criticle of the coaching staff as anyone because of the past and how my family has been treated so I did some homework and this is what I found. I will start by saying, yes, I like more screens in an offense and attempts to get the ball at the post coming off a screen either back, cross, or from the wing. It was the offense I was raised with etc,,
Having siad that, here are the facts. Coach Brown has been in the top 8 at state every year except one (which was the year everyone just knew they would take it all). He has placed at state more than any other coach in the state since he has taken over the position. Does he have the big one yet, nope and that can change next year. Get behind him guys. There will not be a change at the helm. Buy into his system and work it. If everyone is going the same direction, we have a good chance next year. Let's go get one. It all starts right now!

Rebel Parent

One more thing: As near as I can tell, if we would have made our free throws in our close games that meant something, we would have taken home the trophy this year. A free throw is a shot that has nothing to do with the coaching staff. I bet every player on the team has a basketball standard at their house and could practice that one very important shot. Valley hit something like 24 of 25 to beat us the last game. Let's concentrate on that thing we could help with. What do you say Rebels! Let's do this! It all starts now!

re rebel parent

How foolish of you to blame our kids, you should know by now that kids are responsible for wins coaches are responsible for losses.


I agree SUU is the only way to go for STATE Tourneys

To Another Rebel Fan

Sorry that you are offended that I dissed your coach. It is true that Rich is always near the top but they have never been at the top have they? As a player are you really happy just "being competitive and always near the top? Frankly, I think you guys deserve more. I realize that it isn't the coach playing the game, however, it is the coach getting the boys ready to play and I seriously don't believe your coaches gets the best out of you boys. I think the Rebels were probably the most athletic team down there this year, however, they didn't play as a team.....that comes down to coaching.

Another Rebel Fan

What did I say that would make you think I was offended? Just stating some facts. Not saying I am always right about things. Thanks for your comments and concerns and interest in Rich sports. It is all good.

Reply to reply

How can you say that coaches are responsible for loses, and players are responsible for wins? The coaches contribute as much effort as the players. The coaches can only do so much, after that it is up to the kids to take what the coaches have taught them and play basketball. Rich has very talented coaches and players!! They are a very young team and will do really well!

Re: Rebel Parent

You said, "A free throw is a shot that has nothing to do with the coaching staff. I bet every player on the team has a basketball standard at their house and could practice that one very important shot."

Isn't that why the boys go to basketball practice? Are they not practicing these there? Oh probably not huh? Why would we practice free throws in practice?

Re Re Rebel parent

As a past player I can vouch that alot of time is spent shooting free throws in practice however the point being made is that the player still has to shoot them not the coach. Shooting is something that is done every night. however if all the time is spent on individual skills when do you work on team stuff such as offense and defense

Re Re Rebel Parent

Basketball is a game of fundamentals. To be a great shooter you have to shoot. It doesn't matter if it is free throws or three point shots. One can not become a great shooter by just shooting during practice. Ii is a year round committment. Those who put in the time year round play, while those who just pick up a ball "During Practice" are usually the ones who sit more often. Coaches often play the hand they are dealt.

Rebel Fan

You know what all you people on the band wagon supporting the coaching staff at Rich High deserve just what you have. Just keeping pounding your heads against the wall maybe someday you will decide it hurts and want to make a change.

Re: Rebel Fan 3:35

Yes we are on the band wagon of supporting the kids and coaches rather than blaming everything on someone besides ourselves as you are doing. Why don't you give us your suggestion for what change you would suggest. If you change coaches, who are you going to get? You want to end up with the young kids that Altamont has coaching? Tabiona? Who in the County are you going to get? Give us your solution. There are three very seasoned and quality coaches in the County (Kip Motta, Cindy Stuart, Ralph Johnson). Even if you were sure that they would be better than Coach Brown (not sure how you can be sure of this but I would at least agree they are all very seasoned and quality people) what makes you think any of those three would every consider the position? If there are not better options out there, why get on here and complain and make everyone wish they had something different than what they got?

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