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Published: Saturday, March 7 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Everyone needs to accept responsibiltiy for their actions, including the crooks in the White House. Maybe if the rich Demo's paid their taxes and followed the laws of our constitution we would all be better off. Congress should not have given themselves a raise and then ask us to suck it up and pay more taxes to feed their PORK projects. Give businesses a tax break so more people will have jobs, increasing taxes on people without jobs, doesn't make sense to me!
O-- one
B-- big
A-- A_ _
M-- istake
A-- America!!!
NO more big government and big paying jobs for a select few of Obama's crooks with no experience in running a Kool aid stand let alone the government.


Do you know you just recieved a tax cut and when the Bush cuts expire the richest 5 percent will go back to what they were paying under Clinton when everyone did well. The Republican plan would put the ultra-wealthy at 25% tax rate. The lowest since 1931. Think Hoover/depression rates.


All the Republican ilk want is to call your representatives who won't listen; vote the bums in and out of office (lot of good that did the past twenty years), and sit back and wait for the "free market" to fix everything. They are a bunch of two-faced simpletons who can't even take themselves Seriously. You suggest any changes for the better and they drag the Constitutionality of it into the mix. They are not and never will be the answers to the considerable problems which we face. They will only be the loudest and most dishonest deniers.


My uncle was telling me about all the constructions jobs paid for in federal dollars doing highway work in Utah. This is the same Utah that had people complaining when NASA cut spending and Utah lost 200 jobs.

Without stimulus spending our unemployment would have been much worst. What kind of future will your kiddies have if our economy doesn't recover?

I'm single and I've been taxed high so, folks in Utah pay less taxes and go to these events to whine about socialism and wealth redistribution.

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