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Published: Saturday, March 7 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Ultra Bob

It is my greatest hope that my grandkids along with Gideon wont be future residents of the new Hoovervilles created if the Republicans have their way. However, I suspect that Gideons parents are so well heeled that no matter how deep the depression gets, they wont be harmed. It is very unlikely that the people in the protest are working people dependent on a viable economy.

It is my desperate plea that people use their God-given brain to think through the deluge of political garbage that the Republicans are using to subjugate the American people.

The Republican plan for the economy is for the government to stop spending and let the lack of jobs and purchasing power reduce the value of any wealth in the public to the point where it can be bought up for pennies. Its a great plan for those who have lots of money and are mainly concerned with taxes, but not so great for those whos main concern is just staying alive.

Please dont let the Republicans take this country back to the time of the Hoovervilles.

It's not partisan

I love how the Obama supporters keep saying that Republicans weren't against the Bush bailouts. YOU ARE WRONG! Most of us were upset with those bailouts as well, and as you can see they have done nothing to stimulate the economy. So when Obama comes in and says that the problem is we haven't spent enough, then the true conservatives of this country finally say they've had enough. In the late 70's inflation was out of control, there was an energy crisis, housing prices were too high to afford, and many people were losing jobs. Sound familiar? Reagan was elected and opted to stay out of the market and instead scale back government, which ticked off a lot of liberals who felt that he should have saved us. The result was that eventually the market corrected itself. Home prices dropped, fuel became affordable and inflation came under control because suddenly things were affordable again which resulted in decades of prosperity. Yes, it hurt for a while, but the long term affects were positive. We conservatives want this course of action regardless of party so quit saying that it's a partisan issue with us.

re: Ultra Bob

First of all, let's look at the cause of this debacle. Look at who got the most money from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Rep. Barney Franks, Senator Dodd, and then Senator Obama. Yet the Rebpublicans are to blame for the housing issues? The Democrats are firmly in control of California, and that is one of the biggest housing problem states! Clinton started it by passing legislation to encourage loans to those that couldn't afford them, hence the beginning of the "interest only", and "pay go" loans. These loans allowed people to buy housing because they weren't paying for them. The thought was that they would sell as profit before they'd have to start paying for the housing. This along with the Fed tampering with interest rates, caused a housing bubble that would eventually pop. When Bush and McCain tried to rail this in in 2003, they were unable to do so thanks to Barney Franks, Senator Dodd and Senator (at the time) Obama along with their allies.

re: Ultra Bob

I saw an interesting stat. If those that make $500,000/year were taxed at 100%, it still wouldn't be enough to pay for what President Obama has currently proposed. As those folks pay about 40% of all the Federal income taxes, I think it is obvious we are in dire straits! President Obama inherited a gross deficit from President Bush, but rather than cutting it, he has doubled it in one month, and then proposed more legislation to make it far worse. The government is going to be bankrupted by the increased spending, and then we will truly feel some economic pain. How many of us can afford our mortgages if our food and gas bills double? How much will the banks suffer if the people that could afford their mortgages start to default? This is a never ending downward spiral that we are being put into!

I've lived it

Good old anonymous...Republican Congress?! are you for real? Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have been in charge for quite awhile but you need to blame Rep's!

The veiled attack 'Gideon's parents are probly well heeled' was totally uncalled for and stupid. Dad was at work and someone keeping money they earned is a negative in your mind? Feel sorry for that kind of thinking. WE WANT OBAMA'S SOCIALISM TO FAIL!!! you should as well since it can't work.

Arnold Waldner

Where were you last administration, protesters? Home sticking things on your suv in support of the trillion dollar war, and demanding tax cuts?


What does it say about an individual, let alone an entire political philosophy, that can convince the poor to feel sorry for the rich because in two years they're going to have to pay an extra nickel for everyone one of the hundreds of thousands of dollars they make every year?

Let's do a little math.

A single person earning $200,000 a year is going to pay $78,000 in federal taxes starting in 2011. That leaves him with $122,000 NET.

The median income in Utah is around $50,000 BEFORE taxes. Which is pretty close to the national average income (these are 2007 numbers).

When your net income is more than twice the average GROSS over everybody else's, what exactly are you complaining about? You're going to pay an extra 5 cents for every dollar TWO YEARS HENCE and you feel robbed? You pay more in taxes than the average citizen makes in a year and you have the audacity to say you're being punished for being successful while regular Americans are busting their butts at low-paying jobs with no benefits with families to raise?


N. Van Horn

A good thing people are finally realizing what the government is doing with taxes and doing something about it. Go people! It is good to see the people taking more control of their government.

Hey Puente

The Democrats have already cost my family several thousndas of dollars in higher taxes because they DIDN'T RENEW THE PRo-FAMILY BUSH TAX CUTS. Instantly, several thousands of dollars more in taxes. And we're slightly above average wage in Utah, but certainly not "the rich". So to argue that its just "pennies" on the rich, you're drinking some kind of funky kool-aid. And besides, it's socalism to rquire that everyone be exactly alike in wages, benefits, etc., in spite of education, skills, desire, drive, risk-taking... If you want to live Socialist, please try Venezuela or Cuba.

SLC gal

Nationalized banks, government handouts, I honestly belive the change Obama is shooting for is called socialism!!!

SLC gal

BTW, the communist party of America (yes, there is such a thing... google them) calls Obama the 'people's president'... look it up. What does that tell you when communists, who are against everything America stands for, are supporting this clown?


For those that didn't notice (see the first comment) this IS a protest against D.C. and the "Stimulate federal government growth by diluting money and enslaving future generations" package, not against Utah.


Why wasn't the "Utah tea party" out in force when BUSH ran the BIGGEST deficits our country has ever seen? So, spending to get large banks and the likes of AIG is o.k.? Military spending o.k.? No bid contracts o.k.?
But, to have a president in office who is spending money on job creation, education, health care, states and roads is not o.k.?
Everytime we have Republicans in office they SPEND,SPEND,SPEND.

Chaunce S.

It's the Republicans fault! No, it's the Democrats fault! The two party system is only false left and right paradigm. The majority of the people sit here and argue who's fault it is instead of looking at what has caused the problem. This has been leading up to what is happening now for the last 50+ years. People put the blame on Bush-he was but the straw that broke the camels back. The war has a lot to do with it, but we as a nation are constintly in a war. Even if Obama takes the troops out-50'000 will remain in 56 bases and he is sending troops to Afghanistan. Obama is not the savior that many liberals think he is. He has said that he wants to lower the deficit to 500 billion, but how can he do that by doubling it!? Let's spend ourself into prosperity, that should work right? Debt does not equal prosperity, savings does. I don't want Obama to fail if his intent is to promote peace and help the poor, but if it is to promote socialism-I want any Auhoritarian to fail!

james fressel

now i see pelosi and reid changed the stimulus plan so that 300,000 illegals can get the jobs meant for tax payers.

every day its something else.

Checked Obama's poll nos.?

You Chicken Littles should take a look at the very HIGH approval ratings for Obama in national polls. Rushbo may fool a few Utahns, but REAL Americans know that he's doing the right thing.


I have checked his poll numbers and they are dropping as fast as the stock market.

Terry Tafoya

The economy was in great shape 2 years ago, it got screwed up when the democrats took control of Congress, they control the spending not Bush. Obama was part of Congress so he didn't inherit it he was part of the cause, just another lie to his many lies. He misrepresents the facts, blames others for his failures. WE are changing to something worse than socialism we are changing to incompetant socialism. We have been lied to about AIG, and why is AIG the only insurance company to get bailed out, favortism (PAY BACK), lack of accountability with taypayers funds. funds used without standards and controls, there were no plans or objectives other than spend to make millionares into billionares. All of this wihout constitutional authority which will make a phony crisis into a real crisis. Congress and the President have not supported the Constitution which keeps Govenment out of our pockets.

S. Grace

Everyone likes to play the blame game! It was our own U.S.Government who loosened the mortgage regulations, and demanded that we give loans to those that could not afford them. Mmmmm! Who was President when that legislation was signed? Check your facts! You might be sadly surprised....around the year 1999

Do you want Government controlling every aspect of your life? If you don't mind, then you are getting exactly what you deserve. People came in droves to our country from Europe to escape government oppression. They might even be your Grandparents! Ever seen the names on the bricks at Ellis Island?

The Tea Parties are not about being Republican or Liberal. Its about retaining our freedoms and liberties. Its about upholding our United States Constitution. Read the Constitution...it talks about preventing government from taking a stronghold. Its about "We the people"

Let your voices be heard - as far as I know that right has not been taken away YET!

american '47

Ranting about socialism/communism. What about Social Security, Medicare, farm payments for planting nothing, personal and corporate handouts/welfare? That's been there for as long as I've lived. It's all tax funded, and government administered. How can such a large wonderful nation be without cost? Big nation: big budget. You like Interstate highways, personal security and a first world lifestyle? It comes at a price. It's way past time for accountability. We have much government, but not enough performance. To all the critics: it's like twist the pig's ear and watch it squeal. Didn't hear all this grousing for the last 16 years. This mess didn't just happen,and none of us are that bad off, since we are here in the USA. If you work, and don't quit, you will survive. Everyone benefits from living in this country. Look in a mirror before pointing a finger and whining about the other guy getting the most from the latest handout.

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