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Published: Saturday, March 7 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Wrong Location for Protest

Utah's spending is chump change compared to Obama budget...Massive redistribution of wealth and socialism. Unprecedented Keynsian spending spree. Democrats in D.C. are spending like drunken Sailors. But at least drunken sailors have some discretion. The debt that is piled on everyone in the Obama budget is $17,000 for every man, woman, and child. But the taxes go up on every tithing-paying Mormon because he wants to limit charitable contributions. $4 billion for ACORN to commit voter fraud. $50 million for Nancy Pelosi and endangered "rat" around San Fran bay. $8 billion for monorail for Harry Reid. It's disgusting, and there's little outrage because "main-stream" media doesn't focus on it -- half of Washington Press corps has quit to go to work for Obama. We have a radical president, folks. Truly radical. Protest Washington, not Utah.


Amen. "Change you can believe in." Obama's change is change that is abohorent. Job losses of 4,000,000 since December. Six months from now if the BO tax and spend cruise ship doesn't change course we will be in a depression. Obama's killed my business.


An EXCELLENT thing to fight for.

I thought the sign that said, "Put an end to borrow and spend", got it just about right. That, and the additional fact that the money being borrowed is coming, once again, at the expense of our FUTURE even more than the present, pretty much sums it up.

We really don't HAVE to become and Obamanation if we don't want to. Having experienced socialism first hand, I KNOW I DON'T WANT TO.







So, are we supposed to link hands with "dear leader" and sing kumbaya, when he's going to raise my taxes, limit my charitable contribution deduction --just so he can send billiosn to his ACORN nut cases and welfare dependents? He's about to totally ruin this country and kill the goose through his tax and spending policies. So, are conservatives supposed to just sit back and be happy about it? If that's partisan to opose socialism/communism, and massive trillions more in debt -- and cronyism from the Chicago crooked plitical machine -- then I'M HUGELY PARTISAN. And, psst, there's nothing wrong with partisnaship. It's healthy to have 2 party system. It's the Democrat's time to govern, unfortunately, and they control Congress and th Presidency. They can't blame Republicans for thier failures. See the stock market tank AFTER obama's plan came out? That's a vote of NO CONFIDENCE. He's a RADICAL, and this is just the beginning. Not the kind of CHANGE I think a lot of Americans were thinking about.

excerpt David Kirkham speech

These spending bills despoil us one feather at a time. Legislators deceive us by saying the only way out of this economic nightmare--of their own creation--is to impose a tsunami of stupefying government programs--each one with print so fine, those who sign it don't even bother to read it.

Politicians of both parties, like the Roman Senate of old, promise bread and circuses as they line their war chests with our children's money. Bush's bailout boondoggle and Obama's attempt to decorate the earth with dollar bills forebodes another haunting specter. Inflation lurks in this madness. We were in Poland when they chopped 4 zeros off of their currency to dispel the demons of inflation. One day the National credit card statement must arrive in each of our wallets. Sadly, that day has already fallen on far too many small businesses across our country.


We need the Goverment to stop spending money they don't have. This is going to destroy America.


Where were all of these protesters while George Bush was spenbding your childrens money to fight a war of his own making that he lied to start????? At least the stimulus is being spent at home to try to get this country out of debt that accumulated after the Bush administration allowed the fimancial sector to run wild. Deregulation does not work, greed always takes over. Sorry, but your childrens money was spent long ago.

David Edward Garber

Our federal government has become riddled with too many scoundrels and fools (in BOTH parties) who seem intent upon running our once-great nation into the ground, ravaging our economy with hyperinflationary borrow-and-spend policies while they slowly erect a surveillance/police state upon the tatters of our inspired Constitution. We need to repent, including by re-embracing the wisdom of our nation's founders. If we don't, then, like the Romans over two millennia ago, we'll lose what remains of our once-free republic. Where are our modern-day Sons of Liberty? We have work to do.

at the protest

to "no problem" - I was there and there were several signs talking about Bush starting us down this path. this has been a bi-partisan issue and the Republicans did lose their way the last few years. That is also one reason why I voted for Jason Chaffetz - he was not afraid to say that the Republicans blew it. He is also a fiscal conservative.
Obama has not made it better and I agree with "partisanship" that the stock market clearly does not trust the economic direction this country is going under his leadership.
We need to stop spending money we DO NOT HAVE. Budget 101. No deficit spending, no doubling or tripling of the debt. Enough is enough.


Partisanship is killing America! Stop being Republicrat stooges and do the right thing! Protest the government bailouts!


Take back the country from rich fatcats that continue to treat it as their own private piggy bank.


Liberal, BIG GOVERNMENT policies are rapidly turning us in to a third world country. If we don't take back our country soon, we will become slaves to it.

In 6 weeks,

Obama has increased the deficit more than Bush 41, Clinton and Bush 43 did in 16 years. If you're not frightened, you're not paying attention...


I'm not drinking your Kool Aid. You have been attacking Obama since before he was in office. You've made it clear you want Obama to fail. I believe racism plays a role in your hatred. David Dude has gained support too.

If Bush and a republican congress hadn't caused the worst economy since the Great Depression, Obama wouldn't have to try to simulate our economy. At least Obama is trying to do something. You just tear things apart in your hatred.

You think burying your head in the sand is a solution? The economy will magically rebound. Cutting taxes made all of us wealthy too. The same Messiah that told you to vote for Bush has directed you to try to see Obama fails even if your kids have no future. You don't care about kids anymore than you care about the poor or unemployed. You're just exploiting babies.

Why would a business invest or hire. They will for the good of the nation? More jobs are history. Many of you are a few weeks from being acked. When, you're without a paycheck, call Limbaugh.


In 6 weeks.......You are simply a liar. Most of our debt came under Reagan, Bush 1 and Bush 2....the Obama budget does add more debt...but to say that it is more than the 3 aforementioned is nothing but a lie....because you can't deal in the truth, I guess you are forced to lie. BTW....if the stimulus money is bad---Utah shouldn't take a dime of it....which of course it will...more hypocrisy. Problem is most people in Utah just can't stand a POTUS who is half African....that is the heart of the issue.


It is terribly difficult to predict the long-term negative affects of this so called "stimulus" package. Pouring trillions of dollars into the economy could easily produce hyper inflation and with millions of baby boomers retiring and on fixed incomes how will the government fix that?This "stimulus" is terribly irresponsible. Our federal government is currently acting like some crazy lottery winners who spend themselves into bankruptcy. I have no confidence at all in Washington--Democrat or Republican, it makes no difference. Our leaders seem determined to make us all miserable.


If anyone of Utah's resident would be justified refusing to pay their taxes, it'd be your gays and lesbians. They get NOTHING from Utah, and should return the favor.


There are more financial disasters headed our way and the Federal Government thinks we can spend our way to prosperity. It goes against all logic.

We, the citizens of the United States, are in Deep Kim-Shee.


Sorry, Gideon (2 year old holding sign) you now owe the United States government $17,000.00.

No wonder you have a frown on your face.

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