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Published: Saturday, March 7 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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It is good to see that the church is finely accepting Brigham Young's involvement in the massacre. It was a sad tragedy but we all must push on.


Your assertion that the Church "is finely (sic) accepting Brigham Young's involvement in the massacre" is, unfortunately, a figment of your diseased imagination. The Church is accepting nothing of the kind, certainly not because Bagley believes it.

By the way, it's "finally", not "finely".


Re: Eichendorff
Wow, it looks as though someone kicked a Brighamnite in the shin and knee pretty darn hard. That was cold my (not) friend. I don't think the comment was centered towards you personally. Get a life with your own DISEASED mind! Good grief!

Blindness hurts.


how come the Moron Meadows Massacre blogs are always the most intense? it looks like Eichendoff has picked a fight of denial. Ummm, this is part of church history that seems to raise the wires on everyone's necks.


Dear Eichendof, even though it may hurt, it is better to know and accept the truth. Brigham Young was involved in the MMM. He was directly or indirectly involved with anything and everything concerning the church authority and actions in Utah.


Avart...ditto on that.


Please cite your proof! Oh, I'm sorry, imagination doesn't count.

RE: RE: Avart

"RE: Avart"...ditto on that.

We demand proof, not specious allegations.


There are still many questions unanswered fully and the debate and research continues. I would like to see Richard Lyman Bushman target it for a book. His integrity and respect in historical research and evaluation is widely held in and outside the church.

RE; RE; Avart

Sorry to wake you up, but there are many unsolved crimes and unconvicted criminals, Even though they are known,, nevertheless, they are no less guilty. Everything does not have to be proven to be known. Just like at testimony meetings. So maybe imagination does count for more than you give it credit for.


One is only ignorant to deny the massacre and the mormon church role. It is like most things in the church, take the good and ignore the bad. Unfortunately the sum of the bad or false teachings surpass the good.


Nice to see the church accepting responcibility. Now it would be great to see the finances and get a look into that whole mess.

Re: Bart

The MMM was a terrible tragedy on both sides of the isle. I don't think the church ever denied any responsibility. The discussion has always been how much is there to bear. These are questions that will probably never be answered because those who could are long gone. A group of individuals who belonged to the Mormon Church made some very bad decisions and a tragedy errupted because of it. The whole situation is very sad. It is also sad that these same individuals felt so threatened by the terror they had experienced in their trek into Utah that they felt they were possibly in danger somehow. Bad judgment by many caused the tradegy before the Mormon pioneers came to Utah and then after. I think it is time for forgiveness by all. That also includes Mormons forgiving those mobs who murdered their members everywhere they settled before they finally settled in Utah. Much regret has been expressed, as well as apologies from the Mormon Church for this tragedy. All very well documented. It is time for all to move forward together to solve our country's bigger problems in places and ways that actually are productive.


I know many members have tried apologized to these people to no avail. It's better to let this rest and get on with our lives as members of this great church.

saddest day?

The saddest day about the MMM is that the MC covered it up for years and years and years and years... and yet they try to tell me and my family how truthful the MC is.

horse pucky.

Re: Nancy

Members not need apologize. If it is true a proclaimed prophet and a man of the Lord directed this deed. I want to hear it from today's self procaimed prophet, then I will know the fallicy or non-existence of modern revelation is true.


Give it a rest already.

My grandpappy always said, you don't beat a dead horse. Forgiveness involves forgetting--on both sides.

What does it accomplish bringing up all the old garbage which happened? I am responsible for what "I" do, not for what my grandpappy in Arkansas did.

If you choose to be bitter, full of venom and miserable..wel that's is your choice. But your choice will only bring on more misery for yourself. Just forget about it!

That wasn't you in Mountain Meadows, that wasn't you who came from Arkansas. We have forgiven the Japanese and Vietnamese, and these major conflicts happened not long ago.

So how Christian are we who do not turn the other cheek and forgive. As the Lord's pray says: "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive others." Isn't that what love and happiness are all about--AND the true basis for Christianity? Not wallowing in poison.


Well, heck folks-- There is nothing you can do today to bring Brigham Young to stand trial for the MMM. He took his secrets to his grave. I know he was a really angry man over the outsiders coming into SLC who were harassing the saints, so you need to understand Brigham Youngs's anger and now let it go to sleep.


It is true that many members who are descendants of the perpetrators have apologized to the descendants of the victims of the MMM. They act insulted and will not forgive and usually like to start an argument (OVER BRIGHAM YOUNG BEING THE MAIN PERPETRATOR FOR THE MMM) and the LDS members rather than to simply let this go. I feel so sad that these people have so much hate towards members of the church today, who had nothing to do with the massacre. The victims descendants think Brigham young is guilty no matter what you say to them and WE cannot change their minds no matter how nice or good we may treat them. It seems useless to me.


Wow it is really convenient to be God's Chosen People. You can brush off MMM by saying 'get over it', like it was akin to not being chosen cheerleader. The problem is that you Mormons posit yourselves as the arbiters of morality--you have the first and last word on who and what is moral, and of course, repentance is always for someone else--never for Mormons or the MC's leaders. I am taking my 3 kids to MMM memorial this summer, as I want to remind them what Mormons are capable of when they esteem you an enemy--whether you are or not. As a proud homosexual father of 3 boys, I have seen what the MC is still capable of in demonizing, vilifying and marginalizing my family in California. Of course Mormons want to 'move on' ....they have new 'enemies' (gays) to go after!!

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