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Published: Saturday, March 7 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Re: UVSC Alum

What, only an LDS person is honest? Get Real. There are many good people out there, just look outside the box.

President's arent administrators

I think the tv is in focus now,

"Too bad you didn't get an experience person, who could have at least been a chairman or a head of department for a year or two."

Where do you people come up with this stuff? There is absolutely no basis in the belief that Presidents of Universities should be administrators before they become University President's. Every University has its administrators. Adding one more would do no good and would probably distract from the real role of a University President which is primarily focused on the community outside of the University.

There are many talented people who perform the day to day operations of a University and the President is at the head. He sets general policy which is then implemented by University administrators.

He sets the vision for the University and works with community and state leaders to achieve that vision. He is rarely focused on the day to day operations of the University.

The office of the President of UVU includes an Executive Director of Planning and Budget, Internal Auditor, an Assistant for Federal Relations and an Assistant for Constituent Relations and receptionists. Do you see his role?

Chat about sports or religion

To: Re: UVSC Alum

"What, only an LDS person is honest? Get Real. There are many good people out there, just look outside the box."

It doesn't hurt that he is LDS since those he will be working with on the community, state and federal level will most likely be LDS. His religion may help him get past many of the barriers University President's face when dealing with community and state leaders.

While it isn't absolutely necessary it would be a great help to him in his new role. This may offend a lot of people but it is essential that the President is able to get along with or have something in common with those he will be working with. If that is his religion I have no problem with it. It could be a shared interest in basketball, approximate age or even having attended the same university.

A University President will set a vision for the University and he will have to get people to support that vision. If what they chit-chat about before he panders to them is religion than so be it but the chit-chat is necessary.

Trust the BoR

The Board of Regents are not dummies. They have every reason to want who they feel is best.

Being a department chair is highly overrated. Department chairs do not run budgets. They represent the department in larger meetings.

Each candidate had a chance to put their best foot forward. Sometimes, the ones who have the best new ideas are the best candidates. Give him some time and we will see.

A long-time acquaintance

Having know Matt Holland a long time, I can confidently say that he is a great choice. I know a lot of people with more experience and credentials, but none would do as good job as he.

I am very optimistic about what this choice means for my children's higher education.

UVU Student

As a student at UVU I am very excited for our new president. For all you haters of Holland, STOP complaining. You don't go to UVU so you have no right to bash on our new president.

Rebecca Holmes

This is a great calling for President Holland. I this his values and integrity as a member of the church will help put UVU on the map. This was a good choice by the church, I wish him luck.

Re No Comparison

Re No Comparison: you are missing the point, which is there is no basis for the analogy. Holland was not experienced; whereas, Obama was experienced. You cannot simply posit an analogy without thought to the predicate.

Norm Wright

Good luck to you Matt. I am confident that you will do a great job.

Better than Obama

My guess is that most of those complaining about Matt's appointment voted for Barack Obama---who has absolutely no executive experience. Yet, they voted for Obama......mostly for his looks,his speaking ability, etc. So don't be so sanctimonious in your condemnation of Matt Holland. He has at least as much (if not more)experience relative to this new position than does Barack Obama relative to being the president of the United States. I know Matt personally, and he will do a superb job! Excellent choice!

Get your facts straight

Better than Obama,

"My guess is that most of those complaining about Matt's appointment voted for Barack Obama---who has absolutely no executive experience."

First, I'm not complaining about Holland and I voted for Obama. Second, Obama had executive experience as President of the Harvard Law Review and as Director of several non-profits.

"He has at least as much (if not more)experience relative to this new position than does Barack Obama relative to being the president of the United States."

Both Holland and Obama have the experience necessary for their respective positions. In fact, Dr. Holland almost has enough experience to be President of the United States and not just President of UVU. I would probably vote for him even though he's a Republican.

To Embarrassed

Re: " I'm sure he is a good guy and will do just fine in the position, but the point is that the most qualified and able person did not get the job! Shame!!"

I currently live out east and work for one of the world's largest corporations. One thing I can tell you is that academic degrees, age, and experience are only a small part of the leaderhship equation (though the establishment sometimes behaves otherwise). We have a number of leaders here at our company who are promoted at very young ages to positions well beyond their experience level. And most of them succeed, not because of where they went to school or their previous positions, but becasue they know how to build and execute a vision. They know how to ask question, listen, seek experienced advise, and then formulate a path forward. They are generally great communicators, and many come from families where leadership has been modeled. They know how to deal with the spotlight and pressure without losing their effectiveness.

I have known Matt (and Page) for many years. They both will be great.


Like I said in an earlier post that the DN refused to post, the head of the search committee is a family friend of the Hollands. That made all the difference in someone as inexperienced as Holland getting this job. It takes more than a PhD to do this position. The president has to fundraise, settle personnel disputes, manage a large budget, and many other things. Let's call it for what it is: The Regents gave Holland the job because of his family name. They took a chance on a rookie. But the fact is, UVA needs to raise money and with his family name he might be the best man for the job.

To Anonymous

First of all. What's UVA? You must mean UVU; at least get the school initials correct. Do you even go to UVU? Probably not, so STOP complaining. I go to UVU and I am excited for President Holland. They hired him because he was qualified, so I'm sorry that you cannot see that and must remain in your own delusional world.

RE: To Anonymous

Those questioning the regents decision may not have attended UVU, but we are tax payers so we have the right to questions our officials. Oh I apologize to the LDS faithful, you have NO right to question your leaders.


Congrats to Dr. Holland! I have no doubt he will be absolutely fabulous! Good things are in store for UVU with him at the head! I'm excited to see the progress the school will make in these next years! I hope the community will put aside their trite differences and controversial arguments to stand behind such a great leader! Good luck Dr. Holland!


It is exciting. I know a couple of board members and they are outstanding deliberate people, who are very successful in their both vast and broad experience. I would suggest that Matt is the best choice. I know Dr. Jack Christianson and know he would readily bow to the choice, as he well-accomplished and yet not in any way a power-hungry person. He did things at the Orem Institute that no one has every done before, adn may not in the future. It's not the same without him. So, he is a stellar man. Matt will water this university and you and all of us will watch it grow. Go Matt. Go UVU!

Navajo Joe

BYU?? There goes UVU!

to "why go to Duke"

Utah is a young culture so what still matters is money, image, and surnames. Also, if one is truly interested in higher education they don't get it all in one school or culture.


Check the chronicle. Presidents are required to have experience to be qualified for aposition. Holland didn't. Good ole' boys network.

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