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Published: Saturday, March 7 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Another Concerned UVU Student

This is to 'A Concerned UVU Student'. No problem, I'm voicing my opinion, but in support of President Holland. Your ideas are ludicrous. Yes, times are difficult and UVU is growing and developing, but I think that President Holland is the best man for the job. I don't know the guy, but I've heard great things about him. You make me laugh, no offense. He's going to break our growth? That's hilarious. How can you say such a thing, especially when you don't know him? My sister had him as a professor at BYU, and she liked him. BYU students are allowed to speak freely, I don't know why you like to spout such nonsense. Sure, it's LDS dominant and pretty conservative, but get over it. It's a private university also. Do you go to BYU? Obviously not, since you're at UVU. Speak our minds? You must mean that UVU is much more liberal than BYU. That is true. It's sad, but true. I think President Holland will do a fantastic job as our president. I'm SPEAKING OUT just to let the other UVU student know.


what a joke.

Re: why go to Duke

I don't see anything wrong with expanding our educational backgrounds outside of Utah or any other States we live in. I'm not saying that higher education in Utah is not world class. Matt Holland is going to do just fine at UVU.

Re: Concerned UVU Student

Your concerns are legitimate, but you must understand that you've misinterpreted what "putting the brakes on" means. UVU has expanded at a very rapid rate. That means that its degree programs are a mile wide and an inch deep. Most bachelors degrees barely have the faculty to sustain them and an overly large percentage of the faculty lack PhDs. He is not saying that UVU will be frozen in time just as it is, he's saying that the university will focus on strengthening the programs already in place - it is not enough to offer bachelors degrees, they need to be excellent degrees. He is choosing to focus on quality over quantity. UVU will still expand program offerings, etc., but now the focus will be on strengthening existing programs and growing at a stable and sustainable rate.
Mindless uncontrolled growth is a good definition of cancer, it is not a viable operating plan for a university.

RE: Benson and Holland

Hey thanks for giving us a chance to show you that these guys are the most qualified. It is fortunate for all those associated with UVU and SUU that a committee of qualified individuals was in charge of the hiring process rather than you.
Both Holland and Benson had acquired the academic pedigree to lead in their respective positions. They have fewer years experience than some of the other candidates that were considered, it is true.

But I would challenge you to tell me why quantity of experience should matter more than vision, energy and passion? Only the truly inept whose only qualification is the amount of time they've done something rather than the skill with which they have done it worry about experience to this degree. Real institutions that have an eye on the future will always prize personal attributes of the individual more than the quantity of years s/he has spent at a given task.

This young university needs a young and vibrant leader and it has found one in Matt Holland.

So there you go, I hope that answers your question.


The fact that America elected a non-qualified person to be president may well prove to be disastrous in the end. The election of Obama is not a valid reason to think that now every job no longer requires qualifications. If Holland can pull it off,good for him but no one should be surprised if there are many missteps along the way, and if, in the end, he should have waited to get some real experience before appyling for the top job at a university.

Re: Why Go to Duke?

The reality is that Utah has fine institutions at which to receive a bachelor's degree or even a law, business or medical degree. If you wish to do advanced study in any other field, Utah is a terrible choice. More than anything I wish I could received a great advanced education in history or political science in Utah but that simply is not the case. If one wishes to strive for academic excellence there are very few options in Utah which has mediocre programs in most fields. Do you really want kids in Utah taught by individuals who received a mediocre education in their field?? You should want the best for Utah. For the moment, at least, that means professors who receive their advanced education outside of Utah.

Duke and other Higher Ed Institu

Believe it or not there is tremendous value in obtaining diverse views on how things work, particularily in higher education which is really quite a complex issue. People do come to the state of Utah for their higher education experience and then ruturn to another state or country to share what they learned. This is how we all learn from eachother--its education. Being narrow is learning from the same person, institution, subject without being exposed to diverse ways of thinking and doing things. Do you really think that you are so set in your views that you cannot make room and be influenced by others who see things differently? If you have a cherished religious belief that you hold dear, continue to cherish it. There is no need to feel threatened by others views. Learning from others will deeped the way you feel about your beliefs and at the same time help you to see how your beliefs can be influential.


I can't stand ignorant people who suggest that Dr. Holland got the job because of his last name. You have no idea what the search committee was looking for, nor do you know how each of the candidates meshed with the search committee during the interview process. Contrary to what you assume, Dr. Holland is an incredibly capable individual independent of who his Dad is or what his last name is.


What a shock. Was there ever any doubt?

Excellent Choice

As my neighbors for the past several years, I can only say that we have the highest regard and confidence in the newly selected President of UVU and his Chief of Staff and their children. Demographics
indicate a great challenge to accommodate an increasing number of high school graduates who would prefer to obtain a higher education in this area, which the present facilities and competition do not permit. Good luck to President Holland in addressing this need along with the tough budgetary decisions that must be made in the current economic malaise.

UVU is great place

Last I heard 27 percent of our country has a college degree; I wish I could wave a magic wand and move that up to 70 or 80 percent; maybe we are moving there slowly and surely----we can only hope, and by keeping college debt as low as possible. I think Holland and Benson are great people and will do wonders for higher education in the future, but they would also be great elementary school principals, great 6th grade teachers, great coaches in high school blessing thousands of lives there as well. They know as well as anyone that elementary and high school are probably more important than college and so eventually in the long term future they will try the secondary school level which I am sure they also have a passion for (but with a little less pay and pizzazz and media.) Or if that isn't their preference, maybe a second career would be to start their own business and invent a product and manufacture a technological device that will get an industry and economy moving in the real hard nose business world.


It looks like there is one less place for unhappy BYU professors to land.

Future is bright

Can't wait to see where you take the University Dr. Holland! You are a great man, a great people person and I have tremendous respect for you. Best of luck!


why go to Duke?

People have to go to Duke, Yale, etc. because that is where the best programs are. Utah has only three universities with major graduate programs. They cannot have the best programs in every discipline, and it would be foolish to go to graduate school but to choose not to go to the best school you could. Going to a university outside of Utah has nothing to do with need to come back to Utah "to tech the rest of us about the 'real world.'" Don't be so quick to pass judgment.

Re: Reasoner

Heaven forbid that someone make any missteps! What we need are robots in leadership positions that are totally incapable of taking a wrong step!

Of course that might involve sacrificing something with regard to innovation, creativity, vision, intuition, dynamism and all the other qualities that we generally associate with leadership. But its worth it right, knowing that things are safely being managed with precision and without the slightest chance of accidentally doing something worthwhile.

Yep, a highly experienced robot; that's exactly what UVU should have chosen.

John Pack Lambert

Here in Michigan we are lucky if the professors and presidents at our major universities have ever even set foot in the state before interviewing for their positions.
If you were to attack someone who got their bachelors degree in the state and has spent there entire academic career in the state for having gotten a Ph.D. in another state here in Michigan we would laugh you out of existence, and we have at least five schools on the level of Utah's top three.

No Comparison

The comparisons in several of these comments between Obama's and Holland's rspective "experience" are humerous. Obama was a U.S. Senator and, when he was in academia, he was a law professor at Chicago, an elite law school. He may be young, but his experiences clearly evidence a capacity beyond his age. Holland was an associate professor at BYU, a fine university, but not in the same league. Sorry, there simply is no comparison.


I for one am glad an LDS member got the post. Morals and values will carry this university to the next level. Brother Matthew will do a very good job and we should be proud that he will represent this calling very well.


Let's take away Dr. Holland's last name for a minute and ask this question. If his name was Dr. no name, would he have even gotten a look, let alone an interview? I mean, c'mon, really, please don't defend him on his experience. His name carried the day.

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