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Published: Saturday, March 7 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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From in and out

I used to teach at UVU and BYU. Now, I am teaching in Texas and working with Baylor and NASA. I've met many Presidents. They come from varying walks of life. Let Dr. Holland lead the university for awhile and then, determine if this State run university is going where the taxpayers have determined its course. A university can best be described as a "city-state" type institution with enormous branches of organizations, people, and needs. The best leaders, many times, are those with vision, clarity of that vision, the ability to inspire, motivate, keep the institution viable and thriving. Give the man a chance, support the cause of education in Utah and at UVU. Please be fair before your start throwing the bombs to destroy him or the institution's respect as a serious educational place of excellence.


His dad was even younger, 39, when named BYU President.

Re: stephen I

I seemed to recalled a former President of the University of Utah by the name of Dr. Machen who has a DDS who now is a President of the University of Florida. I rest my case.

Future Grand for UVU

Today I sat on an unofficial committee to interview him and the other two candidates. I went into the interview VERY skeptical about Matt feeling the same way many have expressed here. I came away impressed in the way he connected with the 20+ people in the room. I have confidence that he will do a great job communicating to the world what UVU is about. I think he will be a great face for UVU. Behind him are great people with lots of experience that will move the academic mission forward. I am sure he will grow up with UVU as UVU is in the process of carving out its unique University mission. One of the key points of the UVU mission is being student centered. He shares the student focused teaching institution that UVU is. I look forward to what lies ahead for this great institution.

John Pack Lambert

Matthew S. Holland has been described as "A raising star in the field of American political thought". He is a thinker, an academic researcher and an author. He can give UVU what it needs to be a real university, academic integrity.

Nice Pick

I attended another state university. I remember when the time came to pick our new president, a lot of the same things were said about the man who was selected. He was a man of vision, student oriented, a thinker and driven. I watched as our new president took over and made our university better then ever. I'm sure President Holland will have the same ability. It takes more then a resume to make a president of a university. I applaud the Board of Regents. Best wishes to President Holland.


I think Nice Pick is talking about Mike Benson at SUU. He has transformed that place although there were some who questioned his credentials just like Holland's. Give him a chance and I'll but Holland will take UVU to a new level just like Benson has done in Cedar. These two are the future of higher ed in Utah.


Way to go Matt! We are really proud of you. From the physical plant office from your summer high school working days.

Good guy

I'm going to be straight up honest and say I hated his class. Seriously how anyone could be that interested in Plato and Aristotle is beyond me, but the GUY IS AMAZING.

I mean I actually almost cared about what he was teaching even though it was the most boring stuff I have ever studied. He is extremely intelligent and relates very well and I have not doubt he will be a great president of that university even without a lot of leadership experience.

Don't knock on someone you don't know! Resumes don't tell the whole story or even most of the story of who we are and what we are capable of.

why go to Duke?

I'm perplexed that so many good Utahns leave Utah for grad school and then come back here with a "passion for education in Utah"-----why did you ever leave Utah if you love education in this state? Did you leave Utah to get away from family? That's an okay answer if that is reason. It makes me sick that people have to go to Yale or University of Chicago or Oxford in order to get "a better experience" and then come back here to Utah to teach the rest of us about the "real world." I think our world is a little like the pharisees and sadducees in that we worship the PH.D.----and we know we have to earn it outside of Zion in order for it to "matter."
But I don't have an idea to replace the system we all find ourselves in: a culture that is always learning and, hopefully, someday will lead us to the truth. I shouldn't be cynical I know, I know there are a lot of good faculty and students at UVU and I think the university has a great future.

A Concerned UVU Student

I am terribly, terribly disappointed by the pick. At a delicate time when our university is growing rapidly and times are difficult, the Board of Regents selects a man, who in his own words, wants to put the brakes on the growth and development of the school. We have award-winning art, dance, and theatre programs, sciences that need desperate funding and a new building, talented writers in the English programs, budding young CEOs in the business department, and a capable, enthusiastic student body that wants to see their futures realized. Rather than brake our growth, is it really that you want to *break* our growth and success?

I hope all my fellow students and their parents and friends will join in voicing their opinion over the future of our school. If you want to see a bright future, if you want to make and be part of that bright future, SPEAK OUT. At BYU people may not be able to speak their minds freely, but we at UVU do.

Sis in TX

Congratulations to Dr. Holland and his family. His credentials in this article were impressive. I have confidence in the people who interviewed the other 36 applicants. And I am sure there were other equally wonderful candidates but this is who they chose. They were in the position to make that determination. We have to respect their decision. I for one am glad that we had so many fine people to choose from. Dr. Holland must have been superior though, thus the choice. In these economic times and with the challenges faced by our young people to be able to attend such a University...we need to think and speak positively about Dr. Holland and pray for him to lead with integrity. He is walking into quite a difficult job. I wish him all the very best and will be asking for divine help for him. There is oposition in all things, thus, we cannot get too upset or worry about the nay sayers. It's ok...I believe Dr. Holland is ready to walk the talk.


As a UVU grad I am pleased with this pick. This is a wonderful university which provided me succesful orientation to my current career. Good luck, Dr. Holland.


I'm sure all three of the candidates would have been good.

One of the main jobs of a state university president is to get money from the legislature. Given our state legislature, who better for the job than someone well-connected with the Republican party and the predominant religion?

seems to me

Someone who knows how to negotiate political machinations would seem to have a crucial ability in leading a state-funded university.

Benson and Holland, what a joke

These men are good men, but NOT qualified for the leadership positions they've been hired for. This is just crazy. The church is getting itself into places it should just stay out of, before it gets itself into trouble.

Show me that these guys were the BEST candidates for the job... didn't think so


It is okay for the country to vote into office a President who has NO experience to run our nation, but when it comes to running a university you want the most qualified, experienced candidate. If you are willing to take a chance on Obama, you should be willing to take a chance on Holland. Personally, I think Holland will do a much better job than Obama at their respective jobs any day!

Why Duke?

Why go to Duke? Or any other university outside of Utah? Well... like it or not, Utah universities are NOT at the top of the heap in terms of academic standards, research standards, and (even) football! People who go to another university and return with a passion of education in Utah have merely seen what education can really be and want to raise Utah to similar levels.

Having sat on many search/screen committees at the University of Wisconsin, I must say that the search committees usually get it right, but the decision makers (who act on the committee's recommendations) sometimes don't (because they didn't agree with my top choice!) Nevertheless, the top candidates are all very qualified. If not, the search is scrubbed and started over again.

Give Pres. Holland a chance.

an excited UVU student

Quit complaining. You say that he has no experience, Obama has no experience and yet he is President. I also see that people didn't comment on the past presidents' religions and yet they're commenting on his? That's really unfair. I'm pretty excited for President Holland. He seems to be a great guy. I'm only here at UVU for another year or so; however, I'm glad UVU chose him. The reason why people leave Utah for other schools is because the other schools tend to have higher credentials and reputation than Utah schools, especially UVU.


Well, Holland has the pedigree, fo sho. His dad was the best president BYU ever had. No disrespect to the other presidents, but Holland had personality, charisma, charm, intelligence, delivery, and utter sincerity in his days at the helm of the Y. If Holland the Younger has only a fraction of what his father brought to BYU, so much the better for UVU.

Best wishes.

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