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Published: Saturday, March 7 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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I'm sorry, but do you ever notice how many 1st comments to articles where a Mormon is involved state "only in Utah"? Such people should leave Utah and see how things are done in other places, I guess. I think President Holland has Utah's and UVU's best interest at heart--unlike some of the past presidents.

Religion not factor

Holland's religion is not the issue. The issue is that his experience is either being downplayed by the media or the regents are taking a major risk on him. He may turn out to be a great president, but his experience now is very minimal. BYU is not run like UVU when it comes to funding. Working for Mike Leavitt is not leading a university. I'll give him a chance, but he needs to get rid of my doubts on his inexperience quickly.


I never comment on news articles but have have to say something now. THe last two presidents of UVU were from out side of the state of Utah and NON MORMAN. They both did a fantastic job. I am sure that Matt Holland will be great to. Church membership is never a criteria in sellection of a employee of UVU the question is not even asked.


My guess is that Holland will do well despite those evidenced here who would do him in from the beginning. Some people have to start on a downer no matter what--I feel sorry for them--must be a heavy burden to carry so much spite. Still only time will tell. If he turns out to be as good a president as I expect he will, what I don't expect is for anyone of the critics here to come back and retract their venomous, really mean-spirited words. Oh, and of course there will always be those who have to find some link to the "nefarious" dealings of the LDS Church if they can find even the most tenuous link--but, believe me, that IS "only in Utah."

mom of five

I actually personally know Kim Cameron and Jack Christianson, and they would both have made great presidents. I don't know Mr. Holland, but I'm sure that he will be a great president. I feel they were all very worthy and qualified candidates. I don't know why everyone feels like they have to be so mean.

Reality check

Check out the comments in the other SLC newspaper for a reality check people. Everyone commenting here lives in dreamland. This "associate professor" (not even a full fledged professor yet) may be a great teacher but he does not have the experience to lead a university.


Dr. Holland has been one of my favorite professors at BYU. I'm confident that he will be a fabulous president at UVU. Anyone who actually knows Dr. Holland knows that he wasn't chosen because his father. He is a great leader who has the interest of his students at heart. We will miss him at BYU. Good luck, Dr. Holland!

UVU Admirer

UVU's major need over the next few years is to rally the community and secure private donor support. In other words, the school needs someone to do the PR thing exceptionally well. The Regents hit a home run with this selection. Matt Holland is articulate and inspiring. He will share a vision of UVU's future that will ignite our alumni and friends and attract the community to UVU. Thanks, Regents!

A sad loss for BYU...

But a big gain for UVU.

Dr. Holland is a fantastic professor who I'm sure will do UVU a great service.

Pretty Ridiculous

When someone is hired they are not hired for having the best looking resume. If the Board hired on that criteria you wind up looking like the New York Yankees, tons of resume, but not winners. Instead, some people know talent when they see it and decide to hire accordingly.

His father has nothing to do with it. The Board has a reputation also, they are not going to hire someone because of their father, especially when the father is not going to help them keep their jobs or positions. They hire the people they think will do the best, because that person will ensure them the most job security. They obviously believed that President Holland promised the most for the future. This can be determined by gut feelings, interviews, track record of success. Resume is not the only thing that determines the potential success of a President. After all, we do have Obama in the oval office!

Leadership and people skills are the necessary job qualifications for a President. He has these in spades. He could end up being horrible, but nothing about him or his resume says he will be worse than the other applicants.



Robert Jones

Awesome guy!
I have enjoyed interviewing him today; and getting to know him a little bit. UVU has a cherished history of wonderful Presidents; and Mr. Holland will certainly be an inpirational addition to the legacy created by his predecessors. I look forward to getting to know him more.

Robert M. Jones
Photographer/Newswriter-UVU Review

John S.

Excellent choice! This will be great for UVU. I went to BYU. At the time UVU was very small. Now it has as many students as BYU did when I attended. Congratulations to all. UVU and BYU complement each other nicely by providing a quality education in a conservative environment where religion is encouraged not discouraged. On a side note, I attended BYU when Matthew's father was President. I presume that running a University may come naturally to Matthew since he spent a lot of time watching his father. President Jeffrey Holland's crowning achievement during those times was establishing the Jerusalem center despite the many obstacles and negotiations required.


It's really a sad day for UVA. Mr. Holland has ZERO experience to run a large University. Like I said in an earlier post, he has never ever even been Chair of his Dept or Dean of the College. I don't think anyone could pass a lie detector test that says he wasn't considered because of his family name or church connections. That being said, I wish him all the best. Running a large state University that has to scrape for its share of the funding is much different than being a lowly Associate Professor in a Department. He'll learn quickly, I'm sure.

BYU Prof

I know many colleagues here at BYU who have directed study abroad programs and many who have had actual positions of leadership. I have no beef with Matt Holland - I-m sure he is a good guy but I do have a beef with the Board who could not find some one with actual university leadership experience. Good luck Matt and good luck UVU - you'll really need it.

Ditto Joy

And what qualified Obama to become the most power man in the world? Oh, yeah, he was a city organizer and absent senator.

to A Teacher

Good riddance to "A Teacher". Talk about closed minded?! I am sure that you are making your decision based on cold hard facts. It is totaly objective with no previous bias.

GOOD RIDDANCE. Please post your name and status so we can follow up on your idle threat!


You don't need a teacher to lead a university. You need a business person - just ask all those at UVU Wasatch that are losing their jobs due to poor money management. UVU needs someone that will put them back on track and be able to make the school a viable option again in the future. I say Good Luck to Mr. Holland. I hope he can create a great school from a mediocre one.

Surname made it harder for him

As evidenced in several comments here, Holland's last name made it more difficult, not simpler, for him to be selected to the post.

He is clearly very well qualified from his Duke PhD to his experience working with the Governor and in private consulting. I cannot imagine that UVU had better options; but of course, I am sure there was the temptation to rule him out because of his father.

Major University?

UVU is not a "major" university. No Doctorate degrees, only 2 Master's degrees. It's more like Salt Lake Community College turned into a University. Dr. Holland should be able to handle it.

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