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Published: Saturday, March 7 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Embarrassment for Utah

The state of Utah should be embarrassed today for the good old boy network is on full display. Rather than selecting a president based upon merit the regents went for cronyism. Only in Utah would the board of regents be so shameless as to elevate someone with no leadership experience from associate professor to president to lead a 20,000+ student university. I'm sure he is a good guy and will do just fine in the position, but the point is that the most qualified and able person did not get the job! Shame!!


In 20 years UVU will be an archrival to BYU in Basketball, and many other sports, and perhaps rent the stadium for football games??? Look out, here comes the WOlverines!

Michael Benson, SUU

Good for Matt and his family and great for UVU! I have known Matt since our undergrad days together at BYU and I have every confidence he will be a superb president. Utah Valley has no idea what they're in for with Matt's energy, enthusiasm, and vision. I wish him, his wife, and kids the very best and look forward to working together on behalf of Utah's students.


The regents have no shame.

UVU Alumnus


What a fabulous choice! So much potential at UVU, and a President who can help that potential become a reality.

Dr. Holland has a proven track record in academia, and a tremendous enthusiasm and love for students.

Can't wait for that donation request from UVU -- sign me up for a big donation!

Thank you Regents!

Ned Hill

Matt Holland will be a great president of UVU. I commend the Board of Regents for their choice. While he will certainly face many challenges in these troubled times, he brings optimism, vigor and intelligence to the task. I commend him to all concerned and offer him my full support.

UVU Grad in St. Louis

What a great choice for UVU!! I received my AS degree from UVSC in 1997 and have watched the progress of the school for many years. Matt Holland will do a fantastic job leading UVU to new heights. He brings a passion, energy, and enthusiasm that is infectious. He also posseses the wisdom and intelligence to lead the university in the right direction. Most of all, he cares about people. He will do what is right for the students of UVU. Once again, great choice!! Congratulations to you Matt!

Luke Peterson

Congratultions Dr. Holland! This is terrific news for UVU!

stephen l.

This guy is not qualified to be the president of a major institution. He has a PhD in poli sci and has just been a teacher at the Y. The board picked him because of his dad. It is sad because the other two candidates where more qualified. I guess he will keep UVU on the straight and narrow though.


Good pick


Congrats Dr. H!


Great choice! I attended the announcement today and was really impressed with Mr. Holland. I think he will bring a great deal of academic integrity, enthusiasm, and school spirit to UVU.


Three weak candidates...and the winner is the weakest of the three. The Regents never seem to amaze.

Not Fair to Holland

The naysayers for Holland as the choice do a disservice when they know nothing about the man, his qualifications. He deserves to rise or fall on his own merits, and obviously, he was thought of as being qaulified.


well it has been a long time in waiting for a new president

i think that prresident holland will do a great job i am excited
it is a great choice exciting.

UVU Grad in St. Louis

What a great day for UVU!! I received my AS degree from UVSC in 1997, and have followed the progress of the school closely over the years. I believe that Dr. Holland is the perfect choice to lead UVU into its very bright future. He has a passion, energy, and enthusiasm that will greatly benefit the UVU community. He also has the wisdom, intelligence, and vision to meet the needs of this rising university. Most of all, he cares deeply about people. The students of UVU are in great hands. Once again, great choice! Go Wolverines!!!!!


Yale>Duke, Cameron's academic work (publishing)>Holland, Cameron's administrative experience>Holland, Cameron's NAME

Prove it


Prove that he's a "good ol' boy." Having grown up around "good ol' boys," I know them a mile off. Matthew Holland is not one and never will be. This is spectacular news for UVU and for Utah Valley.


Hope he remains as president of UVU for a long time. Finally, a president with some decent values, that even reflect values of the citizens of the state. His dad did an excellent job as BYU president. He has more than enough qualifications, and I'm overjoyed (and surprised) that finally we have a local person as president, qualified, and not somebody with a new england agenda!

J Mil

I don't think anyone who wasn't involved in the interviews and hiring process has any ground to say that he isn't as qualified as the other choices. That's why they do interviews and not just look at resumes. That's all we have to go on is what we know of their resumes. Those who made the choice has much more than that.

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