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Published: Wednesday, March 4 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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1A South

Way to go Moquis! That kind of team play and excellent D will get you back on track. Keep it up, and the title is yours again

1A Admirer

Watch out for the Moquis. I will be there on Saturday to watch the game.

Just like every year, two regions are strong and the rest are average at best, but mostly weak.

Moqui Alumni

Way to go Moquis!!! We are all so proud of you and looking forward to seeing you play on Saturday.

little indians

i feel a choke against rich in the semi's or wait will you choke against tabiona well lets just see tonight


re: little indians - Wow you are talking awfully big. Let me guess your team got steamrolled by the Moquis so you are writing on mommy's computer to make yourself feel better? Get a life!

Little Indians?

haha little indians? haaaa i love it choke againt tabiona? psh ur joking right? they creamed SL Lutheran by 54 points and you think we will choke against Tabiona??? Rich and Escalante will be a good game but have a little respect we are the MOQUIS not little indians. Get it right if you wanna talk smack THANKS


why don't you get it right "Little Indians" escalante only beat SL Lutheran by 24 and yes you'll choke against Tabi


it was 54 points Anonymous haha you serious????????????????????????? look it up once more i was there at the game!!! so you get it right once again. haha 54 POINTS


It was 72 ESCALANTE 48 SL LUTHERAN. Sounds to me anonymous your a little bitter. FIFTYFOUR POINTS do your adding right

Re: Anonymous 6:21

Escalante beat Wendover by 54 points. They beat SLL by 24.


They Beat Salt Lake Lutheran by 54 points i was there and its on this website look it up people and i was also at the Wendover game in Escalante. Get your games right everyone it was 54 points against SALT LAKE LUTEHRAN 72-48. LETS GO MOQUIS

88-34 72-48= 54 points diff.

The score for Wendover was 88-34 Escalante thats 54 points. The game against Salt Lake Lutheran was 72-48 Escalante. both games they beat by 54 points. where is everyone getting the 24 points from?????? both was 54 points they creamed both of them

Come on

It's not that hard, 72-48 is 24 points. 88-34 is 54 points. Seriouly dude, hope you're not from Escalante.

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