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Published: Tuesday, March 3 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Good luck Chris.

God bless you and your family.

Thanks Chris

For all the hard work and shutting down Luke.

Now help BYU seal the deal with a win in Laramie. The Lobos will open the door to another BYU MWC championship tonight.

Nice article

I didn't know any of this. I'll root for Miles to succeed, even though I'm a Utah fan.

thanks harmon

Great, inspiring story. We'll be cheering for chris the whole way.


Wonderful article. Wonderful young man.


sounds like a nice kid.

long time reader

This was an interesting little known human interest story. Often overlooked in the emphasis on winning at all costs. I was touched as I read it. Kudos to the Miles family and to you for reporting it. Go Cougars!!


Great game Chris, keep it up.


Great article.

Chris - way to put it all together in the last 2 games, you played up to your potential - as did the rest of the team.

I have to give kudos to the coaches for putting [Im sure] some inspiration/pressure on all of you.

Keep up the good work and I am sure that you will be rewarded in the rest of your life.


This is much more important that winning. This is what BYU sports is all about.

SeŁor Humbled

Having been a critic of Miles, (free-throws) I now feel like a jerk. He and his mother are heroes indeed for all they do for the younger brothers. I'll be pulling a lot harder for Miles after reading this article.


Growing up a couple of miles from Chris's dad on an Idaho farm the work ethic is coming thru.We spent time hunting, hauling hay and cleaning lots of calf pens with a pitchfork into an old spreader. If we got a little out of line grandmother Miles only had to say "listen here honey" you knew she meant what she said and said what she meant.I am an AGGIE but we always pull for the other instate teams Good luck to the Coug's

Hard work pays off

Great story. Great kid. Doing the little things (like shooting 100 free throws a day) is paying dividends. Keep up the good work. Go Cougs!


Great article, Dick. I've always been a Chris Miles fan but after reading this story I am really impressed by his kindness and willingness to help out with his autistic brothers.

Chris, you can be proud of what you have accomplished growing up and helping out with your family. Basketball accomplishments are great as well but are really nothing in the long term scheme of things - your kindness is what will serve you best throughout your life.

Thanks Dick

Good Story


great story, makes my challenges with my 3 little (healthy) kids seem so insignificant. Thanks for the pick-me-up D-news!


A great story. It really puts sports into perspective.

Best of everything to the Miles family.

Great Story

Great story! It was fun to see Chris have a great game on saturday. Even more important it was even better to read what a great guy he is. Keep up the good work.

kitty litter

good article, but 20 years old and married?

From Montana

Re: Kitty Litter: Some people cannot enjoy an article without adding something to take away the good. If I read the Article correctly - Chris has served a Mission ie: at least 21 and single upon his return - has continued in school - and why not being married?

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