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Published: Tuesday, March 3 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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No matter what has been posted up here and no matter what the argument is... we are living in the last days and we expect it to be much more worse in the future than it is today, keep that in mind, it has been prophesied to come to pass, in knowing that, we should then be living daily to ensure we are spiritually in tune and with the armor of God, prepare for harder times to come.. attitude, knowledge, understanding and anticipating the coming of our Savior... everything that happens in the states happens here in Australia or new zealand, are we surprised? we shouldnt be.. we should just go about our life's and be like unto the ten virgins.. we spend too much time do-ting on 'life as we no it' yet we either are five virgins who are preparing for the bridegroom or five who foolishly engage in other activities... I know what kind of Life we all Live whilst here in this 'telestial state' but I choose to live beyond it becos I long to see the millennium, for Christ to be head of the Govt and peace to reign!

Jorge didn't help

The Mexican president dictates our immigration laws. All the time big-mouth Jorge Bush was thumping his chest proclaiming what hard work it is protecting the American people, the borders were/are wide open for these vermin to cross back and forth. Its time to close the borders and enforce our laws rather than reward illegal immigration by providing health care, schooling, and entitlements that they havent earned. CLOSE THE BORDER NOW!

Bad for us

The UofU looked real bad on national TV with the gang signs. We are sorry to be associated with the Utes.


I did not see the gang signs from the Utes at the Sugar Bowl. I saw some players make a 'U' with their hands, but what did I miss?

Did you know

that the drug cartels just below our southern border has killed over 7000 people in 2008? Is anybody up in arms over this or even nervous yet. The entire Iraq war has killed about 4200 US soldiers over a 7 year period. There are about 100,000 drug cartel soldiers ready to challenge the Mexican government and ANYBODY else that gets in their way, right next to our border. If we really need to pull out of Iraq, I know right where we can send them. Our southern border is in deparate need of a military presence ASAP! Also these gang bangers are really just a part of the drug cartels infiltrating into our society. Can anybody else see this! Are the politicians just too busy with precious earmarks to react to this obvious problem?

Little Jimmy Brady

This story is just why we need SB81 to become law this year. we must fight against Illegals. Look at the boarder see what's going on, stop them now or it's coming home to roost in your back yard!


Let Energy Solutions store these gang members in one of there facilities.

@ get off it Anonymous! |

Amen brother, Amen!

Mike B

Gangs have been around 100's of years, nay thousands of years. Tribes of all races banded together for safety and eventually they became cultured society. The Greeks, Romans, Goths, Huns, Mongol Hordes, Aztecs, Mayans, Egyptians, etc. To think that this is a new problem is ridiculous. The gangs of NY, the KKK, White Supremacists, and you think that the Mob is just a criminal organization? Get real. Yes gangs are a sad commentary on our civilization. Yes, grief and sorrow follow, but to ship them out, line them up against the wall and shoot them, are all just knee jerk reaction to the problem. Poverty is no excuse to join a gang. Lack of a family environment is the prevailing excuse and yet plenty of people rise above their circumstances to lead productive lives in spite of their surroundings. Education is the real answer. Intelligence and learning cry out against this form of terroristic activity. Yes the immigrant should learn our language as well as our laws. And we should be more civilized neighbors and help them rather than stand idly by and watch the horror show. We all need to join the human family.


50% of the parents do not know that their kids are in gangs? Talk about denial.

Fix it

Parents of gang members should go to jail or be deported along with their gang member children!
Parents HAVE to parent. You don't know your kid is in a gang? Do you talk to your child at all? Do you care what your child grows up to be, if he or she grows up? No excuses. Everybody works. Stop making excuses for your kid. Stop believing their lies because it's what you want to hear. Because then you don't have to deal with it. And give your kid some quality time. I'd take quality over quantity any day. Enjoy your children.
Thank you police officers.


Gangs are the real threat to America. It's unfortunate that some people feel more threatened by gays and lesbians wanting to legally marry.

Wake up

One thing that attracts gang members are crowds, when picking a fight there must be a crowd, they need a audience. Its the attention there looking for. These gang members or anyone looking to be in one have very LOW SELF ESTEEM. A real man is one that can stand alone against all these bad things and say I will not be involved in such childish acts.

Amazing !

how self rightous blogger can get when they're behind a keyboard

RE: Star Chamber Time?

Let's hope you aren't accused of being in a gang or have evidence planted on you to suggest that you are, because then you will be crying for the lawyers and the court system you rail against. Hollywood is not real-life, and it's not gonna work like that. Think next time before you speak.

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