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Published: Tuesday, March 3 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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what university of utah player are you talking about. I watched the whole game and didn't notice anything.


The mother knew nothing about it? And then said that he wasn't doing that any more.
Come on, I've seen so many latinos (or whatever) claim ignorance about nearly everything (especially the law) just because they don't speak english. This is nothing more than a sheild to hide behind. She knew; and his little smirk was a "you can't do anything about it" attitude.


Need learn speak english | 7:38 a.m English is a proper noun. Proper nouns are capitalized in English. You wrote using run on sentences. Many of us could learn more about English.

I also believe many American should study languages like Spanish. This would give you an application of how difficult learning a new language can be for people.

If you don't speak English saying "turn right here." is a conundrum.

re: Hispanics

How is illegal behavoir, ie. entering the USA without legal permission, and/or overstaying the timeframe of a legal entry document, well LEGAL?

The law is intolerant of those who break it, those who act illegally. That is why a law is passed - to no longer tolerate behavoir that is deemed a danger to the community of law-abiding.

To enforce laws, to support laws, to demand that laws be enforced - al this is responsible civic, virtuous, behavoir.

One can, of course, petition, work for a change to a law. However, until and if and only if such a change is enacted and signed into law, one must obey the existing law, or suffer the consequences for breaking it.

If gang members are not in the USA legally, then they are illegal immigrants, period. It doesn't matter what their country of origin is.

If the predominant composition of gangs is Hispanic illegal immegrants, then the reality is that they are illegal immigrants with ethnicity defined by the imprecise, but commonly used term - Hispanics.

That is reality, period. Try reality - you may not like it, but so what?


I personally know two gang members here in California. Both work for the same company as I. When I asked them why they chose to be in a gang their response was surprising. The oldest brother immigrated from Mexico (the youngest brother sadly followed in big brothers shoes). They told me that BEFORE they leave Mexico they are assigned to a gang. Depending on which part of Mexico they come from, North or South, will be the deciding factor of whether they belong to the Cryps or the Bloods. They believe they have to belong to a gang for safety once they cross US soil in order to stay alive. Sadly the hispanic culture gives themselves no choice but to belong to these....yes terroristic...organizations. They have fooled themselves into thinking there are no alternatives. Any siblings born after crossing the border will automatically be in the gang. So...if this nation wants to curb its gang activity then something needs to be done about immigration. It's a national security problem that should be dealt with by Homeland Security. As for the parents not knowing their kids are gang members......think again!


The problem is with immigrant parents. They are shy and most Latinos are VERY family oriented. I'll bet this mother did know and was in denial. She did not want the shame to come to her family that this kind of thing can bring.

good work

good work, keep it up. Especially the education part and letting the families know what's up.


The gang bangers are terrorists that need to be locked up. Would we allow a known terorist to walk around waiting for them to do something?


I lived near Compton, CA where gang violence was common. Gang-banging is prevalent where the influence in the home is not strong and positive. Gangs thrive because of a need that the home or community lacks. When a gang bullies in, others form to protect themselves from each other (and white gangs are just as much of a problem!). Those who are weak often join or become prey. Sadly, the innocent are not immune from the scars of gang violence. How do you prevent it once it has infested your neighborhood? SALT is a good start, but neighborhood watch programs need to be active and ALL neighbors need to work together. It's too late to throw blame - bigotry and prejudice is a big part of the cause! But it's not too late to be part of the solution. My neighborhood in L.A. became a safe place to live in again, but it took everyone getting involved, knowing our neighbors, and making them ALL feel part of our neighborhood family. It WILL take time, but isn't it worth it? Love your neighbors no matter what color or ethnicity and work together...or move out!

The Deuce

We are back to the old argument of what to do with a cancer in our society. For once, let's step up to the plate and go after this with a purpose. The truth is most law enforcement agencies know who the gang members are. It's time we go after these people with the purpose of cutting them out of society. Open up and put a bounty on the heads of the gang leaders and watch a few of them drop. Make the gang environment so dangerous that no one wants to be associated because its "shoot on site" and ask questions later. Give law enforcement the freedom to clean this out. Try it before you trash the idea. It might work very well.

Clown feet

That part cracked me up. So typical - they think they're being smart and those outside the gang are too stupid to get it. And for some reason it's OK for them to diss outsiders (reporters, cops, etc.) but if someone disses them, they come out en masse with guns blazing.

This whole thing reminds me of a quote from Golda Meir about the situation in the Middle East. She said, and I'll paraphrase to make it applicable to the gang situation, "There will be peace in the Middle East (or LA or Kearns or Glendale or Rose Park...) when the Arabs (or the gang-bangers) love their own children (or their fellow gang members) more than they hate ours."

Until gang bangers are willing to GIVE as much respect - or street cred or whatever the catch word is now - as they hope to GET, this will continue to be a problem. They need to realize that life is not about making ME happy, it's about me doing what I can to make OTHERS happy.


For those that want to reduce gang participation by illegal immigrants to a few specific things, as well as the remedy thereof, may want to consider the following:
There is an economic and sociological cost/benefit to illegal immigration. The US government allows illegal immigration because the economic benefits outweigh adverse sociological ones. They are aware of the downside but maintain the status quo because it provides cheap labor. The US is extremely self-serving. It never comes off on the losing side of economics that is why it is the most powerful county on earth. And it is also why it is driven by economics. If illegal immigration werent profitable it would have been stopped long ago. Which state has largest GDP? California. Illegal immigrants by in large, migrate to the US for one reason employment. Though they may consider some of the sociological adversities before migrating, ultimately finding steady employment is most important. Once here reality sets in minimum wage or limited earning potential, no parental supervision, low graduation rates, gang participation, increased poverty, language challenges and so on and so forth. Therefore gang participation by illegal Hispanics is based on economics more than anything else.


one word - Gadianton.

X-Chino Prison Guard

I moved away from SO-CAL to rid myself from this dirt, now they are in Utah? Where do I go now? Better yet, take back our streets,pass anti-gang laws, and lock up the scum. Trust me, they don't go away...


When I was growing up, we had a Mexican gang in our neighborhood and they would beat up our neighbors and break into people homes and rob them for their kicks. My families home was broken into 3 times before they were all finally caught by the police and throw in prison. Now for the real kicker, they committed all of these crimes with their parents PERMISSION, because their parents made more money hocking off the loot that was stolen, than they could make on welfare. The parents didn't want to work, or be productive in our neighborhood. The only way that we got rid of them was by working with the police and making their lives so miserable, that they all moved away, or were thrown in prison. Most of them died in prison, but you can't tell me that the parents of these current gang bangers don't know, because I bet they are the formation of the gangs to begin with.

get off it Anonymous!

there are plenty of Americans who put the same effort in doing good rather than bad ...regardless of eco- socio crap as mentioned...I am a native american who came up the hard way but one thing rings true!! the forefathers of all legals , blacks whites, bled for this country...we don't cry about it...and as far as illegal giving cause to economics...I want my sons and daughters to reap what this country has to offer..the right way...ship these people back as they don't belong here anymore than I do in MEXICO!!...Start with the HOMELESS SHELTER...there you see...the aftermat of so many having it good, then go down to the social service, schools , emergency rooms, while one of my sons lies in the cemetary because he gave his all for our homeland right here...let these people go...they trample over the rights of real Americans and act arrogant as heck wheter serving burgers or waiting in line at the western Union...then try to get a job , where they are the majority and you know where you fit in right off...The Law is not for Sale!

Re: clown feet

I especially enjoyed your comment. Gang members can diss society, but once society disses gang members, the gangs throw a "fit" of drive-by shootings and other nonsensical violence.

Gangs are ridiculous b/c they feel like they are entitled to something.

Cut off the gangs by enacting harsh penalties in our criminal statutes. Make it a felony to belong to a gang, period.

Hey gang bangers!

Just show your sorry face around where we live and you'll regret the day you were born. We don't put up with anybodys' BS here!!

Star Chamber time!

We need to re-write some laws so society can exterminate these gang-bangers from our streets. These new laws would eliminate the need for lawyers and court time to deal with the scum that belong to gangs. We could then clean up our neighborhoods and reclaim the communities we live in without the threat of drive-bys and other low life activity. Oh by the way, Star Chamber was a movie that dealt with this kind of a theory. It would work!


I just want to applaud the efforts of these officers, the dedication and sacrifices they make to try and help these kids while protecting all of us is commendable.

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