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Published: Tuesday, March 3 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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C.L. Nelson

Our Americans have put up with too many radical gang related destruction. Our youth are being introduced to experiment with these brain dead non-virtues. Parents that spend time with their kids making every hour a blessing to both parties reap the rewards. It starts when children are babies. It's NOT just the Hispanics that are to blame. If we Americans don't stand up to our rights and freedoms taking the time to defend our liberties, country, families, we may lose the comforts of HOME! It's truly worth taking a stand and putting on the whole armor of God!

Line Them Up

These punks don't work out physically, why does anyone think they are so tough. Bring them on, they just need to get the crap beat out of them a few times and this will stop. I personally would like to take a few on, to prove this. Just let them know that they are not wanted and run them right out of the country. Those that are legal citizens go to a TENT city. End of story.


It's good to see that the Latino community is getting into the BYU Utah rivalry. All that being in a gang means is that you show to society that you are worthless. You can't stand up for yourself.


The comments that Gangs are the result of illegal immigration are ignorant at best. Gangs come in all colors and ethnicities (White, African American, Asian, Latino, Native American, etc.). It just happens that the group interviewed in this segment were Latino.
Gangs originate for many reasons, but to really simplify things, poverty and family dysfunction are the primary factors. These two factors feed off each other - poverty exacerbates greater family dysfunction and the family dysfunction perpetuates poverty.
I applaud the efforts of police and the SALT program for preventing gang involvement. Programs that work to strengthen families are critical. Isn't it amazing that only half of the parents suspect their kids are in gangs? Parenting education and family support needs to be seriously enhanced. Efforts to promote greater levels of education and income among the parents and youth are critical to break these cycles.
Building more fences at the border and more prisions are not the best answer for the long term. Practically all men in prison are fathers (2 million in the US). We need to think more proactively and prevent gang involvement or the cycle will simply go on and on for many generations.


The gang issues in Salt Lake are sad. What is troubling is the attitude those outside of the city have, thinking that it is an inner-city problem. It stretches far beyond. Drive around the vicinity of Skyline High School, a neighborhood in a "nice" area of town and you'll find tagging. Not just the obvious traffic signs and concrete taggings by Parley's Canyon, but also through the neighborhoods right by the school. Glendale parents send their students to schools such as Skyline and Cottonwood in hopes that they escape the lifestyle, and who could blame them? But a lot of these students bring that mentality to the new school. When South High closed, I was a junior at Highland. We received some students from Glendale. I remember my friends and I being enamored by the gang lifestyle. I suspect it may still be the same way.


It would seem to solve things to let them all fight it out to the death. Only problem is they are usually horrible shots. Just like in the incidents the article mentioned only one out of the five situations did the gang member hit his target.

Its the only reason they are still around.

To Need Learn Speak English

Well, guess what? Spanish speaking people lived in the west before anglos came. New Mexico and California were both populated with Spanish first, and through land grabs their land was taken away from them.

There are many free programs here in the valley for Spanish speakers to learn English, and they are attending these classes.

By the way, from your post, we can all tell your English isn't so great.


My youngest brother has become active in gangs, and it's really put a face on the issue for me. I don't think seeing him as a terrorist would solve anything. I realize he is the product of his choices, but I just wish he had more direction when he was growing up. I don't think discipline alone can accomplish much, without guidance and direction during the teen years. He has never known what options are out there, other than minimum wage jobs and partying with friends, and now I worry that he's so entrenched in bad habits that only the prison system or the army could give him the direction he needs.

The programs described in this article are doing great things. Give a 13-year old a little direction and it will cause everyone a lot less grief in the future, whether they be illegal or not. Sure, let's work on ironing out our immigration policies in the long run, but there are some easier things we can be doing right now--and I don't think that involves beating the crap out of them; it never did much for my brother.

Send em

packing, look what is happening in phoenix, and here in utah there exists cells ..but what really bothers me is that we enable them...by hiring illegals..over americans.who are in rehab..from felonies..long..ago while the illegals are committing felonies by being here and get the jobs!!

To "Gang Members"

So...What stupid gang do you claim? Only someone as insolent and stupid as a gang banger would make such a comment.

Lets not use faux distractors such as this to take the heat off of where it belongs.

RE: Ignorant

I saw Westside story. It's been going on longer than you realize, or care to admit. Micheal Jackson even glorified it in "Beat it". Although technically you are correct, Latino's make up the largest ethnic group, and for good reason, many of these gangs have ties to those in Mexico that are currently waging war with their government.

It's a way of life in that country, and when they come here legally or illegally they bring the culture with them.


Violence is not the answer. It starts with a community helping each other, regardless of race. Its not just Latinos. Gangs of white race are much more dangerous and covert then other racial gangs. Its not just illegal immigrants either. Become a mentor. Volunteer at a school. Start coaching a youth sports team. Do something pro-social.

Who's ignorant?

Pretend that you have some desire to know the truth. Use Google.

Illegal immigrants are the source of SLC's rise in gangs and gag-crime in the last 10 years.

What is wrong with the deniers?

These gangs are a terror to society and the communities the exist in. They prey on everyone, native-born, immigrant - legal and illegal.

Get real!

re: ignorant

I am sure gangs are not a direct result of illegal immigration. But, I do think the problem is much worse in large part due to the influence of illegal immigration. The fact the kids in the stories are illegal is not because the reporter sought out illegals, it is because there are so many gang members are illegal.


The mother of this punk had no clue he was in a gang. Most likely because she has been cow towed by the gang itself. Or she just doesn't have a clue, which is the case with most parents of kids in a gang. I saw no reference to a father in this article.

Round them all up, take them to the bottom of the Bingham Canyon mine and let them have a big rumble there. That way they can kill each other and no one else gets hurt. The employees just vacate the mine and the cops guard all the entrances.


C.LNelson and Haters: I am ashamed to see traces of my church in your postings. Put on the armor of God? You are a DISGRACE to the church, your intolerance is no different that what our pioneers endured when persecuted. Let me be clear, I am equating your hatred and intolerance and NOT the group that it's directed toward. To put all Hispanics, label them and HATE them as you do is the complete opposite of what our church teaches. Forgiveness, love, virtues of the beautiful message we should LIVE, not just on SUNDAYS.
I DO NOT condone these gang activities. Please don't just hate a people, call them all Illegals and issue an outright extermination or deportation order, remember Boggs?
I am a Hispanic; that came to this country. I am an American now, I love this country, I speak its language, yet I feel hated by people like you, people I might see on Sunday. WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME. May I remind you: Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. Now then talk about the armor of God.


"Wasted lives will continue to accumulate because we don't enforce immigration laws and we have become so "multicultural" that assimilation is no longer expected"

I totally agree to the above comment.

But I can tell some readers and posters have never lived in L.A. Calif. If you had, you would be viewing this with your eyes wide open. If you lived long enough.
Salt Lake is just now experiencing the beginning of becoming the new Los Angeles.

Dumb and Dumber

These guys are dumber than a box of rocks. And why do they all speak spanish? Kind of weird, you would think most of them are from mexico or something.


Of all the different factors that contribute to gang activity, poverty is the greatest particularly in the case of Hispanics. When immigrants leave their native county, it is nearly always for economic reasons not sociological ones (the same can be said for why illegal immigration is permitted). In fact many immigrants are well respected in the communities they come from, and often times hold jobs or positions of importance. Their education is better suited for life in the native county and of course speaking the primary language is huge advantage for them. In economic terms, there is a cost/benefit that occurs when immigrants come to this county. The benefit greater financial security, but with a huge glass ceiling. The cost both parents usually have to work minimum wage jobs, learning English is almost impossible for adults and elderly, children go unsupervised, and parents are unequipped to help with school matters (see high drop-out rates for Hispanics). So who do immigrant kids hang out with? Usually those that they feel most comfortable with - other Hispanics that have little or no structure. Thus the cost of immigrating, particularly for undocumented immigrants, to the US almost always outweighs the potential benefits.


Everybody - and particularly young folks - long to belong. Whether it be a family, an athletic team, cub scouts or boy scouts, chess club, etc. A strong family is a natural place for kids, but it's not there for all kids. If they don't "fit in," or are rejected from other social organizations, they will form alliances with other rejects, and the results are obvious and painful.

It's easy to turn our backs on them, and if it weren't for "collateral damage" - the harm they bring on society - that wouldn't be such a bad option. But we should all give props to ANYBODY who's striving to provide a wholesome alternative for these at-risk kids, before it's too late.

(And gangstas DO come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Anybody who thinks otherwise needs to pay more attention.)

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