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Published: Tuesday, March 3 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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If you took the time to attend or listen to the hearing you would see that Sen Jones had gone to a great deal of effort to stack the committee hearing in favor of illegal immigration, even having about 6 testify during her presentation. Then after about 5 more citizens there was only time for two citizens to speak in opposition.

This was a tie vote but a win for those that oppose illegal immigration enablers such as Isabel Rojas. During her testimony and that of Sen. Jones they seem to have forgotten that the Jenkins Amendment had already given the legislature a year to study this bill. They held hearings around the state and so SB113 is just another delay tactic. (note to his credit Sen Jenkins opposed 113) her tactic is just more delay!

Rojas also described the 287g program as a cross deputizing of the police. That is false, it is voluntary under SB81 and there are no funds to implement it. It only provides more of a data base and training for departments that wish to use it to determine the immigration status of those in their jails. She totally misrepresented (lied) about this program.


I don't understand the argument that there are jobs so undignified, that we must import an underclass of people to do that work. If that's what you really believe and you feel that uneducated Latinos from Mexico and other South American countries are the only ones fit for that work, perhaps you should examine your own personal racist views.

In my opinion, receiving honest pay for honest work is fine regardless of the job. Based on peoples circumstances some jobs may be more appropriate. For example, it would be difficult for the father of a large family to earn enough money at McDondalds to support his family, but that is a perfect starter job for a teenager in high school.

During my own work history I've spent time doing work that the pro-illegal alien lobby has identified as jobs Americans won't do. I've picked fruit in the summer, cleaned up bathrooms and movie theaters, de-greased the exhaust pipes above a burger grill, etc... Each job was done at an appropriate stage of my life and helped prepare me for my current professional job.


Why ILLEGAL means people from Mexico, there's immigrants from Asia, Europe, etc... that they are "illegal" too.
I agree totally with Ha,Ha,Ha, they are doing the jobs americans don't want to do, and the "american jobs" are sent outside. Also we prefer to live in food stamps than cleaning rooms, make hamburgers, clean offices.


I have interviewed with Mexican's newspaper, a lot of small towns in Mexico nowaday can not find male labors, mainly just women and childrens left,
why, because they all went to USA where they can have free "amegency healthcare", food.


The "...they do jobs Americans don't want to do" is entirely bogus.

And I'm still waiting for the pro-immigrant violators to explain why Illegal isn't Illegal. Anyone?

To 9:10 a.m. Why don't you do you own landscaping?

And yes, we CAN round up the millions of Illegals and send them home.


are we not all immigrants, I think we need to make it easier for people to immigrate. This country is based on that concept do i believe they should take advantage of our social programs heck no but if you can make them a productive adult in our society then they should have every right to take advantage of this great country."GIVE ME YOUR TIRED, YOUR POOR, YOUR HUDDLED MASSES YEARNING TO BREATHE FREE,THE WRETCHED REFUSE OF YOUR TEEMING SHORE, SEND THESE, THE HOMELESS,TEMPEST-TOSS TO ME, I LIFT MY LAMP BESIDE THE GOLDEN DOOR!"


Our economy is in tatters. The budget is still in a deficit position. Unemployment is rising. . . This is the time you pick to try and get a handle on illegal immigration?

What is wrong with our legislators? I am a conservative republican, but how blind to the real problems can they be up on Capitol Hill?

Now is not the time to be wasting money that could be balancing the budget on some fruitless search for undocumented workers. Now is not the time to do more harm to an already shaky and crumbling economy. No, now is not the time for ideology, but for action, action that will help the economy.

And for those of you who still think that Mexicans are immigrating in mass quantity, how many new houses are being constructed in your area? Think about. We're all hurting right now. Let's fix the essential (the economy) before trying to tackle the ancillary.

Whats his name?

"The head of an LDS outreach group." The other people addressing the reps had names, but not the LDS outreach group leader. Not very professional of the Deseret News.
And did this person speak for the church? I have kept quiet among my fellow-saints when it comes to this issue. It doesn't seem fair.

Xavier Onassis

Doesn't one of the Mormon Articles of Faith say that they believe in honoring and obeying the law? When did that change?

lost in DC

Kurt, that poem you quote is right across the water from Ellis Island, you know, where they processed LEGAL immigrants. I think you'll find most commenters here have no problem with legal immigrants.


@Xavier Onassis
Don't twist the issue. The article is on immigration legislation, not religion. . . duh.

Ilegal Aliens

Fascinating how we dehumanized other human beings to make it easy for us to hurt them. Illegal Aliens, are fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters. They are people with a story just like you and I.
The U. S. economy needs them. Otherwise, we would have closed the borders a long time ago. The government put up this show and politicians exploit these nationalistic and ethnocentrist feelings in time of economic duress, so, all "patriots" can feel good about themselves by demanding to expel those souls who came to this country looking for a better future; just as your ancestors!
Too bad that these patriots are so ignorant, that they don't recall that in the 1980's the US began intevening and destroying the structure of the societies in Central America promoting the biggest wave of Latin American immigration to the U.S.
Please, continue screaming for deportation. Next, you will be screaming for blood.


Based on many of the comments here, undocumented workers are the source of all ID theft, organized crime, and even our bankrupt government. Brilliant! Label a group that is different from yourself as "illegal aliens" and then blame all our woes on them!

This is a wonderful tactic, and one I am all for. It's certainly much easier to blame the "others" than to address pesky details like data security issues, since only those illegals steal identities. Furthermore, with this tactic, we now don't have to worry about fraud like Bernard Madoff's (that last name sounds foreign to me!), corporate greed in predatory lending, government waste, and corruption.

I agree, round up all the non-Caucasians and send them all home. . . the only problem with that idea is. . . who will we be able to blame once they're all gone?


I think we need to give the citizens a chance at the jobs that illegal aliens take. I think there are a lot of people out there that are willing to do work they weren't willing to do a year ago. I've contracted what I would assume were illegal, in the past, and now I have a ton of people that are citizens applying for the same jobs. Sad but true, the citizens aren't that exciting to me after having people that were willing to work hard for their pay and didn't act like I owe them everything. But there is a great cost to society, far more then a couple million dollars for having them here. If half of them went home we might be surprised that hundreds of millions are saved due to health care, education, police, insurance costs etc.


12 million illegals, that's a heck of a lot of jobs that could fill the 7% unemployment rate, and rising. We are paying 800 billion dollars to create 1.5 million jobs. Spend a tenth of that and secure the boards and crack down on illegals and we might solve our unemployment and recession problems.

People say that they take jobs that no one else wants. As any unemployed construction worker right now and he would tell he he'd love the jobs they are working.

Provo Dad

We need to watch our elected officials and vote any that don't support SB81 out of office...They need to see that we the people mean business we have spoken on this issue, and we will vote those that go against our wishes out of office! LET SB81 take Effect This Year!


Its interesting to note how many people here are furious because they feel that illegals are taking their jobs. I wonder why. It sure cant be because these "ignorant aliens" are much more qualified and hardworking. It must not be because they are much less demanding on employers. And for sure it isn't because they can do twice the work for half the pay. How can it be for those reasons? We citizens are far superior than they. Besides all they can do is be criminals and steal identities. But, I wonder how they get a hold of those identities. they sure cant get it from U.S. citizens that work in Licensing centers and other locations where they receive valuable information on others. Those citizens wouldn't sell those identities at whopping rates to illegals. Naw...citizens are too honest. it can't be.
I dont think this is an immigration issue. I feel its an understanding issue. I feel its an envy issue. I feel The problem is not them, its us.

TwIsTeD sTaTe

Utah is a pitiful state.


I want every traitorous politician that thinks they can represent the racist LA RAZA crowd, or the corrupt big business lobby over their own constituents, to know that we the people are finally on to what's going on in our country and our state.

WE ARE WATCHING how you vote, and we will VOTE YOU OUT OF OFFICE if you do not do your jobs and stop the hostile invasion of illegals and gangbangers from mexico that is squatting here and ruining our state.

The primary responsibility of the government is to protect the homeland from hostile invasion. It's about time you started doing your jobs and start enforcing the laws that are on the books. Send the illegals packing.


Something wrong...

All this hate directed at the workers and employers are given a free pass?

Sounds like a coward that will only pick on the weak and avoid the strong.

There is something wrong with this...

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