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Published: Sunday, March 1 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Why is it that when...

"activists" throw a party, (could be 5 people, could be 500) it is covered extensively by the news media? Yet when normal people throw a party, nary a word is said about it.


Only Buttars could cause this type of ruckus. Is Buttars Backlash the Musical up next? I'm waiting for the Southern Poverty Law Center to crown him a "racist threat" to the country...
he'll be in good company...Colorado City and the FLDS.


It's too bad that such a small percentage of the population gets so much play in the media everytime they get offended. What's offensive is that the LGBT crowd want to take away the rights of those who elected him by demanding his resignation. Apparently, they think the first amendment only applies to them.

Party on!

I'd rather party with the gays than scowl with the Ruzicka-bots!


The liberal left is sick. Appoint Buttars King and we could have a moral America!


This is wonderful.


I don't know when Aaron Falk stopped by the Buttars-palooza rally but his count of the crowd was far off reality. At about 2 p.m., when the largest crowd was present, there were between 1000 and 1200 people present. I understand the Deseret News is undergoing some debate about the direction its news coverage. Hopefully, one of the choices isn't making things up.


rolls eyes and moves on.

Hey, Message board censor:

I hope you are hourly, not on salary. You are going to get rich off of this article.


I was there, and there were at least a thousand people there.
I hate to break the this news to all the conservative "religious" readers of this paper, but the LGBT movement is a civil rights issue, and you all stand on the wrong side of the issue.
MLK marched so that we all have equal rights, and here we are in 2009 still trying to implement equality.

I know where I stand, I just hope the Mormons wake up before they hurt more people.

East Coast LDS

Drag queens sell newspapers!

Great Country

Mormons this mormons that, look at yourselves if you want to talk about hate. The mormons just like any other religion have their rights too!!! Majority of Americans are with the churches on this one. The mormons are a different people, but much more honest and hold higher standards than most people in this corrupt world. All of you Activists are annoying!!! You don't want equal rights, you want preferential treatment on everything. Your reactions to Proposition 8 speak volumes to your characters. We, Americans, also need to wake up to the socialism that is taking place. Nationalization of everything, just what we need, more government power. The people are what matter, not the corrupt government system. We all need to stand as one voice and not allow our country go down this path of communism. It looks good at first, but just wait if it keeps going. Russia, here we come.


You think it's just Mormons that are against government legitimizing the LGBT agenda? Ballot iniatives against gay marriage have won every time except once, usually by 60% or more. What irritates the common sense majority is how liberals, who can't get laws changed legitimately, try to do end-runs around the constitution by manipulating the judicial branch. In this day and age the majority's rights get trampled on more than the minority's.


I tried to resist but I have to ask. Do you really know that little about our form of government or do you just hope the rest of us dont know anything about our form of government?


Please enlighten me on where I'm wrong. Judicial activism is unconstitutional, if that's what you're referring to. Since you chose not to be specific, I'll assume that you're the one lacking in the knowledge of our form of government.

Equal Rights

As one of those hateful biggot Mormons I say we as Latter Day Saints be kind to everyone and show commpassion to the gays as President Monson asked us to. But never let your guard down in the battle for freedom and saving the constitution. Everyone should be treated fair and if gays don't like our religion they are free to join another and leave us alone.
Butters words were taken out of context. He was refering mostly to the extremist group. Like the one that disrepectfully protested at President Hinkleys funeral. I think any good gay person would be embarrased by this evil group of people. But the angry mob who threatened to burn the LA Temple down are out of control also and should pay fro their crimes.

Idaho Girl

Maybe you all missed this, but the gay rights legislation that Buttars was protesting is actually backed by the Mormon church. Mormons want gays to have more rights in Utah. They just don't want them to get married.


The SL Tribune reported that over a 1000 people attended. The Des News estimated it at '300 or so'. Why such a discrepancy?

We're all so over this...

Really??? We're still talking about this?

This topic is getting so old.

Keep milking it--media--maybe you can drag it out for another year.

Don't you have any real news?

Hey "Equal Rights"

I was at the protests at the LA mormon temple. No one threatened to burn it down. The protests were loud and angry but completely non-violent. You're putting a rumor out there that has absolutely no truth to it.

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