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Burglars take almost all his possessions from his S.L. home

Published: Wednesday, Feb. 25 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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With neighbors like yours...?




Dave needs neighbors like mine...We were gone on a trip, came home a day earlier than we were expected.

I heard a knock at the door, and there was my 80-year-old neighbor with a baseball bat. He thought someone had broken into our home, and he was gonna' take 'em on!

I live in a wonderful neighborhood! We watch out for each other. I hope those days are not gone.

Good luck, Dave. Hope you get the sentimental value stuff back, at least. With insurance on the rest!


It seems pretty brazen to take so many things from a home. I wonder if they somehow knew the owner was gone (acquaintence, or casing the home), or just lucked into an unoccupied home.

A few years ago some thieves got into my garage and stole all of my power and garden tools, and parts for my telescope. It's a very disturbing experience, especially when the police show a total lack of commitment to even try to do anything about it. Hopefully the news reports will help track down the thieves as they attempt to pawn or otherwise well the items.

Chris J.

Wow. I can't believe none of his neighbors even raised an eyebrow!

Dog watch

Sheesh! Some people really have low-grade neighborhoods. Man, in my neighborhood my neighbors stand by their windows all day long peaking out of their curtains and blinds. My neighbors are in the know of everyone's business, and some of my neighbors even use binoculars to keep watch on the neighbors dog and cat. Like old man john who keeps watch on all the neighbors, and a pretty nosy old man at that.

Perhaps David Zabriskie needs to borrow my neighbors for awhile. Nonetheless I wish him lots of luck in recovering his stolen stuff.

Good news

I just heard on the news that the cops recovered his car and arrested some dude. Whooo hooo!

One of your Uncles

I can't believe my sister needs to communicate with you through Desert News posts... As for me I'll just call you later...


Utah is no better than the rest of the country, even though people think they are....


To- Anonymous 8:45, what's with you? Are you simply trying to start up something on here--like maybe a fight? What does your comment have to do with David Z. the Cyclist?


I think DZ is amazing, but I don't understand when you are away from your home for over 6 months a year that you don't have an alarm or something on your house. DZ is very private and I am sure his neighbors don't know if he is coming or going half the time. Hopefully they will find his items and he will put an alarm system in his house. Having your mom stop by doesn't count as an alarm.

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