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Published: Monday, Feb. 23 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Senator Buttars reminds me of the ole Governor George Wallace of Alabama. George said, "Segregation today, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever". What a sad, but apt comparison.

Re: "enlightened and progressive

I'm glad to hear that Ms. Storni acclaims herself as "enlightened and progressive" as opposed to those professing a differing opinion. I suppose also that she does not profess herself to be mean spirited by calling Mr. Buttars a bigot for expressing his personal views, no matter how they may offend some. If others want to steriotype all Utahns in the same category as Mr. Buttars, that is their ignorant problem, but, sorry, it does not bother me. Any of us are free to express their opinions no matter who they are or what office they hold. Isn't America great?!

Chino Blanco

Reading some of the coverage of the recent live debate between the Sutherland Institute and Equality Utah, what stood out the most to me was Sutherland president Paul Mero's insistence that gay people don't even exist. That's right. According to Paul, they're all just making it up, and that makes Paul an extremist: he refuses to talk and instead tries to wish away his opponents.

A little more moderation in all things, including politics, would do Utah good.

Whose bigotry?

The utterance of Senator Buttars was far from bigotry. The hateful speech of 'gay' activists are deily printed by the Deseret News.

This is completely unjust.

As for local polls. I took part in one, that showed those who felt that Buttars was harshly treated by the Senate. At the time the poll was supposed to be terminated sixty percent felt that Buttars treatment by the Senate was "too harsh", but the poll kept on going. I presume this was so that networking 'gay' activists could win by having people sit up all night, all over the country, to win by sheer persistence where others had to go to work the next day.

Bad national news...

It is sad that so much of the national news coming out of Utah centers on our backward and embarrassing actions and quotes of our leaders. No wonder Utah has such a hard time attracting new businesses to our state. Not long ago, there were stories of how Utah wanted to attracted California's high tech industry... but the state continues to shoot itself in the foot with people like Buttars and his unapologetic bigotry against Black babies (last year) and gays (this year). The very fact that Buttars get re-elected by his constituents confirms non-Utahns' perception that the whole state opposes "outsiders" and is hostile to non-whites and non-Mormons.

I agree that Buttars is today's George Wallace of Utah.


Utah has some of the nastiest far-righters I have ever seen.

Draw attention to this fact every chance you get.

Never let a bigot get away with their open bigotry.


Ok, so Buttars said some pretty asinine things. He still has a right to say it, no matter how you paint it. His behavior toward non-LDS folk is sad and I hope that he has a change of heart, for one will attract more flies with honey than with vinegar.


Maybe I'm not "enlightened" but I don't see how what Buttars said makes him a bigot. He simply had the guts to say what many of us would like to say publicly. The fact that he is being censured for opinion is appalling. The fact that a minority can try to make me feel guilty because I don't agree with what they do is disgusting.
What bothers me most is that I have to be politically correct. Political correctness is a front for an attack on the conservatives. There is an attack on conservative values. They are values which have upheld this nation and many other nations until fascism and liberalism explains away the values which brought prosperity. Homosexuality does not bring prosperity, only depravity. We will likely find this out the hard way as we accept this sexual deviancy and our moral atmosphere declines even further which does affect more than just peoples bedrooms. Sexual depravity affects our children our morals and our spirituality, and these all affect our economy our prosperity and our happiness.

No, anonymous!

I will never let you get away with your pro-gay, anti-Utah bigotry, no matter how many boring, hateful totally predictable posts you make on every subject.

Tired of the Gay Bigots

So let me understand this. It's okay for gays and so-called gay rights activists to verbally and physically attack the LDS church (its doctrines, members and buildings) all in the name of attaining their rights, but its bigotry for someone to say they think homosexuality is a sin and the gay rights tactics are similar to terrorists?

This is typical homosexual tactics to accuse people of bigtry and mean-spiritedness who does not happily and fully embrace their abnormal lifestyle.

Watch carefully America and see where we are headed because they will not stop until they are fully accepted and if anyone disagrees they will be persecuted into silence.


I am ecstatic to hear that we are making national news over this and I am hoping the rest of the country does look at us as "backward." Then they won't come here. If we keep them out then the homosexual population in Utah will die out on its own or if we are really lucky, they will get tired of our "backward" ways and move out!


Dominique: The argument here is not whether gay people should have equal rights, but what are the "rights" that should be equal. If we could come up with a definition of what things are "rights" that we could agree on, the problem would be solved.

I have no problem with gay people having equal rights. They already do. The things they are pushing for go well beyond rights, and begin to look a lot like special treatment.

Tired of Gay's

Please leave. I believe California and Massachusetts would welcome you. I here there great places to live.


Dominique: your apostasy is showing.


...the fact of the matter is that people have a right to agree or disagree, not rocket science. If people don't like it here in Utah, then leave, move to California or Massachusetts. This a conservative state and honestly looking at the dreaded mess the left and right coasts are in, I hope it stays conservative. It's not backwards at all, it's just that we believe in traditional marriage. People have a right not to be politically correct.
Again, not rocket science.

Oh My!

Why is it that gay supporters (no pun intended) believe that they are "enlightened and progressive" and that those who disagree with their agenda are "backward, bigoted, false, and stereotypical...."? With these statements they prove that they could not be further from the truth.

Only the self-delusional can ignore history and still claim to be informed. Tiberius Caesar predicted Rome's downfall if the growing practices of "men's attraction to boys and men" was not curtailed. And then there was Sodom and Gomorrah.

Like the deaf who attempt to convince those who can hear that there is no sound, only the ignorant can claim to be enlightened when they ignore the real truth that overarches this mortal world.

To pronounce that you were a "Mormon youth" as if it were your credentials, only proves at one time you were taught to hear, but are now deaf and want others to believe that hearing is "old school".

This is not only bigotry but true hypocrisy. All beings deserve respect but not their choices, acts or lies.

re: tired of gays

"I believe California and Massachusetts would welcome you"

Like Massachusetts welcomed Mitt Romney and his tolerance of gay people?


Mormon Athiest

I firmly believe Buttars has the right to say whatever he pleases. And I have the right to vote for him or not. Based solely upon his comments, I would not be comfortable voting for him. It's that simple.

Had he stated his position more respectfully and thoughtfully (as behooves any politician), that would be one thing, but he is getting dangerously close to Westboro Baptist Church territory here.

I strongly disagree with his opinions (at least on this issue), and his manner of expressing them only makes matters worse.


I will not leave. You leave. Move to Iran if you want your country run by a religious cult. This is the USA and we are suppose to be about freedom. A word you reich winger love to spout but have no understanding of.


To all you bigots out there, how are you any different than the Westboro Baptist Church? How is Chris Buttars different than Fred Phelps?

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