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Parent who testified for the change quits group after 'inappropriate' e-mails sent

Published: Monday, Feb. 23 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Sen Bramble

Sen. Bramble has been waiting to get back at the PTA for their work against vouchers. Bramble was one of the leaders in the vochers and tried to pass the law against the will of the people. Now he is attacking the PTA. There are much bigger issues in education then the PTA. I have seen what good work the PTA does in the schools. They have fundraisers that provide money for the schools that the schools couldn't function without. People who do not want to pay the $5 can still have a voice in the schools; but really it's $5.00.


PCE--Parents for Choice in Education seems to have many people on its payroll trying to sway public opinion on issues such as vouchers or the elimination of a true parent led education--the PTA. This bill is the antithesis of what Bramble purports it to be. Its sole purpose is to ban the PTA in retaliation for their noble efforts of repealing the Voucher law the legislature had been paid to put through.

Before this current Bramble led attack happened, our legislature eliminated the public's right to challenge laws through the petitioning process. The courts struck that one off the books. It was created solely to block any efforts of the people to stop vouchers the next time they come around.

There is nothing different in this attack. We need to hold these politicians accountable and put true representatives of the people in office. I just wonder what the next target is going to be?


At the time of budget cuts this bill takes away another "penny' from our cash-deprived schools. PTA dues are used to provide services to students and parents, it's a "neighbor helps neighbor" type of support. If one parent can't or does not want to pay $5, then the other parent will, and the moneys will fund activities for both families. Why should anybody kick out an organization "with dues" to invite to schools a parent organization "without dues". Leave this decision to individual families, not to legislature, if you really care about equality.

Former PTA Officer

"Heather Has Two Mommies" was one of several books present at the PTA convention and as part of the display promoting Utah awareness of social issues - promoting the Gay and Lesbian agenda here in UTAH. Perhaps the responder would like to hide the facts as to what I personally saw as a Legislative Vice-President here in Utah. The promotion is out of step with Utah values, but PTA dues help that agenda.

RE: Former PTA Officer

When and where did you see the "Heather.." book? I have been attending the State PTA Conventions for over 14 years and I have never seen that book at any of them. Please tell us where and when, i.e. date, at least a year, and location, physical location.


To Former PTA Officer: PTA is in-step with the rest of the nation and our students; Bigots with their own agendas to push, i.e. Gay-bashing, are out-of-step!! This isn't even about those issues, it's about dues. PTA has a hard enough time trying to operate in my school, and is often helped by those is higher offices. A PTO wouldn't have this ability -- no support, no resources! Let the PTA do what they do best, taking care of things for which we teachers are very grateful.

Bottom line?

The members of PTA at my elementary school put in long hours to support the school, the teachers, and the students. They work on attendance, the Reflections awards and numerous other things. Most of these volunteers could run a small/large business instead of volunteering their time. The money often goes to student awards, teacher dinners and other kindnesses, and field trips. In true Utah legislature fashion this group of volunteers is being bashed for supporting their school...and sorry, I give no credence to the Collins complaint. She'd be welcome to support and volunteer in any capacity in the school. Of course she couldn't be president. Why would she want to be president of a group she doesn't want to join? The PTA's and PTO's of this state are parents and teachers working together to help children, especially with the parents supporting the teachers. Honestly, that's the bottom line and the parents (moms and dads) are great. PTA memeber or not, volunteer at your school and support the education of your children.

former treasurer

In response to Former Assistant: As a former treasurer myself, I'm surprised that your PTA only spent 1/4 of the funds raised by your organization. The schools I've been associated with have always spent as much money on our students as we could. We would only carry-over about 1/4 of our budget for the next year in case our fundraisers bombed. The PTAs that I am familiar with focus on raising funds (including a portion of the dues) in order to continue educational and physical fitness programs for the students. All members of the local schools PTA have the right to help choose what the budget should be for their school.


Why do we send $ to state and national PTA? What can they possibly do with all that money? That's easy to answer. They return it to the schools through training, awards and direct help. How many people are aware that when Katrina struck the South and destroyed homes and schools that the National PTA took thousands of backpacks filled with supplies and distributed them to needy children so they would have something with which to attend school. How did they supply them? Guess what - it was dues sent from across the country (including Utah)! States dues are returned to the schools through Region level boards in much the same way as National. Region boards train council boards who train local schools who train their own members. And of course, not one penny is spent in salary. All work is done voluntarily by parents (not just moms)who want to see ALL children succeed. National and State PTAs are able to learn from other states and pass on knowledge to Utah which can only benefit our children. Why do we send them dues? Because it benefits us all!


This bill has brought out a lot of discussion about whether or not schools should allow PTA in the door. Has anyone thought about what section 5 of SB199 means to other organizations. This morning I was listening to the radio and they were interviewing a young lady from Provo who had just won the Western States free-throw competition and was going to be competing against other young people across the country. They asked her how she got involved in this competition and she explained that there was contest held at her school which was sponsored by the Elks Club. If SB199 passes with section 5 in it, the Elks Club will no longer be welcome in her school. No more competition. Other organizations such as the Rotary Club will be not be allowed into the schools to honor students with awards for excellent work.

Let's get back to what is really important. The well-being and education of our children. All parents are welcome into the schools whether they are a PTA member or not. Why nit-pick. Join or don't join, that's your choice - but be there!


If the PTA wants to survive in this state they need to camp out on legislators lawns. Make these people accountable. Break up the monopoly of Republican anti-education representation. Throw them out of office.

R Frandsen

Parents are needed in our Schools! Any organization willing put forth the hours of service, dedication, and committment to the welfare of our children should be applauded. The PTA is a strong force for good in the lives of our children. Five dollars a year is a small price to pay for the millions of dollars the PTA returns to public schools. Dollars, programs, support and volunteer hours spent on all children in public schools, not just on the children who have parents who are members of PTA. The PTA works to encourage all parents to be involved in the education of their children member or non-member alike. It is the constitutional right of parents to pay membership dues to PTA if they want to. It is the PTA's right to ask that its officers be members of its organization. There is room for all parents and organizations willing to support the education and success of our children.


It's all about the insurance. That's why we pay our dues. If you are a parent helping in a school, and serving caramel apples at the school carnival, and a kid chokes on the apple and his parents want to sue you ... PTA has insurance.

Parents can go and help and make decisions on things, they just can't vote for who is in charge of the PTA if they aren't a member of the PTA. They can't vote on how the PTA spends the PTA money, but they can go to school board meetings and have a say in how the school district spends money. It's 5 dollars, who cares?

Flagstaff Mom

PTOs can and do get insurance. That they can't is a common myth spread by the PTA.

No one is suggesting that parents shouldn't be involved or that volunteer work doesn't bring value to schools. But parents can be involved and all that good work can and will continue, even if the group at the school isn't technically a PTA.


With all that parental help, and the strong support from community - why does most of the dues need to go outside of the school - except National and State PTA has political agendas that they use the funds for via lobbyists.

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